Zoya ‘Earth Day’ Haul

Continuing on with getting up old posts, I finally have my Zoya Earth Day haul! Yeah I know Earth Day was a while ago. I’m continuing with my phrase of “better late than never”. But hey, once I get through all of these posts, I can starting posting summer collections, which everyone is always excited about!

Anyways, Zoya ran a 50% off sale for Earth Day – if you bought polishes, you could also send in old polishes and Zoya would recycle them safely for you. This inspired me to clean out my collection, and I sent them a couple bags worth of old polishes! So you know, I made room for these new polishes.

Apparently in my order I had an inkling towards certain colors – aka blues and greens. Didn’t even realize until I started unpacking them. Whoops.

These are all colors you can still purchase, so if you see something you like, find it on Zoya’s website! They normally retail for $10 each – I paid $5 in the sale.

We’ll start with the odd color out of the group. This is ‘Wendy’, a bright coral-pink cream. This was a little more of a streaky formula, and it took 3 coats. But it was worth it for that beautiful coral finish. It’s so bright and juicy, perfect for summer.


Up next, we start the crop of blues and greens. Obviously I had a certain color on my mind.

This first one is ‘Wednesday’, a dusty blue-green cream. This was a beautiful formula, just an easy 2 coats.


Next is ‘Ness’, a bright spring green cream. This was another beautiful formula. Another super smooth, easy to control 2 coat formula. Love it.


I only picked up one from the recent Spring ‘Charming’ collection. This is ‘Lacey’ and was the only one that truly interested me from the collection. It’s a light shimmery green. Depending on how vibrant the color you want, this can take 2-3 coats. This is 3 coats in the photo, and 2 coats gives a more muted look. Either way the shimmer is just stunning and just pops from the base. Very unique polish!


‘Zuza’ is a bright blue base with absolutely gorgeous green shimmer. This was an almost one coat formula – 2 just richened it up. The shimmer in this is just so strong, and it has a subtle green shift to it. It’s really like a mermaid formula and it’s just so beautiful.


‘Selene’ is a beautiful shimmery metallic turquoise. This was another one that could be opaque in one thicker coat, but I did 2 to get more depth in the color. Beautiful, hardly any brush strokes and just a lovely formula. This one is going to be amazing in the fall.


Last but not least I picked up a PixieDust. This is ‘Cosmo’. I liked this one over other PixieDusts because of the bigger chunks and sizes of glitter. It has shimmers, little round glitters, as well as bigger hexagon pieces. This was 3 coats to make it opaque. I’m sure it would be beautiful over a base color, with it just peeking through on one coat.


As you can see, it’s definitely a chunky formula, so you have to like some texture. But think of this on New Years. For when you just want to feel like a diva.


One more shot because I just couldn’t look away from all of that shimmer.


And there’s my Earth Day haul – finally. Anytime Zoya runs promotions like this I absolutely just have to pick up more. I haven’t been disappointed by one of their polishes yet. I wish I could afford to buy from them full price – maybe someday when I have a real adult job. (That’s how I know I made it).

What polishes did you pick up in the sale?

And what are you favorite Zoya polishes? Let me know!


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