Loud Lacquer ‘I’m So Excited’ Collection – Swatches & Review

We have another new-to-me brand to look at today, and it’s another indie! I have been slowly adding in some smaller and more independent brands into the blog, but I will say I’ll still be focusing mainly on mainstream brands. I’m not going to be reviewing every single smaller indie brand, because my budget wouldn’t allow it and I’ve already got so much polish to review now! Just wanted to quick put that out there if you’re questioning why you seem some brands and not others! These are just the collections that personally interest me and that I could put into my budget! There are tons of full indie bloggers and Instagrammers out there! Okay I’m done.


Today’s brand is Loud Lacquer! This is a cruelty free and vegan nail polish brand that I believe is based out of California. It’s a woman-owned brand, and their polishes have intrigued me for a while. It was when they released this new collection that I just couldn’t resist and finally chose to check them out!

This is the I’m So Excited collection and it’s inspired by the classic TV show “Saved by the Bell”. It features 4 super bright and saturated shades. This set retails for $45 on the Loud Lacquer website, or you can buy the shades individually for $11.99 for Buddy Bands & PSA, and $12.50 for the 2 neons, Kapowski and Hot Sundae. It is a small independent brand, so the prices will be a little higher, so of course, it’s all about your own budget and preferences!

The bottles are super fun as they have LOUD spelled out around the sides. I think it’s a fun branding move and makes them stand out from other polishes! (Yes I was having too much fun making sure the bottles spelled out Loud, okay)

And let’s get on into the swatches!

Up first we have ‘Hot Sundae’. This is a bright warm-toned purple neon shade. Since it’s more of a neon, I did notice it was a little more of a jelly finish. It also dries more matte.

As mentioned, it’s a little more jelly-like so it’s a little more sheer. This is 3 coats built up , and you can see the tiniest little hint of nail line still left. So in the end it’ll depend on your own preferences and whether or not you like the overall finish. The coats do dry quickly so I will say the 3 coats went by quickly and weren’t hard to work with.

But overall, I do love that bright color, and it’ s so fun for summer!

Loud Lacquer – Hot Sundae


Now, ‘Buddy Bands’ here was definitely my camera’s greatest enemy. This took a lot of color correcting, and though the base color seems more right, no matter what I did, it still feels a touch washed out. So just know that this shade is darker and even more saturated in real life. It’s a super bright teal, and absolutely stunning overall. (My camera tried its best).

This had a sheer and uneven 1st coat. It started to build up well in 2 coats, though I had the teeniest bit of nail line peeking through so I slapped a 3rd coat on and we were all set and opaque.

Loud Lacquer – Buddy Bands


Did you already guess that this was my favorite shade because if so, you would be correct. I see a bright green, I’m in.

This beauty is ‘PSA’ and it’s a super bright yellow green cream shade. This is a little more crelly-like – I’ll say right in between Hot Sundae and Buddy Bands. I had my ridges and nail line showing through after 1 coat, and it starts to build up well in a 2nd. Again, a touch of nail line was still peeking, so I did a 3rd and it was fully opaque. A pretty easy 3 coats to work with overall.

I will say, one thing to note is during cleanup I did get a little bit of yellow staining around my cuticles – you can see it a little here in this photo. So I would recommend a base coat while wearing this one as you could get some staining with longer term wear.

Loud Lacquer – PSA


Last up we have ‘Kapowski’, a super bright warm-toned pink neon. Since this is a neon, it had the same jelly-like finish as ‘Hot Sundae’ above.

This one is definitely the most sheer and has the most visible nail line after 3 coats. It’s still smooth and even though, so as mentioned before, this is going to depend on your own preferences whether you’ll like the shade. I’m just always here to show what it looks like, you’ re the one who will decide if you’ll buy it.

This can also be put over a white base, but of course, I wanted to show it on its own.

Loud Lacquer – Kapowski


And that’s the Loud Lacquer I’m So Excited collection! Overall I ended up liking this collection a lot, and you can admit it’s just a fun set of colors together. There are a couple of shades, namely ‘Kapowski’ and ‘Hot Sundae’ where it’ll depend on what you ‘re looking for in a polish whether you’ll like them or not. I’m always just here to show how they honestly perform and look.

I will say this first collection I’ve tried has made me want to keep a look out for their future releases!


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4 thoughts on “Loud Lacquer ‘I’m So Excited’ Collection – Swatches & Review

    • I was definitely having too much fun playing with the letters!
      And yes, I definitely need to use the shades as a pedi color. I really neglect my toe nails and have found having neons on my toes is such a fun look!

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      • Honestly, same with toes, I have only painted mine twice this year! I’m telling myself I can only wear sandals if my toes are painted, but that seems too cruel to myself in this heat (100 degrees for 5 days in a row!).

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