Orosa Beauty ‘Night Train’ Fall 2020 Collection – Swatches & Review


As mentioned many times before, I stick to mainstream brands with this blog and my reviews. The indie world is so large and expansive that I’m not even sure where to start! And I know my wallet wouldn’t be able to handle expanding fully into indie reviews as well 😂 (There are so many great reviewers already doing entirely indie-specific posts, so definitely check them out!)

But there are a couple smaller brands now that I just enjoy, and have expanded to reviewing consistently on the blog! And one of them includes Orosa Beauty. They might not technically be “indie” in the way of one person handmixing polishes, but they are still a smaller independent nail polish brand. I did receive a couple collections in PR, but even now when I’m not, I still purchase them to try out as I just enjoy their polishes. It’s just something about those square bottles that are so pretty.

So we’re looking at their Fall 2020 release today! This is the ‘Night Train’ collection and features 6 cream shades. I know cream finishes might not be the most exciting for everyone, but it seems like Orosa is building up a good catalogue of cream shades before branching out into other finishes. Listen, I love all polishes equally so I’ll never say no to a solid cream formula.

I grabbed this off of their website for $60 for all 6 polishes. You do save the price of one polish when purchasing the full set, otherwise each shade retails for $12.

Let’s get right into the swatches!

I will say for people using these polishes for the first time, it can be a little bit of a learning curve. They have brushes that are much sorter than others we’re used to, and the brushes are wide. So it can be a little awkward to hold at first, but as mentioned just takes a little getting used to and then you’re set to go! I understand that not everyone will love the little wide brushes, so I wanted to make sure to point them out!

Picture from Orosabeauty.com


Up first we have ‘Patisserie’, a super light bubblegum pink cream. It had a streaky 1st coat, which I always expect with such a white-based shade like this. I still had some streaks from my ridges peeking through on a 2nd coat, but a 3rd fully covered it. So it’ll depend on your nails and application whether you’ll need 2 or 3.

Orosa Beauty – Patisserie


‘Foyer’ is a soft, muted taupe cream shade. It’s definitely cool-toned and has some purple to it. It had a sheer 1st coat, with nail line showing through. It builds up well and could be fully opaque in 2 coats, though I ended up doing a 3rd. Again, it’ll depend on your application and how smooth your nails are!

Orosa Beauty – Foyer


‘Telegram’ is a gorgeous dusty yellow cream shade. It’s just muted enough for me to be perfect for the fall times!

Again a sheer 1st coat. I still had some ridges and streaks after a 2nd coat, but it was fully opaque after a 3rd.

Orosa Beauty – Telegram


‘Cable Car’ is that lovely burnt orange cream shade that I just can’t get enough of in the fall times. This had a smooth 1st coat, and felt like a thicker formula than the previous shades above. It was an easy 2 coats and was super easy to control on the nails.

Orosa Beauty – Cable Car


‘Seat 103’ is a deep green, that can pull to look almost teal. It’s definitely got both green and blue to it, and I love the shade overall.

This had a stunning formula and was almost opaque in just 1 thicker coat. I did 2 coats for my photo here, and it was again another smooth formula.

Orosa Beauty – Seat 103


Last up we have ‘Lobby Boy’, a bright cool-toned purple cream shade. Another thicker formula like the previous 2, and it was so easy to control on the nails. I did 2 coats here and it was fully opaque.

Orosa Beauty – Lobby Boy


And that’s the collection! There are some gorgeous “staple” fall colors in this group that would be lovely to add to a stash. I will say in the first half of the collection the formulas are definitely a little more sheer than other creams, but all build up to fully opaque in 3 coats. So that might not be for everyone, so as always it’ll depend on your own preferences. I swatch a LOT of polish so they didn’t absolutely blow me away, but they’re not bad formulas either!

But the 2nd half, the deeper shades, have stunning formulas and are super easy to work with, so I do recommend if you’re interested in trying out this brand. You can of course buy the shades individually, so it’s easy to just try a few colors at once.


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