Essie Summer 2019 Collection – Comparisons

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IT’S SWATCH COMPARISON SATURDAY! WOO! Look, I’m still keeping it up! Weirdly proud of myself right now, I’m not going to lie. It was a wild and crazy Friday night here, swatching and comparing, and avoiding going outside in our heatwave that we’re having. There’s some good ones here – including my first ever full dupe for one of these posts!

This week we’re looking at the Essie Summer 2019 collection. I pulled comparisons for 4 of the shades. The bright neon orange, ‘Soles on Fire’, and the bright purple, ‘Tangoed in Love’, I couldn’t find anything close for. Two very unique shades to my collection for sure!

Let’s look at the comparisons!


Up first, we have the light pastel orange shade, ‘In Full Swing’. I had a bunch of shades in the same tone, but nothing that quite matched the peachiness of it. ‘Pink Noise’ was a little rosier, and ‘Everything’s Peachy’ was more yellow-toned.


This was the only one that I pulled multiple shades to compare it to. ‘Hopelessly Devoted to OPI’ was a little dustier and rosier. ‘Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia’ looked closer in the bottle, but was definitely deeper and more brown toned. Overall, no full dupes!



Up next, looking at ‘Claim to Flame’. This was definitely a unique shade, so I didn’t find anything too close to it! ‘Positive Coral-ation’ was the closest in overall color, but was much lighter and more orange-toned.



‘Strike a Rose’ was another very unique one to my collection, so I didn’t find anything too close overall. ‘Wendy’ was more warm-toned. And ‘Don’t Be Sea Salty’ was the same base color overall, but had the silver shimmer in it that made them different.



Last, but certainly not least, we have a DUPE! I found a dupe for the first time in these posts! And it’s funny because they both came out this year. ‘Take the Lead’ from Essie’s Summer collection was exactly the same color as Orly’s ‘Glass Half Full’ from their Spring 2019 collection. The Orly does have more shimmer in the bottle, but that’s not apparent when it’s on the nails.


If I’m being SUPER generous, you could say ‘Glass Half Full’ is a TAD lighter, but it’s honestly hard to tell, even in my bright lights. If you have one, you don’t need the other. They have similar formulas as well, with both being 2 easy coats.



Those are the comparisons for the Essie Summer 2019 collection! I always love doing these, and it’s so exciting to find an actual dupe within my collection! I know those are the most helpful, especially when deciding whether you truly “need” a color or not. You might not even realize you have the exact same shade already in your collection. Always trying to help everyone be smarter shoppers!

As always, if you have any other ideas for comparisons, if I have them I’ll pull them and put them up on Instagram!


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