My European Adventure…

Well here I’ve gone and done it again, I’ve randomly up and vanished for a month. This is my bad.

But this happened because… I went to Europe! That’s right! As part of our “hey we graduated college” and action to actively avoid adult life for a few more moments, I went with 2 of my best friends on a 3 week Eastern European adventure. We had planned this for about 6 months and finally it was here.

We landed in Budapest….


Then went to Vienna,








and ended our days in Warsaw where we flew out of.


We made so many new friends along the way, and I learned and just felt so much of the history while I was there. It was an absolutely incredible trip that I’ll remember for a lifetime, and it’s spurred me to want to visit even more places overseas.

But I am happy to be back to a home and set place, and back to blogging! I did pick up some new makeup while I was over there, and also came home to lots of new nail polish to swatch, so I definitely have some work to do!

I’ll be posting lots in the next upcoming weeks and I’m excited to get back into it! Coming up soon is the OPI Spring collection – I know, a little late to the game, but it’s still beautiful and needs to be talked about – along with many others!

Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “My European Adventure…

  1. Wow, what an amazing adventure!
    I’ve not been at ANY of the places you went to! I’ve mostly been to other parts of Europe including the UK, Scandinavian countries and other cities. I have Budapest on my list of places to visit!
    Welcome home! 🙂

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    • Budapest was absolutely amazing! And it’s so cheap 😉 definitely recommend it for sure! The UK and the Scandinavian countries are definitely on the top of my list for next.


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