Color Club ‘Jersey Girl’ Collection – Swatches & Review

This is slowly just becoming a Color Club blog and listen, I’m not mad at it. (Not really, I’ll always be swatching other mainstream brands). Instead of doing seasonal quarterly releases like other brands, Color Club likes to do this thing where they drop like 4 collections at a time randomly. They truly have my heart, so I’m here to be your guide, and take your hand through all of the different collections and releases. Let me lead you, my friends. I don’t see a ton of others reviewing these shades, and I consider them super underrated! So I’m here to be the one to sift through them all for you.

We looked at the Parisian Garden collection earlier, and this collection dropped right afterwards. This is the ‘Jersey Girl’ collection and while Parisian Garden had more softer, spring shades, this has bright and and saturated summer shades. It’s a collection of 6 creams.

These are available on the Color Club website for $8.50 each. THOUGH I always say, you never have to wait too long for a sale (in fact, at the time of writing this post, they have 40% off sitewide). There are also a ton of influencers that have 20% off codes. AND be sure to sign up for their rewards! You get points for each purchase that add up pretty quickly to $10 and even $25 off. This all to say, you never have to pay full price for a Color Club polish if you’re smart. And that’s how I’m able to get all of these collections to swatch for you!

Alright enough yammering, let’s get into the swatches!

Up first we have ‘Salt Water Taffy’. This is a super bright, saturated pink shade with cooler undertones to it. I absolutely love pinks like this, with an almost purple lean to it. This had an easy 2 coat formula, though I did do a 3rd to cover up any last patches I have for my ridges. Color Club does have a wider brush, so most will be able to get this fully smooth in just 2 coats. It glides onto the nails easily, and is a lovely pink.

Color Club – Salt Water Taffy


Our true bright neon of the collection, this is ‘Cherry Iceeee’. It’s a rich, almost orange red neon cream shade. Being a neon, it did have a touch more squishy formula, with almost a little bit of jelly-ness to the formula. The first coat is smooth, yet a touch sheer with visible nail line peeking through. It brightens up to match the shade in the bottle with 2 coats. I did end up doing a 3rd but most will be good with just 2 coats. Super fun, and I can’t wait to wear this in the summer!

Color Club – Cherry Iceeee


Now into our 2 oranges. This is ‘Boardwalk Bros’ and it’s the more cool-toned, almost coral shade of the 2. This had a super easy formula and was almost fully opaque in just 1 coat! 2 coats here for the photo, and it was so smooth on the nails.

Orly – Boardwalk Bros


‘Orange You Going Tanning?’ is the brighter of the 2, and is more warm and yellow toned. This was another almost neon shade that I can’t wait to wear in the warmer weather, and was an easy 2 coat formula! Super lovely.

Color Club – Orange You Going Tanning?


Maybe a shift into more fall tones, but listen I’ll wear a mustard yellow at any time of the year, we’re not limited by seasons. Anyways, ‘I’m a Shore Thing’ is that perfect mustard yellow. I’m talking French’s mustard right out of the bottle and onto a hotdog yellow. I love it so much, and I will never get enough mustard yellow.

Again, pretty well good in just 2 coats, though I did add a 3rd for my bumpy, ridgey nails. And I mean, hot dogs are a summer grill out food, so I’m declaring mustard also as a summer color.

Color Club – I’m a Shore Thing


Last up we have ‘Seeing Seagulls’. People always say bright reds are hard to get color accurate, but for me it’s teals! They never want to fully show up color accurate straight in my camera, so I definitely always have to do some fiddling. This was pulling way too blue, so I did my best to match it to the bottle. It’s most definitely a teal shade with a lot of green to it – It’s even more saturated and bright than this in person, but I wanted to make sure the color matched most of all.

The formula on this one was also a touch more squishy, with just a little bit of a jelly feel to the cream formula. But it was still a super easy and smooth 2 coat formula. (Brb continuing to work on truly photographing teal shades.)

Color Club – Seeing Seagulls


And that’s the collection! Did any shades catch your attention? Overall, solid formulas that I’ve come to expect from Color Club – with all pretty well opaque in 2 coats, or 3 for ridged nails. They were smooth and all easy to paint onto the nails, and I can’t complain as always!


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2 thoughts on “Color Club ‘Jersey Girl’ Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. Hi! First time commenting, I just wanted to say that I bought the entire Jersey Girl collection and the Parisian Garden one as well right after I found your posts in the blog 🙂 no regrets, though.

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