China Glaze x Trolls World Tour Collection 2020 – Swatches & Review

I’m being a good little productive bean here and catching up on some posts! Listen, I had a time where I just didn’t have the motivation to blog AND THAT’S OKAY. I’ve been telling myself it’s okay to not be productive 24/7 while quarantining, and it’s a very important lesson we all need. Like if you just need to lay around in bed? Lay around in bed, y’all! It’s a weird time and we need to be nice to ourselves right now and it’s important to relax and give ourselves some rest!

Okay spiel that’s mostly to myself is over now. I’m back in for blogging because it’s a lovely distraction for not just me, but others right now, and I always find it relaxing! There will definitely continue to be reviews here for you to read, and lots of polish to talk about! I’ll also be reviewing some older collections that I never got a chance to review, so it’ll be a nice little mix all around! Nail polish is always here for us.

So today, we have a new China Glaze collection! This is an 8 piece collection in collaboration with the new Trolls World Tour movie, and is their Spring 2020 release. It features 8 bright and colorful shades with names that reference the movies. All of the caps are printed with the hand that says “Trolls World Tour”.

I purchased this collection from, aka my favorite place to buy discounted new collections that you’ve heard enough about already.

So let’s get into the swatches already!

Up first we have ‘No-Holds Barb’. Listen, I have not seen the movie so I cannot explain any of these references. But it still makes me laugh because it just sounds silly. ANYWAYS. This is a bright tomato red that leans more coral-orange in tone.

This is more of a crelly, almost jelly formula, so I did have some nail line still peeking through after a 1st coat. But it was smooth, and it built up pretty well in 2 coats. I added one more coat to cover any last visible nail line, and the color doesn’t brighten much between the 2nd and 3rd. That crelly formula gives it a more squishy and shiny finish on the nail, and it’s stunning. It’ll be so fun for summer!

China Glaze x Trolls World Tour – No-Holds Barb


Up next we have ‘Delta Darlin’, a light creamsicle orange cream shade. This had a more sheer and uneven 1st coat, which I was expecting for a shade as white-based as this one. It was pretty well good on a 2nd coat, for most people it’ll be opaque and smooth. I still had some ridges peeking through, so I did one more thin coat. Another bright shade for this spring!

China Glaze x Trolls World Tour – Delta Darlin’


This next shade is the one I was so excited for and couldn’t wait to try out! This is ‘It’s All Techno’, a bright lemon-lime neon green shade. It’s mainly a green with a ton of yellow to it, but fits right in between the two colors. Super unique, and I’m here for any type of green like this.

It had a streaky 1st coat, which again, I was expecting for such a bright, almost neon shade like this. But I was surprised at how well it built up in a 2nd coat. There were just a few more streaks, so I topped it with a 3rd coat and it was fully opaque. She didn’t disappoint at all, and this was definitely one of my favorites of the collection!

China Glaze x Trolls World Tour – It’s All Techno


‘Can’t Stop Branchin’ is a lovely bright teal cream shade. It definitely leans more blue, but there’s just enough aqua green to it. This had a good 1st coat, but my ridges were peeking through so it needs a 2nd coat to fully cover it up and smooth it out. But an easy formula overall.

It dries with a more satin-matte finish, which I ended up loving. It gives it a softness to it that’s just so nice for spring!

China Glaze x Trolls World Tour – Can’t Stop Branchin’


‘Funky Beat’ is a bright grape purple cream shade. This was another that felt more squishy and crelly like on the nails – but closer to a cream than ‘No-Holds Barb’ above. It had good coverage on the 1st coat, though it was a touch uneven. But an easy 2 coats to get it fully opaque.

I found with this one if you do too thick of coats, it can pool at the end of the nail and get a little thick. So I recommend thinner coats – it was still an easy 2 coats even with thinner ones.

China Glaze x Trolls World Tour – Funky Beat


That was the last of the creams, so we’re onto the shimmers and toppers now!

Up first we have ‘Pink-in-Poppy’, a bright super shimmery fuchsia pink shade. This had a good 1st coat, but it will need a 2nd as it was still somewhat uneven. A 2nd coat fully covered it and had it fully opaque.

