Orly Euphoria Collection – Comparisons

Original Review Post: Orly Euphoria Summer 2019 Collection

Another comparison post! I’m hoping to try to get these up on Saturdays for collections that have been swatched throughout the week. I’m not totally committing that yet, but it’s been working out so far! Comparison Swatch Saturdays! If there’s multiple posts during the week (if I can keep my schedule up) I’ll try to get multiple posts up throughout the day. All planning right now, so we’ll see how it works out!

Today’s post is talking about the new Orly Euphoria collection! I compared the 4 cream shades – I knew I wouldn’t have any dupes for the toppers. Let’s get right into it!

For pretty much all 4 of these shades, I was convinced I had tons of similar shades, and then I didn’t find any true dupes. Like I said, all these comparison posts are doing for me is convincing me that it’s fine I have all of this polish since they’re all different! hah!

Up first, looking at ‘Rosé All Day’, the warm blush shade. I especially thought I would find an exact dupe for this one. But as you can see, each one is a little different! ‘Rue’ is more brown toned, and ‘Tickle My France-y’ is darker and more rosy. ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains’ ended up being the closest. From farther away it might pass as dupes, but looking closely, it has a touch more warmth to it than ‘Rosé All Day’.



Next is ‘Muy Caliente’, the very bright red orange. I found the least amount of similar shades to this one, since it was so bright. I swore ‘Sunset Sneaks’ was much more similar in lower lighting, but as soon as I got it under my bright lights, it was much cooler toned. Sunset Seeker was closer in tone, but a little more orange, and of course dried in a matte finish.



‘On Your Wavelength’ was another shade that I was sure I had a dupe for. However, as you can see, it’s much lighter and a touch more green than all the shade I have. I ended up seeing that Essie’s ‘Mint Candy Apple’ and ‘Blue La La’ were dupes for each other instead…



Last up, we have the bright cobalt shade, ‘It’s Britney, Beach’. While I was swatching this, I was thinking of China Glaze ‘Simply Fa-blue-less’ and knew I wanted to compare the two. But as you can see, it’s much darker than the Orly shade. Essie’s ‘Butler Please’ was the most similar, but had a touch of white to it, and wasn’t as squishy or jelly like on the nails.



And those are the swatches! I didn’t find any true dupes this time – there were some close ones, but no exact shades. ‘Rosé All Day’ and ‘It’s Britney, Beach’ had the most similar ones, but to my crazy collector eyes, they’re all very different!

If you have any shades that you want compared to these ones, let me know! As always, if I have them, I’ll swatch them up for a post on my Instagram!


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2 thoughts on “Orly Euphoria Collection – Comparisons

  1. I’m cackling, I was comparing Mint Candy Apple and Blue-la-la to a Society Wit polish for a blog post and came to the exact same conclusion as you did! It’s so hard to tell them apart and neither one really has a better formula than the other.

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