Color Club ‘Parisian Garden’ Spring 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

Happy first day of Spring everyone! The sun is shining, and I’m soaking in all of the daylight, by taking a 2 hour nap this morning after I got back from an 8am dentist appointment. Listen, I may be 26 but I’m not full adult yet, and I won’t apologize alright. But I can still enjoy this sunlight and warmer temperatures while I’m inside blogging. Talking about nail polish is great for every season.

I’ve mentioned it in all of my other reviews as well, but Color Club is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands, and I’m just slowly transforming this blog into a Color Club fan page if that’s alright with you. I just consistently love their collections, and they’re always dropping creative themed color stories! Overall, it’s just always fun and I’m always looking out for what they’re releasing next.

I grabbed this set off of their website during a 50% off sale! As I always say, they’re always running sales, so definitely follow their Instagram, or their email newsletter to be notified of the next deal! Otherwise, they retail for $8.50 each.

Today’s collection that we’re looking at is the Parisian Garden collection! I believe this is technically their Spring 2021 release, but Color Club releases so many collections throughout the year so they’re not always on the “traditional” seasonal schedule like other brands. But this collection is definitely very fitting for spring. It’s an 8 piece collection, with some light, almost pastel tones, and richer greens and blues. Super fun, and let’s just get right into the swatches!

Up first we have ‘Bouquet of the Day’. This is a lighter, warm-toned pink cream shade. This was pretty well good in 2 coats, though I did add a 3rd for my more ridged nails. Most people will be set with just 2 coats, and it’s just such a lovely color for spring!

Color Club – Bouquet of the Day


‘La Vie En Rose’ is a lighter peachy orange cream shade. Again, a very similar formula to ‘Bouquet of the Day’ above, with it being pretty well opaque in 2 coats, though I added a 3rd for my ridges. Super smooth, and easy to paint on.

Color Club – La Vie En Rose


Getting into the greens and blues, up first we have ‘Olive Paris’. This is a light, warm-toned, almost somewhat muted green cream. Another pretty easy 2 coats here, with a 3rd to cover my ridges.

Color Club – Olive Paris


‘Jardin Green’ is a true grass green, a cool-toned medium green cream. This has a lovely and smooth formula, and is opaque in just 2 coats even on my ridged nails.

Color Club – Jardin Green


‘Merci Beau-Blue’ is my favorite shade of this collection hands down, and I’m sure you can see why, I mean LOOK at this shade! This is a stunning aqua blue shade with some green tones to it. Aquas and teals really like to test my camera, so I did have to color correct this bad boy but I think we got there. I just wanted to make sure those green tones were shown! It’s so eye-catching and I’ve already gotten compliments on it when wearing as a full mani.

And this has such a lovely formula – 2 easy coats that are just so smooth and easy to paint on. If you only grab one shade, make it this one!

Color Club – Merci Beau-Blue


And last up, we have ‘Lily in Paris’. I would call this one a true blurple shade, right in between blue and purple. Though okay, fine if we have to label it, it’s a blue shade with some purple tones to it. Either way I love it. And again, another easy 2 coat formula even with the ridges in my nails. Such stunning formulas!

Color Club – Lily in Paris


And that’s the collection! There were some beautiful cream shades in here, and I think for most people you can get them all opaque in 2 coats – for me and for others without as smooth of nails, they’re all 2-3 coats. Super smooth, and so easy to paint on, and I enjoyed how the colors work so well together. Did any shades catch your eye?


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