Sinful Colors New Shades for 2019

CONTINUING WITH THE CATCH UP. I told you there were going to be a lot of posts! I have a lot of polish to get through, and I just can’t wait to share it all with you guys!

For this post, we’re bringing it back to one of my favorite brands, and what I really started my blog on reviewing: Sinful Colors.

Thank the lord, Sinful Colors is releasing new shades. They slowed down there for a little bit, and I got worried when they left Walgreens that we were losing them. Now, it seems like they’ve switched on over to Walmart for limited edition collections, as well as adding new permanent shades.

I had these sent on over to me from a lovely friend in the Sinfully Polished Nails Facebook group. That’s right, it’s a whole group for Sinful Colors polish fans, and it’s delightfully enabling. In the best way. I’ve never met a group of ladies so sweet and so willing to send out polish all over the country. Since I don’t have Rite Aids or Walmarts that are stocked around me, they’ve been so helpful and sending me polish left and right. I love it, and it’s so dangerous.

In fact, I just got another big ol’ box of even MORE new shades from that group, and those will be coming onto the blog so soon! They look gorgeous and I can’t wait to dive into them.

But before those, let’s talk about these 6 new shades! These are 6 new cream shades from the regular line and they have the ‘New Shades’ sticker on each of their caps. I believe these are new permanent shades, and people have seen them pop up at Rite Aid, Walmart and Target.

Let’s just talk about them shall we?

Up first is ‘Spring Fling’. This is super light almost rosy-purple toned cream shade. This has a pretty good first coat. Because of my ridges, I did 2 coats here. It has a thicker formula, so it self levels easily and goes on smoothly. An easy application.


‘Violet Riot’ is a bright orchid pink cream shade. Another easy 2 coat formula. This has a more squishy look to it than the other creams I have here. Super nice for spring.


‘Hot Toffee’ is a nice chocolately toffee cream shade. It can be opaque in almost 1 coat, but it would need to be a thicker coat. There was some visible nail line after I did thinner coats, so I did 2 for the photo here. But so smooth, and easy to apply.


Now onto the darker shades. This first one is ‘Street Legal’. This is a dark gray cream shade. This was a little streaky after one coat, but a 2nd covered up any last patches I had. Easy, smooth, what else can I say.


‘Show and Teal’ is a darker blue shade (I don’t know about quite teal, it’s pretty well blue here). This is another that can be opaque in 1 thicker coat, though I did 2 thinner ones here. I noticed the polish can skip and almost get stuck while applying the nails if you don’t have enough polish on the brush. It’s thicker so it’s not going to flood the cuticles if you load up more polish. Another smooth formula (take a shot every time I’ve said smooth – but I can’t help it, they ARE).


Last but not least, we have ‘Raisin the Roof’. This is a super dark burgundy cream shade. This was a little streaky on the 1st coat, so it will need 2 coats. This is super pigmented, so it can be a little messy as you see around my cuticles, so be careful with application and removal.


And those are the first new Sinful Colors shades for the year! They all had easy 2 coat formulas, and went on so smoothly and pigmented onto the nails. I loved them, and they’re beautiful staple colors that anyone can add to their collection.


Ugh, these were so good. And THEY’RE $2. It’s why I always love Sinful Colors. Even when they’re releasing like 40 collections a year, they’re still so affordable to pick up. I know they’re going through some shifting right now, and it got a little harder to find them. But they seem to be sticking with Walmart, and maybe we’ll even get lucky enough to have an online store someday (a girl can dream).

It’s no secret they’re one of my favorite brands. And like I said, I started my blog on these. At this point, they’re the one brand I really collect. Of course, I would never be afraid to be honest when I don’t like formulas or shades – and I haven’t been in the past. I’m just so glad they’re becoming easier to find again, so I can more easily share the with everyone.ย  That’s just my lil Sinful Colors monologue. OKAY I’M DONE.


I’m gonna keep on trucking through and getting through the stacks of polish, and makeup, on my desk. I always just love telling you guys about products I’m trying, so that I might be able to help you with deciding whether or not you really want it, or whether you should really just avoid it. I just love talking about beauty products, guys. And it’s why I love reviewing! So of course, there are lots on the way! Stay tuned!


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