OPI Neo-Pearl Infinite Shine Collection – Swatches & Review

I was being a good little productive bean yesterday – I cleaned and took out the trash (I have to go down 3 flights of stairs to do it, so I have to mentally work up to it, okay), made some banana bread and sourdough starter (she’s really on a baking journey) and swatched this whole collection. I was fully intending to continue right on and get this edited and posted yesterday as well, but then I was like “you know, I’ve been good, I want to play some Sims” and 4 hours later it was 8pm and I didn’t know how. It happens to the best of us. And during this time, we’re all allowed to play the Sims for however long we want.

But now I just want to talk about some new polish, and so let’s do that!

OPI recently released a new collection called the ‘Neo-Pearl’ collection, and as expected, it features polishes with a more pearly finish. I think this might be the first time we’ve seen a collection include both regular lacquers and the Infinite Shine polishes that aren’t just the same color! And so it’s been the 1st time I’ve been interested in an Infinite Shine collection as well!

There are 6 polishes in the Infinite Shine release that are soft bases with subtle shimmer, and then 6 polishes in the regular polish that are full on pearl finishes (that post will be coming after this one). Today we’re looking at the Infinite Shine polishes!


If you’re not familiar with the Infinite Shine line, OPI describes it as a “3-step system to a long-lasting nail polish color”. So they’re like OPI’s version of “gel-like” colors, with a special top and base coat that promises to give you longer lasting and shinier polish. They all come in the bottles with the silver caps, and the regular colors are labeled with a 2 as they’re the “middle step”. I’ve never tried the whole system, and I never wear my polish for more than a couple of the days so I can’t testify to the wear. These are actually the first Infinite Shine shades I’ve ever tried – so I can’t compare them to the other colors or really give you a review of the whole line all together. We’re just talking about these 6 polishes individually and their formula and wear, but wanted to give some context!

I, of course, picked these all up from polishpick.com. They have the regular polishes for ($5.25, regularly $10.50, so literally half the price) and the Infinite Shine shades for $6.50 each (regularly $13).

A lil disclaimer with something I’ve noticed with all of these shades: I have very ridged nails, so often that causes polish to be more uneven and I usually have to do another coat more than people to fully smooth and even things out. So keep that in mind with my number of coats and the overall look of the polish. If you have super smooth nails, you can probably get these done in 1 less coat, and they’ll be even smoother! But of course, I’m just showing how polish looks on my own nails, and how it might show on more ridged nails! Okay, enough talking and into the polish!


Up first we’re starting with the lightest shade, ‘You’re Full of Abalone” (today I learned how Abalone is pronounced just because of OPI’s pun, thank you for that, OPI). This is a soft white base with a purple shimmer to it.

Since this is the lightest shade of the bunch, it’s also the most streaky and finicky, so be prepared for that if you’re looking to pick this up. So of course, it had a very sheer first coat, and it was uneven because of the ridges in my nails. I did notice that the first coat did dry a little more sheer than it looked when it started, but you notice that less in the next coats.

It built up well with a 2nd coat, and was basically opaque in 3 for me. I did do thicker coats here, as I felt that was best to get it fully smooth. I also recommend floating the polish on, and then leaving it. The more you paint per coat and manipulate it, the more likely you’ll get some patches and uneven areas. So float ‘er and leave ‘er.

OPI – You’re Full of Abalone

You can see a touch of my ridges still peeking through with that 3rd coat, but as mentioned above, with smoother nails (or a ridge filling base coat) you’ll be set. These are also in my bright lights, so of course any imperfections are more visible. In normal daylight, these are nice and soft and a great palette cleanser.

Not my favorite of the collection just because of the more coats, but it did come out better than I expected! It was a soft look and I enjoyed it. The shimmer isn’t super pronounced, but it gives it a little more of that pearl finish and glow overall. (I promise I’m not talking this much for all of the rest of the shades, okay, this one just needs the most info).



‘I’m a Natural’ is a fitting name for this next one because it’s honestly such a lovely nude shade on me. This is a rosy neutral with blue-ish shimmer. This had a sheer, but smooth, first coat, so it can be worn as a 1 coat, sheer nail look. There was still some nail line peeking through at 2, but everything was fully covered and smoothed in just 3 easy coats. It was definitely an easier formula than the 1st one, and such a classy nude! I was surprised at how much I liked this shade, it’ll be perfect if I need a more “modest nail look”.