China Glaze x Trolls World Tour – Pink-in-Poppy

I found this one didn’t have any texture to it and was still smooth, even with all of the glitter in it. Super fun!

China Glaze x Trolls World Tour – Pink-in Poppy


Now our two toppers. This one is ‘Glitter-ific’ and it’s a silver holographic glitter in a clear base. It’s pretty dense, so this is 3 coats and it’s pretty well built up to opaque. If you want it even more opaque and sparkly, this can be sponged on as well, but 3 coats normally does pretty well.

China Glaze x Trolls World Tour – Glitter-ific

Like a nice little glitter bomb.

China Glaze x Trolls World Tour –

And then here it is as 1 coat over ‘No-Holds Barb’. As you can see it can be pretty dense with just 1 coat, so if you’re looking for something more sparse, I recommend wiping off the brush before painting it on.

China Glaze x Trolls World Tour – Glitter-ific over No-Holds Barb

Definitely a fun topper, and it’ll be nice to put over other cream shades!

China Glaze x Trolls World Tour – Glitter-ific over No-Holds Barb


Last up we have ‘Chill in Symphonyville’. This is a sheer shimmery blue base with blue and purple sparkle all throughout. This was 3 coats built up, and as you can see, there’s still visible nail line. My nails were also stained yellow from a polish, and that was peeking through as well.

It dries with a matte finish, which I think is a cool look, and makes the coats easier.



China Glaze x Trolls World Tour – Chill in Symphonyville

Overall I will say this was my least favorite of the collection. It’s a cool, unique look, but it’s just too sheer on its own.


I also showed it with a glossy top coat as well. That definitely brings out the shimmer even more, and I do enjoy it. Still sheer there, but not my favorite.

China Glaze x Trolls World Tour – Chill in Symphonyville (Glossy)
China Glaze x Trolls World Tour – Chill in Symphonyville (Glossy)

But I wasn’t ready to give up on this polish yet, and I’m glad I didn’t! Because I think where this polish really shines is as a topper! Especially over a darker polish. Here it is as 1 coat over black, and just look at it! The sparkles and shimmer just really pop and oh my, it completely changes the whole look of the polish. And I loved it with the matte finish as well!

So on its own: nah. But as a topper: Complete heart eyes.

China Glaze x Trolls World Tour – Chill in Symphonyville over black

It reminds me of a quick and easy galaxy nails look!

China Glaze x Trolls World Tour – Chill in Symphonyville over black

And it just might be even more stunning with a glossy top coat! It gives that hidden shimmer a chance to SHINE. Alright I’m done gushing about this polish, the pictures do the work for it.

China Glaze x Trolls World Tour – Chill in Symphonyville over black (Glossy)

Okay, okay one more. I wanted to show its full range of motion okay. This is 1 coat over ‘Funky Beat’. As you can see the base is more frosty so it will “dull” down any color underneath, but the effect is just cool. Easy peasy, fun nail look.

China Glaze x Trolls World Tour – Chill in Symphonyville over Funky Beat


And that’s the collection! I think they did well at making a fun and creative collection that definitely has the vibe of an animated movie. ‘It’s All Techno’ was a definite favorite just for that bright color, but there’s a lot of great formulas here. Honestly didn’t have too many complaints – except for ‘Chill in Symphonyville’, but I found an easy way to make that work. Overall, can’t complain here!


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3 thoughts on “China Glaze x Trolls World Tour Collection 2020 – Swatches & Review

  1. I normally don’t like corals, but No-Holds Barb looks just perfect on you and I love it! I also love the different ways you used Chill in Symphonyville, definitely too ick to wear on it’s own, looks like galactic glue stuck to nails!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was surprised at how much I loved it! It definitely wasn’t at the “top” when I first saw this collection, but it made its way into my heart when I saw how bright it was! So fun.
      And hah! That’s the perfect description, definitely not a favorite – especially with yellow-stained swatching nails 😂 but as a topper it saved it from just being immediately destashed.

      Liked by 1 person

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