Sinful Colors ‘Chic Chicas’ Shades

I’m slowly making my way through and posting all of my “this should have been posted a while ago” posts, this one included. Hey, better late than never really.

For the spring, Sinful Colors released 3 different collections, all under the ‘Spring Trippin’ theme. I reviewed the other two so far (see the Desert Divas and Bayou Babes), and finally I have 3 shades from the last one. This one was a little harder for me to find, so I only have a couple, but I wanted to post about them anyways.

I believe there were 6-7 new shades in this, 6 cream shades with Spanish themed names, and one topper shade. They’re all bright saturated creams, and can go well into the summer as well!

Onto the shades! And look, I have my lighting back again! Reunited and able to swatch into the late night hours again.

2211 –  ‘Havana Great Time’ is a beautiful bright purple toned pink cream. This was a little streaky on the first coat, but was opaque in an easy 2 coats. Such an easy formula, and beautiful color.


2213 – ‘Vibrant Vida’ is a more dusty toned light blue cream. This was another more sheer first coat, but was opaque in a thicker 2nd coat. Another easy to control smooth formula.


And finally, I have 2216 – ‘Let’s Playa’ is a bright peach cream. This one was a little more uneven than the others – probably due to the lighter color. I needed 3 thin coats with this one, and didn’t want to manipulate it too much. As you can see, it was a little bumpy when it dried as well.


There are the 3 shades I have from the ‘Chic Chicas’ collection! 2/3 had beautiful formulas, while the 3rd wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t my favorite. I wish I had found more of this collection as they’re good creams to add to your collection!

More Sinful Colors posts are coming! Look out for them.

Did you pick up any from this collection? You might still be able to find some around!


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