Orly Feel the Beat Spring 2020 – Swatches & Review

Hellllo from my apartment! I’ve been put on official “work from home indefinitely” status. Don’t worry, I’m fine, it’s all prevention down here and I’m grateful to be in a career that allows me to work remotely! Now we’re here for a distraction, so let’s talk about nails! This time at home will also mean less time commuting and more time for polish, so I’m hoping to get so many swatches out for you during this time!

Let’s continue right on with spring collections! And we’re looking at Orly’s, one of my favorite underrated brands.

I got this collection through my Color Pass subscription. As I’ve mentioned a million times, Color Pass is a subscription where you pay a 1 time fee up front and then you’re sent all 4 Orly collections throughout the year automatically. And you also get extra goodies in each box. It’s perfect if you’re already planning on buying the collections like me, but if you’re just looking for individual shades, they’re also up on head2toebeauty.com for a discount.


The extra goodies in this particular box are the Orly Point Blanc French tip manicure polish, an opaque white with a thin brush for creating french manicures; and the Barefoot Scientist Sigh of Relief Warming Pain Relief Cream.

I haven’t tried the manicure polish, but let me tell you that warming cream is GREAT. I sprained an ankle a week or so ago (literally from just walking, I got some weak ankles) and I rubbed on the areas that were still a little sore. And this definitely warms and COOLS. It was super cooling, and lasted for quite a while and helped take down the pain! And it only needed a little bit of it, so this lil container will last me quite a while! Perfect timing and so useful, especially as I continue on in Spin class as well. You can find it here on their website, or it says they’re available at CVS as well!

And now the main part of this box, we had the ‘Feel the Beat’ Spring 2020 collection! This is a 6 piece collection as usual, and features 3 creams, and 3 more shimmery shades! Let’s get right into them!


To me this collection had two distinctive halves, so that’s how I swatched them! I started out with the more neutral warm, brown toned side, and then went to the purple half.


Up first is ‘Sweet Thing’, a light peachy cream shade. This did have a streaky 1st coat, with some streaks and patches, which is to be expected of such a light white-based shade. I got this pretty well opaque with 2 coats though.

I did prefer thinner coats, so you might end up needing a 3rd to cover everything up. But with too thick of coats on this one, I feel like it can feel a little goopy & thick. It can also take longer to dry, so there’s more risk of bumping into it and messing it up. Cleanup also got a lil goopy with thicker coats as well, so overall, recommending thinner coats! Light pastel shades like this just might take a little more work and time, but don’t give up on them!

Orly – Sweet Thing


Next up we have ‘Glow Baby’. This is some beautiful bronzey goodness. A light warm brown base with beautiful gold shimmer. This was easily opaque in just 2 coats! An easy formula, and it felt like it dried more quickly than other shades in the collection – so even easier.

Orly – Glow Baby

A perfect shade for laying on the beach! Under 6 layers of sunscreen so I don’t burn. (The sentiment is there).

Orly – Glow Baby


The last of the browns is ‘In the Groove’. This is a warm burnt orange, rusty red shade. A little untraditional for a spring collection, but I’m here for it! This also had a stunning formula and could easily be opaque in just 1 coat. It’s a wonderfully smooth formula, and I love it. And can’t wait to wear it in the fall time as well!

Orly – In the Groove


Now onto our purples!

Up first we have ‘Lilac You Mean It’, a soft light lavender base with bright purple shimmer. This was a more sheer 1st coat, but it so smooth, so it could easily be a quick 1 coat nail look. There was still a touch of nail line and ridges showing through after a 2nd, but I was able to build it up to opaque in a 3rd.

Orly – Lilac You Mean It

Unfortunately once on the nails, the shimmer is pretty subtle. Especially under normal daylighting, it’s going to be hard to see. What a tease. So could be better, still a lovely base shade.

Orly – Lilac You Mean It


‘Magic Moment’ is light lilac purple to blue shifting microshimmer. Again, definitely more sheer, but it’s smooth so you can easily wear it as a more sheer look as well. This was 3 coats built up, and as you can see the nail line is covered, and the shimmer is there and so shifty.


It’s some sparkly, shifty goodness and I ended up loving this on the nails! I bet it would be a lovely topper as well.

Orly – Magic Moment


Last but certainly not least, we have the shade that everyone’s eye was immediately drawn to. This is ‘Lips Like Sugar’ and it’s a STUNNING bright purple-pink. Is it a purple? Is it a pink? It’s right in between and I love it so. Okay yes, with all my gushing, let’s talk about formula shall we?

This had a more crelly like feeling. It had a smooth 1st coat, but definitely wasn’t as bright or saturated as it shows in the bottle. A 2nd coat definitely brightened it up more. It was an easy 2 coats, and I can’t wait to pull this out in summer.

Orly – Lips Like Sugar


And that’s the ‘Feel the Beat’ collection! I loved the mix of different and unique shades and formulations in this collection! ‘In the Groove’ was definitely not a traditional spring shade, but it had a beautiful formula. Favorites were definitely ‘Glow Baby’, ‘Magic Moment’ and ‘Lips Like Sugar’. So good. I will say ‘Sweet Thing’ could be a touch goopy and finnicky, so it wasn’t my favorite overall. And I do wish ‘Lilac You Mean It’ had that stronger shimmer. Just two small notes!

I loved how all the shades went together, and the overall color story. A fun spring collection for sure.


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