Dimension Nails Australia Bush Fire Relief Shades


Every so often I venture outside of my mainstream brands, and try out a new indie brand. The indie polish world is GIGANTIC and offers so many options, so it can definitely be overwhelming. At this point in time, I don’t have the budget to fully invest into a deep dive into it, but I do enjoy every so often picking up a new shade or two from a different smaller brand. (There are a lot of pages who swatch so much indie polish though, so search them up if you’re curious!)

Today we’re looking at one of those brands, called Dimension Nails! I have seen them all over my Instagram, and they seemed to have stunning colors and formulas. The owner, Stephanie, seems like the sweetest person and is super active on her page and with the brand. And then with this fundraiser, it was the perfect time to try them out!

Dimension Nails created a lovely little duo of shades especially for supporting the Australia wildfires. I saw a couple of my friends wearing these beauties on different posts and shares and finally I could no longer resist. This duo includes ‘Kangaroo’, a lovely dusty mustard shade, and ‘Koala’, a deeper gray shade.

For each of these shades purchased, they’re donating $3 to help the victims of the Australian wildfires! They also have other lacquer shades available that will donate $1 per bottle, as well as gel shades that will donate $2 each. You can see it all and find more information here! https://dimensionnails.com/australia/. Unfortunately this only goes through the end of January – I know I’m a little late to the game, I did purchase these later in the month, but there are 2 more days to donate through these polishes!

Of course, even after the donations end, these shades and more will still be available. And with your normal purchase 5% will go to support animal shelters and sanctuaries! Overall, you’re supporting a lot of good causes with any purchase of these shades, and I love that!

Now let’s get into the two shades!

First up is ‘Kangaroo’, a lovely dijon mustard cream shade. This one is so unique to my collection, and I can’t think of any other shades I have like it – it made me want the duo immediately as soon as I saw the shade. And then the great cause pushed me over the edge to finally just purchase it!

It also has a stunning formula. It’s a thicker cream formula, which I definitely prefer as I do thicker coats and it won’t flood the cuticles. Most people can get this opaque in just 1 easy coat – I did a 2nd just to cover up any last ridges peeking through, but overall it was so smooth and easy to paint on.



The other shade of the duo is ‘Koala’. I’m a sucker for any sort of gray as well, so you can see I was doomed from the start with this duo.

As with the other, a thicker cream formula that went so smoothly onto the nails. It could also be easily opaque in 1 coat, though I did 2 here to cover any last ridges.



A quick and easy post because these shades were both stunning! They went on so nicely and were so smooth on the nails, no complaints here! And you can benefit a great cause for a couple more days – and of course, buy the shades even after the donations end. They’re beautiful colors, and more unique to add to any collection. I definitely would be open to trying more in the future!


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