OPI – I’m a Natural

The shimmer is a little more present in this one, and again gives it a little more glow and shine.



‘Two Baroque Pearls’ is a light sky blue base with blue shimmer. This one ranged a little more uneven like the 1st shade, and had an especially uneven 1st coat – though it does level a touch on its own as it dries. It builds up pretty well in 2 coats, though there were still some lil patches, so I added a 3rd and it was all smoothed out.

(This one does look a touch more uneven in my bright lights as well, in real life she’s a little smoother).


This is also another that if you have some smoother nails, you’ll be good with 2-3. I painted it on a clear swatch stick and it’s perfectly opaque and smooth without much fuss.



Onto the two purples. Up first we have ‘Glisten Carefully!’, a pink-toned lilac purple base with bright purple shimmer. As with all the others, a sheer 1st coat, nothing new here. It’s a touch uneven but it levels out nicely as it dries. It built up well in 2 coats. Like I’ve mentioned if you’ve got smooth nails, you might be good with just 2, but I had some ridges still peeking so I put on a 3rd and its all smoothed out.

OPI – Glisten Carefully!

With all of these the shimmer is pretty subtle, so if you’re looking for bright flashes, you won’t get that. Just good to know what to fully expect with a shade you’re purchasing!

OPI – Glisten Carefully!


‘Love or Lust-er?’ is a cool toned blue-purple base with bright purple shimmer. This is the most pigmented shade of the bunch and it built up to opaque in just 2 coats. It’s super smooth and easy on the nails, and I loved it.

OPI – Love or Lust-er?

If you’re looking for pigment, this will be your best bet. Also with the darker base color, the shimmer does pop more than in the other shades. Overall, a favorite of the collection.

OPI – Love or Lust-er?


Last but CERTAINLY not least is the shade everyone’s been wanting, and FOR GOOD REASON. This is ‘Olive For Pearls!’ and it’s a lovely shifty beautiful shade. This breaks from the mold of the other shades, and is just in a category all on its own.

It’s a shimmery bright green base that shifts to a more taupey shade with bright orange shimmer. It feels thinner than the other shades, so even though it built up with 3 coats, it feels less thick than the others, you know?



It’s also got a touch more brushstrokes than the others – they disappear a touch as it dries. They’re less noticeable in real life – but you’ll see them when the light hits that gorgeous shimmer, just a heads up. But it’s so pretty, I’ll put up with anything for it. (If you want to get rid of them entirely, you can try sponging the last coat on as well).


I also showed this one in normal daylight, so you can see just how shifty it’ll be in day to day life.

OPI – Olive For Pearls! (Daylight)

And that gorgeous orange shift! Overall, this is my favorite of the collection, just look at that shifty goodness, yes OPI, give it to me.



So there’s the Infinite Shine version of the new Neo-Pearl collection from OPI. I think this was definitely an interesting collection, and you’ll either love it or hate it. I think what’s essential to it is knowing what to expect going into it. These are going to be more sheer shiny polishes, with shimmer to give it a “pearly” effect on the nails. They’re going to be softer looks overall, and I think the Infinite Shine finish really helps them out, as they’re best when they’re nice and glossy. If you don’t like 3 coaters, this may not be for you overall, and don’t expect insane amounts of shimmer or flash – except for ‘Olive for Pearls’.

My 2 favorites were, of course, ‘Olive for Pearls!’ and ‘Love or Lust-er?’. A surprise favorite was also ‘I’m a Natural’, as it’s such a pretty nude shade. Overall I didn’t hate any of these shades! Will they be for everyone? No. But not every polish is and that’s okay, and it’s okay to not like them! I’m just here to show them how they are and talk about formulas, and in the end, you’re the ones deciding which ones YOU want to purchase.

How do you feel about these?

And the counterpart to this collection in the regular lacquer will be up soon as well!


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6 thoughts on “OPI Neo-Pearl Infinite Shine Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. I really wish that they had done the same colors in both formulas, but whatevs. In my very limited experience with the Infinite Shine system, I found the top coat to be super thin, not what I would expect at all from something that is supposed to be long-lasting! It also didn’t do anything to improve the mani, so I would skip the system and just use your favorite top and base coats :]

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    • Very good to know! I mean, I’m never one for super long lasting manis, so it wasn’t something I was super looking into anyways! But of course, good information for anyone else to see!


  2. These look really nice! I have ridged nails too so it’s always good to see how shimmer/pearl finishes perform on nails that aren’t super smooth like glass.

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