Essie ‘Gorge-ous Geodes’ Collection

You know, sometimes you plan on being productive and getting some posts done after you get home from another weekend trip, and then sometimes you fall asleep on your couch right when you sit down. We’re all trying our best here. I’ll actually be home this weekend, so as always I’ll be swatching up a storm to get some fall collections up and reviewed.

But first we have a couple collections that are falling right in between summer and fall, and are just too stunning to let go by. Mainly Essie collections, because they’re just released a boatload this year. I’m not complaining.

This is the Essie ‘Gorge-ous Geodes’ collection, and it features 6 neutral holographic shades.

I grabbed these from I’ve found they always get new Essie collections the quickest, and I wanted to make sure I snagged these. They’re still showing in stock on their website. I grabbed em all up as soon as they were available, since I didn’t want to risk missing out on these. As I always say with any mainstream holographic shade, I snatch it up so fast. I need to have them all, and I hope mainstream brands keep putting them out. These caused a storm when they released, and they’re still making waves. I’ve been waiting so long to put em on my fingers, and it’s finally THEIR TIME. LET’S GET INTO IT.

I found these all had relatively the same formula, so it’s going to be more about the photos and less about the text in this one! These formulas were thinner, with a more sheer and uneven 1st coat. But they all built up nicely with a 2nd coat, and were pretty well opaque. Some might need a 3rd, depending on how thick of coats you use, so I noted that by any individual shades. Overall it’s an easy formula, especially for such stunning results!

I’m biased with the finish, and am a sucker for any type of holographic formula, especially when it’s coming from a mainstream brand. These formulas were easy to work with and the finish is obviously stunning. Some show the holo a little more than others, but they’re all so fun on the nails – especially in the direct sunlight.

Now let’s just get into the pretties already. I put them from lightest to darkest. There are a couple colors that can look similar, so I wanted to make sure they were easy to compare and see the differences.

Up first we have ‘Rock Your World’, the light silver.


This was one that could need a 3rd based on how thin of coats you use.

Essie – Rock Your World

And a picture with flash. The holo really jumps out, and will look amazing in direct sunlight.

Essie – Rock You World (with Flash)


There are two lighter almost champagne shades next.

‘Semi-Precious Tones’ is the more true champagne and warm-toned of the two.

Essie – Semi-Precious Tones

Again, with a lighter shade, this one could need 3 coats depending on how thick of coats you use, just to make sure that you cover up any nail line.


And with flash. The holo in this one is a little more subtle than others, but the sparkly champagne look is still fun.

Essie – Semi-Precious Tones (with Flash)


The other lighter toned shade is ‘Of Quartz’, and it has more of a brown undertone to it than the previous one.


This was pretty well good in 2, but broken record, like the other lighter shades, it might need a 3rd to cover up any last nail line. The coats dry quickly so it doesn’t take a ton of time to do those 3 coats.

Essie – Of Quartz

And with flash.

Essie – Of Quartz (with Flash)


Up next, we have the namesake of the collection ‘Gorge-ous Geodes’. This is a light more salmon toned peachy base.

Essie – Gorge-ous Geodes

This was an easy 2 coat formula.

Essie – Gorge-ous Geodes

And with flash.

Essie – Gorge-ous Geodes (with Flash)


Now we’re into the two darker brown-toned shades!

This first one is ‘You’re a Gem’ and this is lighter and more warm-toned.

Essie – You’re a Gem

I found all of these darker shades had beautiful 2 coat formulas, and had no problems getting opaque.


And with flash.

Essie – You’re a Gem (with Flash)


Last but not least, we have the darkest shade of the collection!

This is ‘Stop, Look & Glisten’, the deep brown shade. This is much more cool-toned than the previous shade.


Another 2 easy coats.


I think this one had the strongest holo of all of them, and just sparkled on the nails. I absolutely loved this one! It’s hard to pick a favorite out of all of these, but I would definitely go with this one!



I can’t stop gushing over these polishes – seriously count how many times I said “stunning” there. I was excited when I first saw photos and they did not disappoint. I was so impressed by them, and recommend them to everyone! If you only want to grab one, I definitely recommend ‘Stop, Look & Glisten’. But all of the shades are gorgeous! KEEP IT UP, ESSIE.


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