Orosa Beauty ‘Freshly Picked’ Spring 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

If you’ve been around for a while now, you’ll know that Orosa Beauty has just captured my heart. (I know I say this about a lot of brands, okay). I can’t even remember how I found them, I think they popped up on my Instagram, and it’s been history since. There’s just something about those little square bottles that is just so satisfying. They might not be the most exciting to others, but there’s forever something about a cream shade that’ll always get me. Call me Master of Cream. Is that weird? Okay sorry I’m done let’s just talk about the polish.

This is the ‘Freshly Picked’ collection and it’s Orosa’s release for Spring 2021. As always, it includes 6 creams, and we have some lovely muted shades, with some berries, oranges, yellows and greens. I love the color palette on this collection and was so excited to grab it when it released!

You can grab them off of the Orosa Beauty website for $9 each, or $45 for the whole set of 6 creams. Let’s get right into the swatches!

Orosa bottles do have a wide brush, with a shorter stem, and a shorter handle so they can be a touch awkward to hold at first. It just takes a little learning curve, but otherwise I always love a wider brush especially with creams to fully smooth it onto the nails in fewer strokes.


Up first we have ‘Lychee’. This is a warm-toned super light almost-off white beige cream shade. This was 2 easy coats and so very smooth on the nails!

This collection of creams feels thicker than other Orosa creams I have, in a good way. Normally I would expect a shade this white based to take 3 coats, but it was a smooth formula and easy to work with.

Orosa Beauty – Lychee


‘Fig’ is a gorgeous cool-toned lighter berry cream. Another easy 2 coat formula and no complaints here!

Orosa Beauty – Fig


‘Papaya’ was of course one of the shades I was most excited for. I can’t get enough of a lovely orange!

This is a gorgeous coral-toned orange cream. This will be good for most in just 2 coats, though I did a 3rd to cover up any lasts patches from the ridges in my nails. Again, super easy and smooth to paint on!

Orosa Beauty – Papaya


‘Lemon’ is muted, almost dusty yellow shade. It’s almost cool-toned? Is that possible for a yellow? Well it’s just not buttercup yellow okay. It’s got almost the lightest drop of orange to it. It’s hard to describe, and definitely not a tone of yellow I have in my collection!

Again, an easy 2 coat formula here which really impressed me for a lighter yellow shade like this! So lovely!

Orosa Beauty – Lemon


‘Honeydew’ is the other shade I was just so excited to get onto my nails. This is a lovely dusty green shade, with some warmer tones to it, just like a honeydew melon. Again, an easy and smooth 2 coat formula!

Orosa Beauty – Honeydew


And last up, we have ‘Date’. This is a deeper, almost brick red cream shade. Not an expected shade for spring, but I love the inclusion of a deeper shade that just pairs so well with the other color!

It was a little uneven on the 1st coat, but a 2nd coat easily smoothed it all out and made it fully opaque. Super beautiful and I always love a deeper tone!

Orosa Beauty – Date


And that’s the collection! The formulas were all beautiful, and even more opaque and smooth than previous releases from the brand. I’m excited for future releases especially if the formulas continue like this! And I just loved this color story and the way they all worked together. I wore them in a Skittle mani and it was just so pretty! Orosa has been great with their color stories lately as well.

Have any shades caught your eye?


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