Pacifica Beauty ‘Plant Magic Polish’ Shades – Swatches & Review


I have a very exciting post for you all today! I buy 98% of the polish I review on this blog, so when a company chooses to send me polishes to try, I’m always so honored! It makes me feel like they value my photos and reviews, and it allows me to show you polishes and brands that I might not try on my own because of budgetary reasons! So when Pacifica reached out to me about sending over their new and improved polish line, I was so excited! I had been eyeing these shades after seeing their release, but hadn’t bitten the bullet yet, so this worked out perfectly!

I am so grateful to Pacifica to sending these over to me to try! Of course I always tell you all when something has been provided in PR, but I always want to give my disclaimer that just because I received these doesn’t mean I’ll review them any different! I say to the companies themselves before they send over polishes that I never guarantee a positive review and I’ll be giving the polishes a fair and honest try in the way I do for every single other polish. I would never take money in exchange for biased reviews. I pride myself in the honesty in this blog, and my readers trust, and I would never change that!

Alright now that I’ve said my spiel, let’s talk about these polishes!

Pacifica Beauty has re-released their nail polish, replacing up to 80% of their formula with “ingredients that are bio-sourced, originating from renewable vegetable biomass”. They are 16-free as well! They have 3 different “lines” within the Plant Magic polish release, and I have at least one shade of each to show today! These are available at Ulta Beauty, or on Pacifica’s website, and they retail from $10-$12 each. Let’s get right into the swatches!

First up is the “regular” Plant Magic line, featuring cream shades, as well as shimmers and metallics. I have 4 shades to show, and there are 21 total.

First up is ‘Happy Yellow’, which is a light buttercup yellow cream shade. I know lighter yellows like this can be more difficult to formulate, especially with a more “natural” polish formulation, and this one was no exception. This was 3 thicker coats, and I still had some unevenness and patches from the ridges in my nails, and it just didn’t feel totally smooth. So not my favorite of the collection, and one I would pass on, as I have yellows like this with better formulas.

If you have smoother nails, you might have an easier time with it as well. And of course, if you’re looking for a 16 free yellow polish, this may be the option for you. But of course, as I mentioned I’m always here to keep it honest, and I’ll always tell you about my full personal experience with a polish.

Pacifica Beauty – Happy Yellow


Luckily I had an easier time with the next cream shade! This is ‘Lavender Moon’. This is a light lavender cream shade with just a touch of dustiness to it. This was an easy 2 coats and a super smooth formula!

Pacifica Beauty – Lavender Moon


The last cream shade I have is ‘Cloudy Day’. It’s a lighter taupe-almost gray cream shade. This was the smoothest of the 3 I received, and just glided onto the nails. An easy two coat formula, and I do wish this formula applied to the yellow above as well.

Pacifica Beauty – Cloudy Day


The 4th shade in their regular line is ‘Star Gaze’. This is a gorgeous dusty purple base with a scattered holographic sparkle all throughout. And I do always love seeing holo in a mainstream brand. This was an easy 2 coat formula, and this shade would be absolutely stunning in the sunlight!

Pacifica Beauty – Star Gaze

It’s a little more subtle holo, so it would be great if you’re looking for something a little extra but still in a more “toned” down way.

Pacifica Beauty – Star Gaze


The next “line” I have is the Translucent toppers. There are 2 shades total, and I have one to show you here. The other one available is called ‘Jasmine” and looks to be a nude jelly topper.

‘Rainbow Gloss’ is a scattered holographic topper. The holographic sparkle is more dense than other scattered holographic toppers I have, while still allowing the base color to show through. But it’s still sheer in the way that it won’t build up on its own, so I do recommend it as only a topper.

Here it is as one coat over a black base, and I love the sparkle so much! It really just pops and adds a layer of jazz to any polish underneath. Super fun, and easy to paint on smoothly, and I’ll definitely be using it more.

Pacifica Beauty – Rainbow Gloss
Pacifica Beauty – Rainbow Gloss


The last of the 3 lines is the “Bioglitter Translucent Toppers’. These shades all feature a shimmery base with larger matte hexagon pieces all throughout. There are 5 shades total. I have 2 to show here, but after trying these, I’m so interested in picking up the other 3, as they were just so gorgeous and unique to my collection, especially coming from a mainstream brand!

Now the name ‘translucent topper’ I will say is a bit misleading, as I found these were very opaque polishes. I tried using one as a topper, and even with just one coat, it covers up a lot of the base polish underneath, and I would say these are much better just on their own as fully opaque polishes.


So first up is ‘Alien’. ‘Alien’ is a deeper blue base with a bright purple-gold glitter shift, as well as various sizes of matte white hexagon pieces. I was able to build this up to fully opaque on the nails with 3 coats, and without it getting too thick and goopy on the nails. The pieces distribute easily, and you don’t have to spend time placing them or fishing for them in the bottle. I love the layered look overall, and as I mentioned it’s such a fun look on the nails!

It does end up a touch textured on the nails because of the different pieces, but a coat of top coat will easily smooth it all over.

Pacifica Beauty – Alien
Pacifica Beauty – Alien


And lastly we have ‘Celestial’. I think I might love this one even more because the overall finish is just such a gorgeous look. This is a lighter off-white base with pink-gold glitter shift, as well as glitter flakes, and those different sized hexagon pieces. Again, 3 coats easily built it up to fully opaque, and gives you this super fun textured look!

I did try this shade as a 1 coat topper, and I found as 1 coat the base shimmer was too uneven, and too opaque over a shade and really just covered it up. But I do prefer this look as a polish on its own, so I can give a pass to the “translucent topper” name.

Pacifica Beauty – Celestial

As I said, I’m so glad I got to try these bioglitter shades as they became my favorite, and I’ll definitely be grabbing the other shades they have to offer!

Pacifica Beauty – Celestial


And those are the shades! Pacifica has a wide range of colors and finishes so there really is something out there for anyone if you’re looking to try a new line of polishes! We have creams, toppers and fun textured glitter shades, so I enjoy the full range of formulations they offer. Except for ‘Happy Yellow’ I had success with all of the formulas, and most were 2-3 coats. I’m very thankful to Pacifica for allowing me to try these out, and I’m glad I did! I got to add some lovely shades to my collection, and now I’m fully intrigued on looking into more shades!

Are you interested in any of these shades?


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4 thoughts on “Pacifica Beauty ‘Plant Magic Polish’ Shades – Swatches & Review

  1. This line of polish showed up at my local Shopper Drug Mart recently. I never heard of Pacifica beforehand, but these bottles caught my eye. I’m glad to finally find a review and swatch of these! The bio-glitter translucent toppers look amazing in their bottles, but I’m glad to see that they look great on the nail too! I’m always a sucker for jelly-like polishes that have glitters for a layered look, or for holographic glitters. I wonder what they use as a base for their bio-glitters. I was only aware of chiton or fungal based plastics beforehand, but apparently plant-based ones also exist. It’s always cool to see new technologies springing up in places even as seemingly mundane as nail polish. An excellent post as always.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, and I’m glad I could provide some swatches of some of the shades!
      And the idea of bioglitters is so interesting! I’ll definitely have to look into it more as this is really my first experience with them and they’re so interesting! It’s so cool as you said to see new and interesting formulas come out!


  2. Hi Quinn, I’m glad you got the Pacifica PR set! I didn’t even know they had nail
    polish. I’m seeing a trip coming up soon to my local Ulta for Star Gaze, it just looks really fab. Thanks for swatching! LaurieLou

    Liked by 1 person

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