Sally Hansen x Mentos Shades – Swatches & Review

Sally Hansen is continuing with their creative collabs, and this time it’s with Mentos! Listen, I can’t tell you the last time I had a Mento, but that will never stop me from buying the latest release in these cute little themed collections, alright. Sally Hansen, keep doing what you’re doing here. And if you say this is “out of left field”, you haven’t been paying attention to their previous Insta-dri collaborations. They’ve done multiple rounds of releases with Crayola, Jelly Belly, Sour Patch Kids, and now Mentos. I can’t wait to see what other brands are partnered with in the future.

There are 8 total shades in the collection. I only grabbed the 3 more unique shades, and left behind the 5 cream shades because I’m practicing some sort of -self control-. Yes, I exercise control in 1 out of the 79 collections I buy a year, but it’s all about the small victories, alright. Anyways, I feel like these are the 3 shades people will be most interested in as well, so you know, let’s just talk about them already! The 5 shades I left behind are ‘Confection Perfection’, a light pink cream; ‘Mint to Be’, a grass green cream; ‘Orange You a Peach’, a creamsicle orange cream; ‘Peppermint Dandy’, a bright blue cream; and ‘You’re the Zest’, a light daisy cream shade.

I found these at Walgreens, though they’re also available from the Walgreens website, as well as Ulta beauty’s website. They retail for around $5.59 each.

Now onto the swatches!

First up we have ‘Fuchsia Fizz’. This is a bright, shimmery fuchsia foil shade. I do really enjoy their foil finish shades, and they always have lovely formulas. This one was no exception, and was almost fully opaque in just 1 coat. I did 2 smooth coats here for the photo.

Sally Hansen x Mentos – Fuchsia Fizz

It’s almost metallic, but there are no brushstrokes, and it’s so smooth on even my ridged nails.

Sally Hansen x Mentos – Fuchsia Fizz


Now the shade I was most interested in from this collection is the one that really encapsualtes “Mentos” for me. This is ‘The Freshmaker’ and it’s a white jelly base with different sized matte blue glitters all throughout. The finished look is super fun, but I will say on shorter nails this was definitely a more difficult shade to work with. I found that I did have to fish around for the blue pieces, and it took a lot of placing, and multiple strokes on the nail to place them down. I would also say but a coat down as a base, and then wipe off most of the polish after, leaving behind the dots and place them down. I think it’ll be a little easier on longer nails, as you can fully lay the brush down as you’re painting on the coats, and get more of those dots on the nails.

This was also 3 coats built up, and as you can see it is fully opaque. However, it did get a touch thick and a little goopy from all trying to place the dots, so keep that in mind. Make sure to let each coat fully dry between coats, or else they can get even goopier and mess up the polish underneath. So overall, it’s a fun look, and I enjoyed the unique-ness of this polish, but just keep in mind that it might be a touch more work.

Sally Hansen x Mentos – The Freshmaker

You can also see a touch of unevenness from the pieces, but a coat of top coat will even all of that out. But man, I wanted to love this shade more, but I have to admit, it was a little bit of a mess at times. Just know what you’re getting into.

Sally Hansen x Mentos – The Freshmaker


The last shade I grabbed is this cute little topper, fittingly named ‘Cutie Fruitie’. This is a clear base with various sized and colors of matte hexagon pieces. It took a touch of fishing for the pieces, and I did have to use the brush to place them to spread them out evenly on the nail, but it was definitely easier than ‘The Freshmaker’ above, and overall wasn’t insanely hard to use. It was like a normal topper with larger pieces, and not that difficult at all to add it to any sort of base. I enjoyed this topper a lot and would definitely use it again in the future! It adds a fun little pop to any sort of mani you put it over.

I used it as one coat over a variety of base shades, so you can see the way the colors pop and different color combinations can be made.

Sally Hansen x Mentos – Cutie Fruitie (1 coat over white)
Sally Hansen x Mentos – Cutie Fruitie (1 coat over Pink)
Sally Hansen x Mentos – Cutie Fruitie (1 coat over Periwinkle)


As mentioned, I always love these different collaborations that Sally Hansen does, and if anything, I’ll credit them for how creative they are! 2/3 shades here were a true win for me, while the 3rd was a little more difficult to work with and not my favorite. If you love the look, you can pick it up, but just know what you’re going into!

What do you think of this collaboration?


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