Wet N Wild Crystal Cavern FULL COLLECTION

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I always joke that I get reviews up of Wet N Wild collections right when they’re about to drop a new one (I can’t WAIT for the new Pacman collection), and you know, I wish I could say this was an exception. As you can see, these are beasts of posts, so I’m still figuring out the best way to tackle them in a more efficient way. But as always, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. I knew I wouldn’t let this go by without a full review. Enough intro, it’s a lot to talk about so let’s get into it!

A new fun thing: As you can see I have links at the top to jump to different parts of the review! If you’re interested in only certain parts, click those to scroll on down!

We’re talking about the Crystal Cavern collection! This is a light, airy and shimmery collection based on crystals. This collection includes 4 new eyeshadow trios, 4 new lipglosses, 2 new highlighters, 4 new perfumes and a setting spray.

As with all of their other collections, they are selling the whole thing in a box for a discounted price. The full collection box is $49.99 and features all of the products (separately they retail all together for $74). They also have sets for each of the crystals, that include the specific eyeshadow trio, lipgloss and perfume, as well as the two highlighters and the setting spray for $19.99. You can also buy a set of the 4 perfumes for $23.

I was, of course, interested in trying all of the products, so I ended up just buying the whole collection box.

If you buy the whole collection, it comes in this big ol’ chunky crystal shaped box.


Honestly it’s a very cool presentation and I got to pretend I was a real booty guru receiving PR from Wet N Wild for a hot second (a true dream).

It has all of the pieces nicely secured, as well as information about the whole collection at the top. But unless you’re planning on keeping the box forever to display, it can be a lil chunky and overwhelming (especially when you’re living in a studio apartment and have it sitting by your recycling for 2 months oops). Of course, I love the attention to detail and the effort to present it.


ALRIGHT, HERE WE GO. Like I’ve said, it’s about to be a long one, as all of these posts are – there’s a lot of pieces to talk about and I love to give you thorough reviews. Like I said before, there are links above you can click to skip to specific parts of the review, or you can buckle on up and scroll through it all.

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