Orosa Beauty ‘Curtain Call’ Winter 2020 Collection – Swatches & Review

Listen, I too often jokingly say to my mother that if she had put me in ballet from a young age, I could be a STAR at this point. I have flexibility and weird feet, it could have worked, okay. Who hasn’t had a dream of being a professional ballerina? There’s a dance studio that just opened near my apartment and once it’s safe to do again, I’m DANCING.

All of these rambles have a point, I promise. They all connect to the newest collection we’re looking at today. This is the ‘Curtain Call’ release from Orosa Beauty, which they say is inspired by “the mesmerizing movement of ballet”. “Get ready for light and airy hues paired with rich jewel tones that will have you dreaming of whimsical performances all winter long.” I love a ballet inspired theme, and I think this color story fits very well. And of course, it just reminds me of my dreams.

It features 5 cream shades and 1 shimmer. I grabbed this from the Orosa beauty website during their end of year 30% off sale. The shades retail for $12 each, or $62 for the full set of 6.

Let’s get into the swatches!

I will warn as I always do with Orosa polishes that they can take a touch of getting used to. They have short, wide brushes, so it can be a little awkward to paint on at first.

Up first we have ‘Pirouette’. This is a super light, peachy pink cream shade. This had a streaky 1st coat, which I always expect with light, white-based shades like this. It builds up well in 2 coats, and depending on your nails and application, you could be set here. I did end up adding a 3rd because my nails are super ridged and I still had some streaks poking through.

It’s a nice soft shade that does immediately make me think of ballet, so super fitting for the collection.

Orosa Beauty – Pirouette


‘Cabriole’ is a light, cool-toned gray cream. This had a thicker formula and was super easy to control and paint onto the nails. It has a great 1st coat, with just a few ridges peeking through, and was an easy 2 coats. Super stunning and lovely!

Orosa Beauty – Cabriole


‘Adagio’ is such an interesting shade. It definitely has some olive tones to it, but pulls more dusty and gray. Almost like a putty gray-green. I was expecting a traditional olive shade, but was pleasantly surprised with something more interesting and unique!

This had a little more of a squishy formul and 1st coat – more sheer and uneven, almost with a little jelly-ness to it – than ‘Cabriole’ above. I had some ridges after the 1st coat, but it was fully opaque with a 2nd. Still super smooth and easy to paint on overall.

Orosa Beauty – Adagio


‘Pas de Deux’ is a deep wine red cream, which pulls more blue-toned on the nails. Another more squishy formula, though the 1st coat was still very smooth. A 2nd coat easily covered any last streaks or patches, and deepened up the color to match the bottle.

Orosa Beauty – Pas de Deux


‘Jeté’ was originally pulling way too bright and saturated in my colors. It’s got some dustyness and deepness to it, and it’s different than a bright cobalt blue. Another with a more squishy 1st coat just like the others, but another easy 2 coats.

Orosa Beauty – Jeté


Last up, we have Orosa’s first shimmer! So far, they’ve only released creams to build up their library of shades, but for this collection we have shimmer. It’s called ‘Arabesque’ and is a light lilac shade with lilac shimmer.

Annnnd I’m sorry to say I didn’t love this. This is 3 thicker coats built up, and as you can see it’s still sheer and a little patchy on the ridges, especially in the side photos. I’m not going to love every single polish release out there, and I’m always here to be honest when I don’t!

Now, this more sheer look might be what you prefer, and if you have more smooth nails it might look better as well. In the end I’m just showing how the shades perform on my own nails, and allowing you to make your own decision from there! I just wished for a more opaque color to truly match the shade in the bottle.

Orosa Beauty – Arabesque

It’s definitely a soft delicate look that matches with the ballet theme, so this could be something you enjoy more than I do!

Orosa Beauty – Arabesque


And that’s the Curtain Call release! We have some lovely cream formulas here, and a shimmer shade that I didn’t love, but could be for someone else! It’s a nice collection, and I think it fits the theme well with the color selection.

Did any shades catch your eye?


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4 thoughts on “Orosa Beauty ‘Curtain Call’ Winter 2020 Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. This post interested me, because even though I never had any polishes from Orosa, I actually used to do ballet at a dance academy. I think out of all of them, I enjoy the shades of Arabesque and Pirouette the most. The delicate-ness and softness of the shades do bring to mind ballet. Pirouette especially reminds me of ballet slippers (and it brings back flashbacks to doing those spins). Shame that you didn’t like the sheerness of Arabesque, but I can see people who enjoy sheer polishes liking it more. I do find it ironic though, that ballet is seen as delicate. Like all dance forms, ballet is pretty brutal at high levels (jumping and standing on those point shoes! AUGH). Also, while performances are seen as magical, being behind the curtain itself is a lot less so. I remember spending most of the time being backstage snacking on baby carrots and playing UNO with the other girls. Don’t let me dissuade you though, ballet as a hobby is a great way to stay limber and fit (so basically not me now).

    Liked by 1 person

    • My nails are just super ridged and bumpy, so sheer shades end up looking more uneven on them unfortunately! So I made sure to point out that I’m sure others would like it, it just doesn’t look great on me.
      And that’s so cool! I love hearing behind the scenes tidbits like that. that’s so true as well! like it’s seen as so delicate and graceful, but there’s SO much work behind it and all of the videos about it just absolutely destroying your feet!
      And thank you! I took a beginner class in college and loved it so I think I’ll enjoy it as a hobby a lot!


  2. The color palette here is just so pretty, I love how they all look together! Orosa seems to be good at that :]

    I took ballet classes when I was in kindergarten, haha, it did not go well! But I am super impressed by the athleticism and control dancers have over their bodies, definitely seems like a good route to go just for the sake of fitness.

    Liked by 1 person

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