Orly ‘Birds of Prey’ Trio

Listen, I was recently on a binge of polish buying where I just wanted to buy everything, and all of these new polishes were releasing that just caught my eye. You would think that’s what is going on all the time, but I promise sometimes I do hold back. But it was during this binge that I saw this little trio of polishes, and listen, they GOT ME. I have no excuses. My hand slipped, I added to cart, I ordered.

And I’m not sorry. “It’s for the blog”. It’s what I tell myself all the time, okay. But I know you guys love it, and I won’t ever stop, and trying new nail polish will forever be my love.

This is a trio of shades that were released in collaboration with the Harley Quinn ‘Birds of Prey’ movie, releasing tomorrow, February 7! I’m definitely interested in seeing the movie (I can only hope they do Harley Quinn justice after the mess that was Suicide Squad), so this piqued my interest as well! I also loved that based on the names, these seem to be newly released shades specifically for this movie, and not just permanent shades packaged up into a different set.

It’s only available on the Orly website, and it seems that you can only buy all 3 in the trio – not individually. It retails for $28 for 3 full size shades (for reference, all Orly shades retail for $9.50 each for 0.6ml).

It comes in this cute little box set, and there’s just something inside of me that wants to keep it for display. I told you I was a monster here. But it has Birds of Prey on the top, with Harley Quinn, as well as pattern going around the sides. Overall it was just really cute!


Let’s get into the shades and swatches!

Up first we have ‘Mind Over Mayhem’, a super bright neon pink cream. I was surprised at how pigmented right off the bat this shade was! The first coat was a little bit uneven, but it evened out so easily and nicely with just two coats! And no white base underneath! This can definitely flood the cuticles a little bit, so I do also recommend wiping off the brush of excess polish before applying.

Neons can be notoriously thin and sheer and just a little bit of a fuss to mess with. But Orly has been putting out amazing neon formulas lately, so I might just be scooping up every single one they make. Their wide rounded brush also makes it so much easier to just float the coats on and not have to over-manipulate them.



Next up we have ‘Freaking Fantabulous’. This is a clear base with a purple shimmer all throughout and larger purple metallic and holographic glitters all throughout. Here is one coat over ‘Mind over Mayhem’. You can see that it adds a shimmer, but it’s still clear enough that a base color will show through. It distributes easily with one coat.



And then here it is built up on its own! This is 3 coats, so you can see you can wear it as a full color look as well. I like how both of them are unique looks, so there’s two ways to wear this polish! It can get a touch thick with the 3 coats, so I recommend truly letting each coat really dry in between, and that’ll help with the thickness, as well as keep it from squishing around when it’s layered up.


This glitter ended up being super fun when built up, and I almost like this look the most!


As you can see, more in indirect light, it also has a cool blue-purple shift to it that you get from the shimmer in the base as well. Very fun and festive. I can’t say how difficult of glitter removal it was, since I only had it for the swatches. But you’ll def get the little glitters all over on removal – if you’re looking to avoid that I would recommend this over a peel off base coat.



And lastly we have ‘Emancipate This’, a super bright highlighter yellow neon cream. I’ll be honest, this was the one that swayed me into getting this set. I saw this bright yellow neon swatched on someone else, it looked BEAUTIFUL, and I’m a monster. JUST LOOK AT HER, THIS IS WITHOUT A WHITE BASE.

Of course, as a neon yellow, it did have a more streaky first coat. But it honestly built up well in just 2 coats. You might be able to get it fully opaque with 2 coats if you have smoother nails. But I did a 3rd to smooth everything out, and bam! Look at it!

I’ve never really owned a “basic” highlighter yellow neon at this point (shocking I know), but I was just never interested in neons that required so much work. But this bad boy is changing my mind. I surely hope we get an individual shade with this formula added to the collection because this is just so good.



And that’s the Birds of Prey trio! This was more of an impulse buy, but honestly I’m glad I ended up picking it up! I think these 3 shades match the feel and colors of the film very well, and it was a fun trio of shades overall.

The formulas overall were so good as well! I was blown away by these neons and am so glad I’m adding more to my collection.

Obviously if you’re not feeling all of the shades, it is unfortunate that they’re not available individually. I get the full feel of the set and everything, but I know a lot of people would especially just love the neons. But if it’s something where everything catches your eye, I recommend it!


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2 thoughts on “Orly ‘Birds of Prey’ Trio

  1. Hmmm I am loving these 3 and love Orlys in general. That yellow would have won me over too ❤

    Yup, "I am a nail polish blogger" is my justification for buying so many 😉 I really cannot help myself honestly!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. For neons, those are very impressive formulas! I am sad that the polishes cannot be bought individually, because I love Freaking Fantabulous but pinks and yellows are my least favorite shades to wear *sigh* it is nice that they did actually create new shades, just wish they were not in the trio only!

    Liked by 1 person

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