Loud Lacquer x Bailey Sarian ‘Aqua Tofana’ Collection – Swatches & Review

As mentioned before, I’ve enjoyed adding a couple smaller brands to my list to regularly review. And today we’re looking at a newer release from one of those such brands!

This is the Loud Lacquer collection titled ‘Aqua Tofana’. It’s in collaboration with Bailey Sarian, a makeup YouTuber. I absolutely love Bailey, and her series of “Murder, Mystery and Makeup Mondays”, where she recounts a true crime case while doing her makeup. (She does her makeup just to have something to do with her hands, she doesn’t stop to talk about products or techniques – it’s just focused on the case as an fyi). There was one specific night when I worked late and just had on a playlist of those videos to pass the time, so they’ll always have a place in my heart.

The name ‘Aqua Tofana’, as well as the shade names of the polishes, are in relation to Bailey’s video about Giulia Tofana, a woman from the 1600s who was a “professional poisoner”. That’s right, we’re combining two interests, nail polish and true crime today.

I grabbed this off the Loud website. The full bundle retails for $55 for the 4 polishes, otherwise they range from $12.50-$14.50 each. The bundle came with a fun look booklet, showing the promotional photos of Bailey, as well as these 2 stickers containing references from her videos! (I say “suspish” far too often). Overall it was so fun, and I enjoyed the little extras! They’re currently out of stock on the website, but I highly recommend following Loud on Instagram, as they notify when restocks happen.

As mentioned we have 4 polishes in the set – one cream, 2 shimmery metallics, and one topper. Let’s get into the swatches.

We’re starting out with the one cream of the collection. ‘Belladonna’ is an almost dusty yet bright turquoise shade. This had an absolutely beautiful formula and was opaque in just ONE COAT. Like y’all I was not expecting that, and it blew me away.

So smooth, so easy, just lovely all around. Alright I’m done, there are other shades to talk about, but if you’re going to get one, make it this one just for the formula, okay. NOW I’M DONE.

Loud Lacquer – Belladonna


Now into the two shimmers!

‘Antidote’ is a gorgeous grungey metallic gold shimmer. This was a touch more sheer than I was expecting from the color in the bottle, but still smooth. There was nail line peeking through after the 1st, but it builds up well with a 2nd. It was pretty well opaque in just 2, but I did add a 3rd to cover any last patches and nail line.

Loud Lacquer – Antidote

As mentioned, it was more sheer than I was expecting on the 1st coat, and I was worried it wouldn’t build up to the color in the bottle. Luckily that wasn’t the case, and it’s a gorgeous and rich metallic gold.

Loud Lacquer – Antidote


‘Giulia’ is a rich jewel-toned purple shimmer. This had a smooth 1st coat, though it had some nail line peeking through. A 2nd coat fully covers and makes it opaque, and it’s just another gorgeous shimmer of the collection.

Deep jewel tones like this really make me feel like a powerful lady, anyone else? Like “don’t mess with me” shades. Fitting for the theme of the collection really.

Loud Lacquer – Giulia


Last up, we have ‘Saint’, the topper of the group. This is a clear base with various sizes of rose gold metallic glitters.

Loud Lacquer – Saint

This is one coat on it’s own, so you can see it gives a good distribution of glitters – you can also build up the amount of glitter per coat, just depending on how much you swipe onto the nail or wipe off the brush.

Loud Lacquer – Saint

And of course I had to show it as a topper! This is one coat over ‘Giulia’ and the color combination is just wonderful. It’s a clear base so you’ll see the color underneath, but it adds so much sparkle to anything it’s on top of.

Loud Lacquer – Saint (1 coat over Giulia)
Loud Lacquer – Saint (1 coat over Giulia)


That’s the collection! I love Bailey, so I was so excited to pick this up, and it feels like a unique pairing of shades all around. The formulas were all easy to work with, and I have no complaints! You can see easily in the photos how the shades speak for themselves.


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