Orosa Beauty ‘Cool Heat’ Summer 2020 – Swatches & Review


Woo-hoo we’re actually all caught up on blog posts currently! We love that! And yes, okay that might seem like a standard thing for a blog. But I mean it mainly in the way that I have all of the posts up to match what’s on my Instagram. Since the posts take a little longer I usually have swatches up on Instagram first with the full review and blog post coming after. (Small plug to follow me on Instagram too – you’ll find the link at the end of every post!) And now we’re all synced up! Let me have the small victories, okay.

I’ve also been hauling a ton of polish lately, so be prepared for lots more posts on this way!

Okay, okay I’m done, I’ll start talking about the polish pictured already.


We’re looking at the newest collection from Orosa Beauty. This is called the Cool Heat collection, and is their traditional 6 piece size, featuring 6 new cream shades. The shades retail for $12 each, or the full 6 piece bundle retails for $62 on their website.

Orosa Beauty was so kind to send over 3 of the shades, and then I went ahead and bought the other 3! As always, they sent the PR to me with no strings attached – I was not obligated to post or review these, and I chose to myself. And as always, even though it’s PR, it’s all of my own honest thoughts and feelings. As you can see, I would still buy this collection even if it wasn’t sent! Alright disclaimers over, let’s look at the polishes!

One thing to note about their brushes is that they are wider, as well as the caps being shorter. It can take a little getting used to just being shorter, but I do always appreciate a wider brush. And as I’ve said before there’s something about those square bottles that get me.

I’m starting off with the 3 shades that I purchased.

First up we have ‘Pink Lemonade’. This is a gorgeous bright warm-toned coral pink cream. This built up well in 2 coats, and I think most people with smoother nails will be set with just 2 coats. As I’ve mentioned before, my nails are super ridged though, so I had some ridges and patches still peeking through after 2. I then slapped on a 3rd coat and it was fully smooth and opaque.

This might be my favorite color of the collection as it’s just so pretty and summery!

Orosa Beauty – Pink Lemonade


Next up, ‘Piñata’ is a super light lilac purple cream. It’s definitely got some warmth to it compared to other super light purples I own.

After the 1st coat, I still had some ridges and patches, but a 2nd coat easily covered it and made it fully opaque. This felt a little thicker, but in the way that it was super easy to control and a smooth 2 coat formula! Super nice to see, especially in a white based color like this.

Orosa Beauty – Piñata


‘Snow Cone’ is their pure white cream shade. I will say overall it was a pretty standard white for me. The first coat was a little streaky, but I was expecting that from a pure white. It did build up very well in a 2nd and I think if you have smooth nails you’ll be good with just 2. As with Pink Lemonade above, I still had some ridges and patches peeking through, so I added a 3rd to make it fully opaque.

It’s a solid white shade to add to their lineup and I’ll use it as a base in my swatches, but it’s not a revolutionary new formula for a white cream, if that’s what you’re hoping.

Orosa Beauty – Snow Cone


Now these next 3 shades, Orosa Beauty was kind enough to send to me!

First up is ‘Ring Toss’. This is a bright warm-toned orange. This was more sheer on the first coat than the other shades above, because it does lean more into the crelly territory than a full cream. It starts to build up with a 2nd, and I still had some nail line, but it was smooth so it’ll depend on your preferences whether you’ll want to add another. I added a 3rd, and it’s pretty well opaque – my bright lighting will show more nail line, so in normal daylight this will look more opaque.

It’s super bright and fun, but as always will depend on your preferences, since it’s not a full cream and a little more squishy looking on the nails.

Orosa Beauty – Ring Toss


‘Splash’ is a super saturated green cream. This had some blue tones to it, and leaned more cool than a traditional forest green.

This had a stunning formula and could be opaque in just 1 thicker coat. It was super easy to control and just glided onto the nails. Super nice and so beautiful.

BUT. Wooo my this was definitely one of the messiest polishes on removal. I definitely recommend pulling the polish off and twisting it as little as possible – I did my normal twisting and ended up with blue fingers. I was able to pretty well scrub it off, but man, it was definitely a mess. This also means there’s a chance it’ll stain with longer wear so I definitely recommend a base coat.

So there’s a little bit of a trade off with this one, and you’ll need to be a little more careful. Always here to keep it real!

Orosa Beauty – Splah


Last up we have ‘Cannonball’. This is a deep saturated cobalt blue cream. This is another one with a touch more of a crelly feel to it, so it did have some sheerness. But because of the deeper color, I was still able to get it fully opaque in just 2 coats. Always here for a good cobalt blue!

Orosa Beauty – Cannonball


And that’s the collection! I will say my two favorites were definitely Pink Lemonade and Piñata. Splash has a beautiful formula, but was definitely a troublemaker on removal. Also if you already have a good white cream, you can probably pass on Snow Cone.

Of course, it’s a fun color scheme overall and I love seeing them all together! But in the end, it’ll depend on your own preferences on formulas!


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4 thoughts on “Orosa Beauty ‘Cool Heat’ Summer 2020 – Swatches & Review

  1. Maybe I’m a weirdo, but I always take it as a good sign when a polish stains, lots of delicious pigment (I’m lucky enough to never have had a polish stain my nails or my cuticles past a single hand wash). I am loving Splash, whenever there is a deeper green in a summer collection I applaud the brand. I never reach for greens like that, yet they are so lush and perfect this time of year!

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