Essie Spring 2020 – Swatches & Review


I don’t have much for a rambling intro here (I know you’re all so disappointed), because I’ve settled into a pretty steady routine here in Hotel Social Distancing. I work from home, I do a little swatching, I drink some tea and watch my movie for the night and then I go to bed! It’s a very exciting existence over here – but I can’t complain! I’m enjoying the to catch up on reviews (I’m fully determined to catch up on the full checklist I have in a notebook, because let’s be honest, now is the time).

But of course, there will always be nail polish! Let’s look at more spring collections – it’s up into the 50s today, so it’s practically balmy here in the Midwest!

We’re looking at the Essie Spring collection today! As usual, this is a 6 piece collection. It features 3 straight creams, and 3 creams with shimmer in them.

I picked these up from I know I’ve mentioned them so many times before, as they always have the best prices on China Glaze and OPI – but now they’ve also started selling Essie as well! It’s so nice to just be able to grab all the polishes I want to review all in one place, and always with incredibly fast shipping. Okay, I’m done gushing, you’ve heard it all before.

Let’s get into the swatches!

I went by the number on the caps to put them in order, so we’re starting with the 3 with shimmer first.

Up first, we have ‘Spring in Your Step’. This is a more muted pink toned lilac purple base with bright orange-red shimmer. This had a 1st coat that was more sheer, but still smooth, so it can be worn at 1 coat for a sheer look. It built up well and was pretty well opaque in just 2 coats. I did a 3rd to cover up any last patches I had from the ridges in my nails, but most people can get it easily opaque in 2.

Essie – Spring in Your Step

The shimmer is definitely a touch subtle on the nails, but it gives it a lovely glow and dimension. A very fitting color for spring!

Spring In your Step-Side
Essie – Spring in Your Step


‘Kissed by Mist’ is a light pink cream base with blue-purple shimmer. This was another with a more sheer 1st coat, that could be worn as a sheer look. It built up pretty well in 2 coats, though I did still have a touch of nail line peeking through so I did a 3rd to fully cover it.

Essie – Kissed By Mist

The shimmer in this one is much more prominent on the nails, and it gives it a lovely, pearly finish. I ended up loving the way this looked, and it’s a little different from a normal cream pink!

Kissed By Mist
Essie – Kissed by Mist


The last of the 3 shades containing shimmer is ‘Make a Splash’. This is a light almost gray-toned blue cream base with bright blue shimmer. This had a good 1st coat and was easily opaque in just 2 coats.

Essie – Make a Splash

So smooth, and it went on so nicely onto the nails! And the shimmer really reminds me of sparkling water.

Make a Splash
Essie – Make a Splash


Now we’re looking at the 3 creams in the collection.

‘Can Dew Attitude’ is a soft, muted light green cream shade. It’s a very cool-toned green shade and it leans more toward blue than yellow in its undertones. This had a very sheer and uneven 1st coat, but it evened out so well with a thicker 2nd – it’s a thicker formula as well so more polish in a coat won’t flood the cutciles and is easy to control. If you do a thinner coats, you might need to pop on a 3rd, but just look at that color.

I’m a sucker for any shade with a touch of dustiness to it, and this one was no exception.

Can Dew Attitude
Essie – Can Dew Attitude


‘Feeling Wellies’ is the shade that I know a lot of people are curious about, as it’s always exciting when Essie releases a new yellow. This is definitely a more orange-toned leaning yellow, and could almost even be called a creamsicle orange cream.

It did have a streaky 1st coat, which I was expecting for any sort of white-based yellow shade. It was pretty well good on the 2nd, though I still had some patches that I wanted to fully cover. A 3rd thin coat easily covered and evened everything out.

It’s so sunshiney and fun, just what was needed right now.

Feeling Wellies
Essie – Feeling Wellies


Last up we have ‘Rainwear Don’t Care’, the most neutral shade in the collection. This is a warm-toned putty beige cream shade. This had a good 1st coat. I had some streaks and ridges peeking through, but I was easily able to cover them up with a 2nd coat.

I recommend just painting this shade on in as few strokes as possible, as continuing to manipulate it can make it a little streaky. But it’s very smooth and easy to paint onto the nails! A good palate cleanser.

Essie – Rainwear Don’t Care


And that’s the Essie spring collection! There are some beautiful colors that are very fitting for spring – I especially loved all of the shimmer and sparkles, though I can’t ever be mad at a good cream. There were good formulas, and no complaints here!


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3 thoughts on “Essie Spring 2020 – Swatches & Review

  1. I know this will be the least surprising thing to you ever, but Can Dew Attitude and Make a Splash are my faves and have somehow made their way into my collection. Feeling Wellies is such an interesting color too! I don’t think I would wear it, but I am fascinated by it and love seeing swatches of it. It somehow manages to be yellow-orange without being nacho cheese colored!

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