Nailtural Malibu Collection – Swatches & Review


I am fully determined to get through my checklist of polish collections while fully social distanced up. That means not only will you be getting some new spring collection reviews, but you’ll also be getting some “older” collections that I never got around to putting up on the blog! It’s about being productive here – with ample amount of just sitting around (I’ve now challenged myself to watch a new to me movie every single day, someone suggested to put up a post about the movies, so I’ll definitely be doing that as well!). But like I said, expect LOTS of swatches and posts coming up here!

Now let’s look at tonight’s review! This is from a new-to-me brand called Nailtural. They reached out on Instagram and offered to send over some polishes. I am always so grateful when a brand offers, and I love that I’m able to try out new indie brands I haven’t heard of before. (And of course, will always give my honest opinion about the formula and polish itself).

Nailtural is a 16-free, vegan nail polish brand. They say they’re “bio-sourced” and that their products contain extracts from potatoes, cassava and beetroot, and are 85% natural and entirely vegan. So lots of cool things going on here! You can find them on their website at

Today I have their ‘Malibu’ collection. This is 5 cream shades that are inspired by the “rosy-pink tones of the wild flowers and the ashy gray tones of the sand dunes found along the shores of the Malibu beaches like Point Dume”. They’re all shades I can’t get enough of, so let’s get into them already.

Onto the swatches!

We’re going from lightest to darkest here!

Up first we have ‘Perfectly Pink’, a super light ballet slipper pink cream. So it had a sheer but smooth 1st coat, something to be expected with such a light shade – it can definitely be worn at 1 coat as a “your nails but better” shade. This built up pretty well in 2 coats, though I had a touch of nail line still showing. It was fully opaque in 3 easy coats. It’s a nice soft shade, perfect for a palate cleanser.

Nailtural – Perfectly Pink


Up next we have ‘Blushed Blossom’, a cool toned pink cream. This had a good 1st coat, though I had some ridges and patches still peeking through. But a 2nd coat easily covered it up and made it fully even.



Next up we have ‘Bashful Berry’, a rosy mauve cream shade. This had an absolutely stunning formula and was easily opaque in just 1 coat. It went on so smoothly and it so impressed me!

Nailtural – Bashful Berry


The rest of these shades are pretty much the same story!

This next one is ‘Pretty Plum’, and it’s a warm toned purple cream. And like I mentioned, another gorgeous formula. Easily opaque in just 1 coat. These deeper cream shades are the stars of the collection, and I highly recommend them.



Lastly we have ‘Gritty Grains’. Listen, this name cracked me up because it just didn’t seem the fit the theme of ‘Perfectly Pink’, and ‘Pretty Plum’. But it is the ‘Malibu’ collection and its inspired by the ashy tones of the sand tunes of the Malibu beaches. So okay, fine, it makes sense.

‘Gritty Grains’ is a gray-toned purpley taupey goodness of a cream shade. And of course, another beautiful formula. Easy 1 coat and so smooth on the nails. I’m a sucker for any sort of taupe shade so this one got my heart.



And that’s the Malibu collection! These are the first shades I was able to try from this brand, and I’m so glad I did. Especially those 3 darker cream shades, with their stunning formulas, it makes me intrigued to try more from the brand! Especially more of their cream formulas!


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