Nailtural Core Shades – Swatches & Review


Of COURSE, there’s always some more nail polish to talk about! It’s about to be a rainy Saturday here, so I’m using it to finally get caught up on various blog posts! Be prepared to see a bunch in a row as I work through some backlog! Who doesn’t love an abundance of reading material on a rainy day though?


Today we’re looking at some more shades from a brand called Nailtural! I have a post here talking about their newest collection, Malibu. And now I have 5 more shades from their core line to show! They were so kind to send these over to me for review, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own!

Nailtural is a line of vegan, 16-free polishes with up to 85% natural ingredients! They use potato, beet and cassava extracts! It’s super interesting, and I love being able to show you some more vegan polishes.

As you can see they also have these cute bottle handles as well! It’s the actual plastic of the handle itself, so it’s not a sticker that’ll slowly peel and tear away.

Hopefully they’ll be available to order through their website again soon, but I also found some shades on the website, and I’ve heard they’re available in Rite-Aid stores as well! It’s also showing as available in some Walmart stores in Canada, as well as Boots. So lots of places!

I have 5 creams to show you today, so let’s get right into the swatches!

Up first we have ‘Buff Brilliance’. This is a light, warm-toned beige cream. This does pull more warm, but it’s definitely got some peachy undertones to it.

This had a sheer, streaky first coat – which I usually expect with such light, white-based colors like this. It starts to build up well in a 2nd coat, though I still had some patches, so I used a final 3rd coat to fully cover and make it opaque. It’s nice and smooth, and a nice neutral on my skintone!


‘Peaceful Peony’ is a light bubblegum pink cream. This has some cool undertones to it, and almost has a touch of purple to that color.

Just like the one above, it has a streaky 1st coat, as again this is a color with a lot of white to it. It builds up well with a 2nd, and again, I topped it with a 3rd to fully cover and make it opaque. An easy and smooth formula, so the 3 coats aren’t bad to work with.


‘Lively Lavender’ is a bright warm-toned lavender purple cream. This one felt a little more jelly-ish than the other creams. The first coat is a little more sheer, but more smooth than the 1st coat of the previous 2 polishes. It surprised me with that 2nd coat though, and was fully opaque after just 2!

It’s a beautiful formula, and that little bit of jelly-ness gives it a squishy and juicy look on the nails. This will be perfect for warmer weather, especially spring times (or as I always say anytime you want, polish doesn’t have to be seasonal).


‘Poppy Patience’ is a bright peachy-orange cream shade. It had a good 1st coat. The formula is super smooth, and a little thicker – just enough that it’s so smooth and doesn’t run even with thicker coats. I had some patches and ridges left peeking through, but a 2nd coat easily covered and made it opaque.

I’m a sucker for any sort of peachy shade, so this one definitely has my heart.


Last up we have ‘Dynamic Daisy’. This is a bright saturated fuchsia pink cream. This had a smooth 1st coat, though it did have some nail line peeking through. It was pretty well opaque with a 2nd coat – I did have some ridges so I did do a 3rd coat, but for most people 2 coats will be just fine.

Another super fun color that’s perfect for warmer temperatures.


And those are some more shades from Nailtural! They all had nice smooth formulas and I had no complaints here! Were there any shades that caught your eye??


For swatches of this specific collection on a deeper skintone, I definitely recommend checking out @thepolishedqueen‘s swatches!


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