Sista Chic Lacquer ‘That Song is Stuck in My Head’ Trio


Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! Do you have any plans for your long weekend? I’m going up with friends to our college town for a little reunion, and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to just be goofy and silly with college friends for an entire weekend.

And of course, this time I made sure there’s lot of polish queued up for the long weekend, so don’t worry there’s still polish and posts coming! Lots of fall collections on the way, and this new trio.


It’s a quick little post today for a cute little trio. We have a new trio from Sista Chic Lacquer! This is the ‘That Song is Stuck in My Head’ trio and is based on those songs that just get stuck in your head when you hear them. It’s a trio, so there are 3 new polishes. These will release on September 1st on the Sista Chic website and will retail for $10 each. As always, a portion of the profits will go to Project Rescue, an organization that helps women and children rescued from sex trafficking.

There is another trio also releasing on the 1st, so be sure to tune into the Sista Chic website!

Let’s get right into the swatches!

Up first we have ‘Flying Purple People Eater’. This is a light lavendar base with soft shimmer, round white pieces, and larger metallic purple hexagons.

This had a smooth 1st coat and the pieces placed nicely. There was still some nail line, so I did apply a 2nd coat. It was opaque in 2 easy coats. It’s definitely a thicker formula so make sure to cover the entire nail with your strokes, or it can skip and be a little uneven. It can get a little messy with all of the pieces, so you just have to be careful and place them a little more.


She’s a little chunky, but she’s fun, and somehow still soft on the nails.



‘Crazy Frog’ (I did immediately get that song stuck in my head after this, so fitting) is a shimmery aqua blue base with smaller darker blue pieces, and larger metallic blue hexagons.

This had a more sheer formula and 1st coat, so I ended building the base up in 3 thin coats. The pieces build up nicely and the more sheer formula allows them to build and layer nicely. I did have to place the larger pieces a little more, or else they could group up or go off to the side, but it wasn’t anything crazy.


Again a little more chunky, and although chunkier glitters aren’t my favorite, it’s unique and fun on the nails!



Last but certainly not least, my favorite of the bunch, this is ‘Baby Shark’. This is a stunning deep inky black base with a gorgeous soft shimmer and flakie pieces. It reminds me of a galaxy on the nails and I think it’ll be perfect for the fall and winter time coming up.

This had a good 1st coat, and was fully opaque in 2 coats. You might need a 3rd if you’re doing thinner coats, but it’s smooth and easy to paint on. The base deepens and smooths out with each coat, and it’s just so pretty.


If you only pick up one from this trio, ‘Baby Shark’ is the one!



And that’s the fun little trio! Though chunkier glitters may not be my personal preference, they were fun combinations and the glitter pieces picked up and applied easily to the nails. They were a little thicker so they do take a little smoothing, but overall they level out nicely on the nails. They’ll be a little bumpy because of the larger glitter pieces, so a thick coat of top coat will help smooth anything out. ‘Baby Shark’ is my absolute favorite, and that shimmer is just gorgeous!

I’ll always be honest with you guys, and give my full opinions even if I’m gifted the polishes. I might not love combinations personally, but I’ll judge things based on their formulas as others might love them so much! As always, know your own preferences, and judge whether you would wear a polish or not, or how it would fit into your collection.


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2 thoughts on “Sista Chic Lacquer ‘That Song is Stuck in My Head’ Trio

  1. Baby Shark is so pretty! Definitely galaxy vibes, a fall galaxy?! I was about to say that I don’t know the Crazy Frog Song but I looked it up and dammit, I totally do. Stuck in my head now, of course :]

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