Zoya Calm Spring 2020 – Swatches & Review

My windows are open, the sun is shining, and it’s 60 DEGREES, Y’ALL. Yes, you’re going to keep hearing about the weather as it finally gets warm down here in the Windy City. It was a mild winter, but I still look like a crazy person just sitting in every patch of sunlight that we suddenly get. I don’t want to get too hopeful, but I think we just might be getting into spring down here.

So of course, we must continue looking at spring collections! Annnnnnd today, we have the new Zoya Calm collection for Spring 2020.

Calm is the perfect description for this collection. When I look at it, I just feel calm. It’s not going to be super crazy colors and textures, it’s 6 shades of neutrals and light pastels. Sometimes you just need a little palette cleanser and some soft shades.

As I said, this collection features 5 creams and 1 shimmery shade. We have 3 more neutral beiges, and then 3 softer colors. I picked these up when Zoya was having a BOGO sale, so I got all 6 shades for $30. I highly recommend following Zoya on Instagram, and their email lists! They’re constantly having sales and deals, so you can snag their shades at a lower cost, which I love to do. Of course, this whole collection is up on the Zoya website now!

Let’s look at the shades!

For all of these swatches, I did use the wide brushes, since they automatically came when I ordered this collection (they otherwise retail for $2 each). That can make a touch of difference because a wider brush makes it easier to paint on thicker coats, and keep it smoother since you won’t be overmanipulating the polish. Alright, disclaimer out of the way, let’s continue on!


First up, we’re looking at ‘Colleen’. This is a more pinky toned, peachy leaning nude cream shade (she’s definitely looking a little less peachy and more pink toned in that group shot above, but there’s definitely a touch of orange to it). It definitely had a sheer first coat, as can sometimes be expected with lighter nude shades like this. It built up pretty well in 2 coats, though I did use a 3rd for some of the remaining patches and unevenness from the ridges in my nails. Most people will easily get this opaque in just 2 coats.

Zoya – Colleen


‘Laura’ is the yellow toned sister of ‘Colleen’ above. It’s a warm toned light nude cream. Again, some streaks and patches in the first coat, but it was easily opaque with a 2nd one. So smooth and nice on the nails!

This one surprised me with how easy the formula was! With a lighter neutral like this I was expecting it to take more coats, but it went on like butter! I think this is one the wide brush definitely helps out.

Zoya – Laura


Our one shimmer of the collection is ‘AJ’. This is a sandy tan nude shade with silver shimmer all throughout. This one is very smooth, even when a little more sheer, so it could be an easy 1 coat nail look. But it easily builds up with a 2nd coat.

Zoya – AJ

I love the satin feel the shimmer gives to this one! It’s not super apparent on the nails, but for just this one I don’t mind it that way. It gives this neutral a lovely depth and shine to it, and adds a little something more. I didn’t expect to like this one so much!

Zoya – AJ


And now we’re into the more colorful creams of the collection!

First up we have ‘Leif’, and I’m a sucker for any sort of pastel green, especially when it has a wonderful formula like this one. It was a little sheer at first, which can be expected for light white-based shades like this. But it was good with a 2nd thicker coat, or 3 thin ones. I loved how smooth this shade, and it wasn’t streaky at all. Perfect for spring coming up.

Zoya – Leif


And another pastel shade, we have ‘Emerson’. This is a light, sky blue shade that leans a touch more cool-toned. This had a more uneven 1st coat, but was opaque with a 2nd thicker one. Another smooth formula and was so nice on the nails. Again, another perfect shade for spring.

Zoya – Emerson


And lastly, we have ‘Vee’, our deep shade of the bunch. This is a lovely cool-toned dusty purple cream shade. And this had a BEAUTIFUL formula. Easily opaque in just 1 coat, so smooth, just glides onto the nails. I’m gushing because this is the Zoya cream formula I LOVE. It’s so easy, and makes for such a quick mani. If you only grab one, make it this one.

Zoya – Vee


And there’s the next spring collection! Obviously, it won’t be for everyone, as it’s a lot of neutrals and light shades. But for me, of course, I love all shades, and I think it’s perfect for rolling into spring as we slowly get warmer weather (THANK GOD). Most shades are 2-3 coats, while the colors are easy 2 coats. And as you can tell, ‘Vee’ is my clear winner of the shades. But overall, some solid cream formulas again.


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