LA Colors ‘I Heart Makeup’ Highlight & Contour Palette

Guys, I’m graduating from college in exactly a month. Where has the time gone? Soon, I’ll be moving to Chicago and starting a real adult job (I gotta get a real adult job first whoop) and life is moving real fast but I’m excited.

I just  love to give you really personal things when you’re all just here for a review, yeah yeah I know, and it’s not going to stop. ANYWAYS.

Today, I have a super affordable product to review! It’s from the brand LA Colors. LA Colors is the brand you see boatloads of makeup from in Dollar Tree. They’re also sold in Dollar Generals and Family Dollar. You can also buy from their website at! (I feel like that’s a new thing and I’m so excited.) That’s super nice if you don’t have any of those stores near you as well.

The product I’m reviewing is their new Contour palette. It’s called the “I Heart Makeup Contour Palette”. I picked this up at my local Shopko and it retails for $7 on their website. SEVEN DOLLARS. That’s even cheaper than the ones from NYX ($20) and Jesse’s Girl ($11) – about half the price. So super affordable.


It comes in a sturdy plastic package, with a clear top so you can see into it. This comes into two different shades, ‘Light-Medium’, which I have, and ‘Medium-Dark’.


It also has a little guide and instructions on the back, which is always nice for beginners.


There are 8 shades: 2 bronzer shades, 4 setting shades, 1 contour shade, and 1 highlight shade.


These powders feel super smooth, and are surprisingly very pigmented. This is the top row, L-R, followed by the bottom row, L-R.


Now I have pretty fair skin, so I find the setting shades are too dark for me. They might match me better in the summer, but something to keep in mind. There is a banana shade, a more warm toned shade, and 2 cooler toned shades.


But also, don’t let the bronzer shades scare you if you’re fair. These are very pigmented, so it can be easy to go overboard and go too crazy with the color. But, if you just barely tap your brush in, and work slowly, these build up so nicely. They blend out smoothly and do not look patchy on the skin at all. The bronzer gives a lovely warmth and color to the outside of my face. Here are the shades: the top bronzer, the bottom bronzer, and the contour shade.


The contour shade is also so nice. It’s a cool toned one, so it gives a nice shadow-like contour to the face – it’s another one that you need to work slowly with. You can easily get too much pigment, but if you just dip your brush in and build it up, it can be beautiful.

It has one highlight shade in it, that is a satin finish.


It gives a nice subtle highlight – but it’s still noticeable and really beautiful. It’s also light enough for my skin tone.


I find these powders last very well on my skin, and fade evenly.

Overall, I LOVE THIS PALETTE. Though some of the shades are too dark, it’s a great contour option for a really affordable price. If you’re super fair, this might not work for you. But my skin tone on works. It’s amazing if you’re looking to begin contouring and are not sure how to go about it – especially with the instructions on the back.

It’s only $7. PICK THIS UP IF YOU SEE IT. The shades blend so easily, and are so pigmented, and this will last anyone so long. SEVEN DOLLARS.

After this, I’m so excited to pick up more LA Colors items! I have a review of their liquid lipsticks coming soon, so look out for that! Look out for more posts coming soon!

2 thoughts on “LA Colors ‘I Heart Makeup’ Highlight & Contour Palette

    • This is honestly a great even cheaper alternative! Like I was so surprised how pigmented and lovely this was. The NYX one does have more variety of highlight shades – something to keep in mind.


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