Swatch/Review: Wet N Wild Spring 2017 Limited Edition ‘Queen of My Heart’ Collection

Hello friends! The post you’ve been waiting for, and the makeup I never get tired of – limited edition Wet N Wild collections. BRING ON MORE. I LIVE FOR THE WHITE LIMITED EDITION PACKAGING.

Sorry this took so long – I was on Spring Break this week. You would think that would mean I would get a lot of work done with all my time. INCORRECT. My roommate and I went on down to Chicago – she had some job interviews and we had a blast otherwise!

But here it is now!

Anyways. I have all the products except for the lip palette – I don’t tend to use lip palettes at all, so I decided to pass. But I do have the highlighters, eyeshadow palettes, brush and cream color sticks! I was so happy to see new eyeshadow palettes in this collection – I missed out on the fall ones, so I was just itching to have some new Wet N Wild trios.

This collection is called the ‘Queen of My Heart’ collection, and features 2 highlighters, 3 eyeshadow palettes, 3 cream Lip & Cheek tints, a lip palette, and a new kabuki brush.

You can buy the whole collection now on Wet N Wild’s website – – for $30. Hopefully the products will be available individually soon as well.

So there’s lots to talk about – let’s get right into it.

Let’s start with the things that everyone was so excited for – and for good reason: the highlighters. There are 2 highlighters in this collection and they retail for $4.99 each. ‘Lilac to Reality’ is the purple one on the left, and ‘Sweetest Bling’ is the more pink one on the right!




Looking at the swatches from bottom to top is the outside color, the heart color, and then the top swatch is the two colors swirled together. This was one easy swipe of each color. As you can see, it’s an almost silvery purple color when swirled together. Really unique and beautiful.



Again, from bottom to top: outside color, inside heart color, and then the top is the two shades swirled together. This one is a nice champagne pink when swirled together. Again, so pigmented and easy to pick up color.


The highlighters are so smooth and pigmented. They’re more of a statement highlight on the cheeks, really showing up with only a little product. A purple highlighter almost gives your skin a perfected, barbie-doll look to it, and I love it for a unique pop of color.

These last for hours, and are definitely my favorite part of the collection. If you see these at all, snatch them up real fast.

Next are the eyeshadow trios. There are 3 shades and they retail for $2.99 each.


From L-R: ‘Hieroglyphic Heart’, ‘Heart and Heavy’, and ‘Will You Marina Me’.


As you can see, there is only one matte shade, and that’s in the ‘Hieroglyphic Heart’ one. The rest are all shimmers. Also as you can tell, these are very soft, so in the case of the far right one – barely drop these and you can break them a little. Not sure how they’ll travel, so something to keep in mind.


The first trio is ‘Hieroglyphic Heart’. It has a shimmery yellow gold, a matte dusty rose, and a coppery shimmer.


The matte shade is so smooth and blends so nicely for a transition shade.


‘Heart and Heavy’ is all shimmers. It has a white shimmer, a berry purple shimmer, and a cool toned pink shimmer.


The one shade that’s a little disappointing is the white – it’s very subtle, and doesn’t add much of a pop as I was hoping. The other two shades are beautiful – especially that purple.


My poor little ‘Will You Marina Me’ – it got a little broken, but cleaned up after. This one has a more pearl gold shimmer, a warm-brown satin, and a blue shimmer.

The brown shade can work in the crease, as it’s not as shimmery as the other shades.


I do really like these trios. As always, for $2.99, they’re great additions to add to an eyeshadow collection. The shimmery shades are not as bam in your face as the shimmers in their 8 pan palettes. They will give you a more soft wash of shimmer and color across the lid – to really make them pop, use a base. I do really like the blue to add color to the lower lash line – it really shows up on my skin tone without a base.

I do wish there were more matte shades to make more complete looks – but these would be good to add shimmer to a lid color.

Next are the MegaGlo Cheek and Lip Tints. There are 3 shades and they retail for $4.99 each.


From L-R the shades are: ‘Kiss Me if You Can’, ‘Crush Upon a Time’, and ‘Flirt on the Street’.


Even though these are the more “expensive” products in the collection, you do get quite a bit of product that will last you forever.



From top to bottom: ‘Flirt on the Street’ a warm toned orange-red, ‘Crush Upon a Time’ an orange coral, and ‘Kiss Me if You Can’ a more cooler toned pink. This is a built up color, but as you can see, they do build up nicely.


These are a more creamy formula – I do really love them on the lips. They give a nice moisturizing feel for quite a while, as well as a nice wash of color. The color doesn’t sink into fine lines either since it’s a thicker color.

These start out subtle on the cheeks as well, allowing you to build up the color slowly and to your liking. I use my small stipple brush from Elf and just pick up the color from the actual stick and stipple it on, rather than drawing it directly onto my cheek. It blends out nicely and gives a nice base for powder color – or in the summer, a good dewy wash of color.

It does stay slightly tacky, so if you use it on your cheeks, you will need to set it with a dusting of powder.

Overall, I do really like these. Do you need all 3? I honestly don’t think so. Once blended out, you’re not going to see a dramatic difference in colors. It’s honestly up to you and how many you want to pick up!

The last product I have from this collection is the Powder Kabuki brush. This is $3.99.


As you can see, it’s a short, typical Kabuki brush style. It’s the same bristles as their other brushes as well – a soft synthetic brush.



It’s a good powder brush, but not too dense, allowing you to dust powder all over without really packing it on.

It’s super soft and I’ve been using it to apply my powder everyday. It’s really nice to throw into a bag to touch up as well. Love this brush!


Overall, I think this collection was a hit. I didn’t really have any gripes with the products at all. I don’t have the lip palette, so I can’t tell you how that performs, as I knew I wouldn’t use it. But all of the other products I can’t recommend enough, especially for their affordable price.

But if you buy only one thing from this collection, get your paws on the highlighters. THEY’RE SO GOOD.

Have you picked up anything from this collection? Do you plan on it?

And how was/is your Spring Break? Do you have any plans?


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4 thoughts on “Swatch/Review: Wet N Wild Spring 2017 Limited Edition ‘Queen of My Heart’ Collection

  1. Wow, amazing photos!
    In Canada we never get these limited edition collections so I just get to oogle over people’s photos. Those trios shadows look great – I fantasize about depotting those and creating a nice custom palette – imagine that matte transition shade with the purple and pink shimmer shades?
    And I love that purple highlighters are becoming so much more common / accessible!


    • Thank you!
      I have depotted some of my Wet n Wild shadows before and it’s really nice! And they have the products on their website now so you might be able to buy them individually! And I can’t get enough of those drugstore purple highlighters.


  2. I missed these highlighters and was so bummed out 😦 I have the Nyx duocrome in Twilight Tint which gives a lovely teal/blue shine statement highlight so i knew I would love these bold ones. I’ve found myself using duocrome loose pigments as highlights recently? I got a few from shop miss a and managed to dupe these in an unusual way!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You can buy these highlighters on wet n wilds website still! And now they’re half off, so they’ll probably be gone soon. I do love a good bold highlight! Maybe I need to try some of those loose powders as well.


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