Sally Hansen Donut Shop Collection Toppers – Swatches & Review

We’re doing some catch up posts today! I definitely got a touch behind on some swatches that were already posted to my Instagram, but I did still want to finish them as full blog posts. HERE WE FINISH THINGS, NO MATTER HOW LATE. Also it’s my own blog, and I’m one who wants to finish up drafts because I like checking the little box off in my notebook, okay. And okay, I’m sure some people still will love to have some information about these – especially as they’re still available.

ANYWAYS, let’s look at some polishes!

Today we’re looking at two fun toppers from Sally Hansen! These are included in the Miracle Gel line – which is known to have a “gel-like finish” and last longer. Now, we all know I’m not the resource for how long a polish wears as I often have polish on my nails for like 1-2 days as a time, so to me these are always just regular polishes. They also feature a fun sprinkle-themed wrap on the handle, that you can see peeking in the swatch photos. It’s a full sticker wrap so it’ll be pretty durable on there.

These are part of a fun ‘Donut Shop’ collection that features 6 creams and the 2 toppers. I didn’t grab any of the creams, as I knew I already had the colors and I’m trying to have -some- self control, okay.

I purchased these from the Ulta website! All 6 colors, included the two toppers are all still available, so you can still pick these up if you want. They retail for $9.99 each.

Quick and easy, let’s get into the swatches!

Up first we have ‘Sprinkle & Spice’. This is a milky white base with an iridescent purple shimmer, with various sizes of orange, pink, yellow, green and blue hexagon pieces. The pieces were a touch harder to place on my shorter nails. For toppers like this, I do prefer to lay the brush flat on the nail and swipe to pull all of the pieces off, and then use the tip to spread them out and place them more. So it can be a little harder to wipe them off on shorter nails, and it might take a touch more placing. But it was far from the worst glitter topper I’ve ever had to work with, so I don’t think you’ll have too many issues with getting the pieces on the nails.

Sally Hansen – Sprinkle & Spice

The base is more translucent, so it’s not super opaque, but it will add that iridescent shimmer to any base you add it over. This is 3 coats built up, so you can see you can build it up or a look on it’s own, but I did still have nail line peeking through. So as always, it’ll just depend on your own preferences.

Sally Hansen – Sprinkle & Spice

Here it is as a one coat topper over a light pink cream (Getting Nadi on my Honeymoon from OPI to be specific). As you can see, it doesn’t change the base color a ton, but it will add that purple shimmer that will show as different angles. It’ll add a more pearly-shimmery finish to the base underneath as well.

Sally Hansen – Sprinkle & Spice (1 Coat over OPI Getting Nadi on my Honeymoon)


The other topper is ‘Mixture Perfect’. This is a super sheer, pink tinted jelly base with various colors of pastel bar glitters all throughout.

This is 3 coats built up, so you can see the base will not be building up to opaque at all. It’s super sheer, and barely even gives a tint after 3, so definitely a topper.

The bar glitters place onto the nails easily, but it can take a little placing with the brush to spread them out, as they could tend to clump a little on the nail. But overall, an easy bar glitter topper!

Sally Hansen – Mixture Perfect
Sally Hansen – Mixture Perfect

I know not everyone loves bar glitters, but I didn’t mind them in this case. Here, especially over a yellow (Bee from Zoya), it was such a cute spring look.

Sally Hansen – Mixture Perfect (1 Coat over Zoya Bee)

Here over a green cream (Can-Dew Attitude from Essie), they really do look like sprinkles, and they lay flat on the nail and don’t stick up, so I AIN’T MAD. It’s just a cute little topper.

Sally Hansen – Mixture Perfect (1 Coat over Essie Can Dew Attitude)


And those are the two toppers! Listen, I’m a sucker for a themed collection, so I just couldn’t pass these up. I think these are fun toppers, and if they’re something you’re looking for specifically, they’ll be so fun!


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