Sinful Colors Sweet & Salty Collection – Swatches & Review

Hellllooo how’s everyone doing lately? Memorial Day is coming up which means instead of being on my computer all day doing work, I can be on my computer all day playing the Sims. And okay, blogging too. I’m honestly a little excited to be able to knock out a lot of swatches and posts that day – we’ll see how well I follow through on that one.

But in other news, WE HAVE FOOD THEMED AND SCENTED POLISHES ON THE BLOG TODAY. That’s right, you heard me. We’re looking at the Sinful Colors Sweet & Salty collection today which is 6 polishes all themed after various foods. I purchased these off of the Walmart website. (It shows the pack as currently out of stock, but there’s an option to get an in-stock alert). These are also available in store as well. The small city Walmart near me never gets in the limited edition collections, so I was so happy to find these online and get them delivered, because as we all know, I like to collect everything Sinful Colors. They retail for $3 each, or the pack was about $15 for me.

These were also just so weird that I needed them. Gimme all the weird polishes thank you.

As mentioned these are all based on various food items. We have 3 “sweet” polishes and 3 “salty” polishes and I’m just so excited just looking at them.

And of course, they’re scented. (The caps say “avoid mouth contact” which is the funniest way to say “don’t eat these” I’ve ever seen).. They have either sweet or salty scents based on the thing they’re based on. I’m not going to lie, I started laughing out loud when I smelled the first one because it was just such an entertaining concept. Alright, I’ve been teasing it enough now, let’s get into the actual polishes.

First up we’re starting with the “sweet” polishes.

‘Donut Even’ is a creamy light pink base with blue, purple, orange, pink and yellow bare glitters, like lil sprinkles. I noticed these pieces can be a little harder to place, as I found that once they were painted on, if you try to do another swipe, you’ll pull the pieces off with it. So I suggest just floating the pieces and placing them on and then leaving them for the next coat!

The base color itself starts to build up well in a 2nd coat, and I ended up doing a 3rd to even everything out. I think on my lil shorties right now, the base can be a touch more uneven than it would be with longer nails. But overall this will be fully opaque in 2-3 coats.


As for the scent it reminds me of like bakery scented candles. You know like a bath and body works cookie scented candle. It’s definitely sweet and vanilla-y.

But overal I think this is so cute, definitely like a lil donut.



‘Cookies & Cream’ is a beige cream base with various sized black hexagon pieces. The first coat is sheer but smooth, and the pieces place and distribute easily. It starts to build up well and the base is pretty well opaque in 2 coats. I show 3 coats here, so it’ll be 2-3 coats depending on how dense you want the lil pieces to be.


Scent wise: this smells like Tootsie Rolls. Bless yes, definitely looks like cookies and cream, 10/10.



The last of the sweet polishes is ‘Chocolate Cake’. It’s a dark brown textured polish – reminds me of cake crumbs. Or like the texture of a little cake sculpture, you know what I mean.

The first coat is a little uneven and patchy, as the texture is building up. But it’s easily opaque with a 2nd thicker coat. For the 2nd coat, I did a thicker one, and made sure to fully cover all of the previous texture that was laid down, and make sure the whole nail is opaque and covered. But because it’s textured, it dries quickly and is a super easy formula.


The scent: once again Tootsie rolls, pretty standard chocolate scent.



And now we’re onto the ‘salty’ half of the collection.

This was obvious the first swatch I did, before breaking my nails, so enjoy this lil blip of longer nails. This first one is ‘Pizza Party’, and it’s really a party in a bottle. This is a light orange cream base with smaller black pieces, larger red & yellow hexagon pieces, and white bar glitters.

The base on these shades are a little more sheer and crelly like to show the pieces and layer them up nicely. I suggest thinner coats for sure as thicker ones can cause the base to flood the cuticles. I built this base up in 3 thinner coats and you can see there’s still a touch of nail line peeking through, but it’s not super obvious.

The pieces in this one lay down pretty well. It could be a little harder for skinnier nails, since the technique I used was to lay the brush flat onto the nail and swipe it down to place all of the glitters and wipe them off the brush.


Now for the smell on these ones. Obviously, they’re gonna be a little weirder, since they’re savory foods. This one is pizza scented so how much can you expect.

This one definitely smelt a little … cheesy. Maybe a little beef in there too? It’s definitely quite interesting. But hey, the look overall does remind me of pizza! The scent on these aren’t super strong unless your nails are right near your face, so you won’t be assaulted constantly by the scent. I can’t say how long the scent lasts on these, but the look is just so fun.



Up next we have ‘Taco Tuesday’. This is a brighter yellow crelly base with various sized and shaped pieces, like metallic green pieces, some smaller red pieces and yellow bar glitters.

Again, the base is more sheer so it’ll take more thinner coats to build up. This was 3 coats, and it’s more opaque than ‘Pizza Party’ above, so the nail line is completely covered while still showing the pieces through the different layers. The pieces also place more easily, since they’re smaller, but again I recommend laying down the brush to fully swipe the pieces onto the nails.


Now for the scent on this one, I think it’s more like taco seasoning. It reminds me of like cumin and the “spiciness” of tacos. They’re hard to describe but that’s the basic gist of it. I can’t say I have experience describing the scents of nail polish before.

For the look of this one, they absolutely nailed it. It reminds me of cool ranch doritos, or anything taco flavored. So fun, and all of these polishes just made me laugh.



Last but CERTAINLY not least, we have ‘Cheese Puff’. That’s right we have a bright radioactive cheeto dust orange textured polish, that gives you the look of sticking your nails right into a bag of cheese puffs. It might be my favorite.

Just like ‘Chocolate Cake’ above, it’s a more uneven 1st coat because of the texture. But a 2nd thicker coat covers and “smooths” everything out and it’s just so fun.

Will everyone like this? Oh definitely not. But do I love it? HELL YEAH. It’s so weird and we all know I’m here for ALL OF THE WEIRD POLISHES.


As to be expected this one smells a lil like cheese. It reminds me of the pizza one, but less beefy. Not something I ever thought I would say about a nail polish. But I’m not mad about it.



This entire collection was just so fun and unique to me. We love a company picking a theme and STICKIN’ TO IT. They had the idea and WENT for it, and I’m so glad they didn’t do this halfway. It just made me laugh and brought me joy, and it’s definitely going to be one of my most remembered collections ever. Not everyone is going to be as enthused about these as me. Sure some are a lil ugly, but it’s all speaking my language.

Weird, maybe a little ugly polishes? Here for it on Gingerly Polished. I can only hope there’s future releases in this line that just continue the theme. Please give me more food related polishes.

And with how fun they are, there are no terrible formulas here. They’re all pretty standard to work with, and nothing required specific application. These can be worn easily, and I can’t wait to wear tacos on my nails and wait for people to notice.


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8 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Sweet & Salty Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. This post just brightened my day, thank you! I love weird polishes too! I love how you described the scents, this collection is just pure fun!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I know there have been perfume-y scented polishes, but these are a whole new level! My scented-marker loving self as a child would have been mindblown by this concept!!! This is such a tempting collection, so ugly yet so on point with the inspirations. Cheese Puff is definitely my favorite, how could I not love a bright orange textured polish? It does look a little like cheese puff crumbs, that is amazing.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I know, they killed it with this collection! Not everyone might love them, but no one can argue about how well they match their inspiration! I’m so here for ugly polishes so this was right up my alley 😂

      Liked by 2 people

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