RX Polish ‘The Freedom Collection’ – Swatches & Review

Happy 4th of July weekend to all of my fellow Americans. Obviously this holiday looks a lot different right now, and it seems like there’s not too much to celebrate right now, but I hope you can at least get a restful weekend with family.

And I’m always here to talk about some polishes, especially ones to support the different causes happening in this country right now. I purchased these near the end of June, and it’s a new brand to me! It’s an indie brand called RX Polish. I’ve seen others that I follow swatching their polishes, but I finally went for it and bought this trio!

The main thing that pushed me, besides the beautiful colors, is that throughout the month of June, they donated 100% of profits from the sale of this trio to various organizations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Obviously as we’re past June, they’re no longer continuing that, but the collection is still available and I linked to those organizations below so you can still directly donate to them.

These retail for $10 each, or for $27 for the trio on their website. They are .35fl oz, while a normal polish, like OPI, normally have .5fl oz., so they are a touch smaller. Of course, you have to keep in mind that it’s a smaller independent brand overall, and they’re a much smaller operation! Now let’s get into the polishes!

Up first we have ‘B.T.’. This is a deep brown cream base with tons of gorgeous copper shimmer to it. Enough that it almost looks like a copper shade on the nails.

This had a really nice formula, and could be opaque in 1 thicker coat. I did two thinner coats here, and had no issues! It was nice and smooth and easy on the nails.

RX Polish – B. T.

I think this whole set will also be perfect for fall times as well, especially this one.

RX Polish – B.T.


Up next we have ‘G.F’. This is a deep. black cream base with flecks of copper and gold shimmer. This was another one that was super pigmented and could be opaque in just 1 thicker coat. I did 2 thinner coats here and it was smooth and even.

I will say the one thing to watch out for on this shade, since it’s such a deep and pigmented shade (and I’m a very messy swatcher, yes even after alllll these swatches) definitely be careful with application. Cleanup can be a touch difficult if you get a little too wild like me, just because of how deep the shade is. So just be a little more precise while painting and you’ll have less cleanup to deal with!

RX Polish – G.F.

I will say I do wish the little sparkles and flecks were a lilllll more prominent on the nail. They’re a little lost in the deep base and I think the contrast of them on the black base would be even more stunning! But of course, that’s my own personal preferences and nit-picking here, I’m always going to give my own thoughts!

RX Polish – G.F.


And last up we have my favorite shade of the trio (for obvious reasons). This is ‘Pulse’ and it’s a lovely smokey brown-gray scattered holographic.

And again, another that could be opaque in 1 thicker coat. I did 2 thinner ones here and again, so easy on the nails. So smooth and so nice to work with!

RX Polish – Pulse

I mean, just look at that, who couldn’t love it.

RX Polish – Pulse


And that’s the collection. Of course the cause it was supporting pushed me on the timing of picking these up, but it’s still a beautiful trio of polishes outside of that! Even if the fundraiser is no longer going on, the polishes are lovely. And here are the links to donate to the causes they supported with the trio, if you wanted to still support them directly.

Black Visions Collective

The American Civil Liberties Union

Campaign Zero


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