Walmart Haul! – New Hard Candy items + More


Whoops, been doing some shopping lately. I got my tax return back, so you know I just can’t be stopped. I’m not that much of an adult yet.

I decided to pop on over to Walmart (I literally only go there for the exclusive brands like Flower and Hard Candy) to see what goods I could find – I knew I needed a new foundation and concealer so this was the best place for a cheaper price on  some new items. The rest I just wanted because they were pretty.

Reviews on basically all of these products will be coming in the next few weeks as I test them out and really get to know them.

Let’s just get into it, shall we?

Firstly, I wanted to pick up some of the new Hard Candy products. I have been seeing posts about these and really wanted to get my hands on them – especially the ‘Wet Ever’ lip lacquers. Hard Candy is just one of the most affordable drugstore brands, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to try more.


Now this first product is not technically super new to Hard Candy’s line, but I needed it. I saw an Instagram post of this shade on their official account, and was in love. It’s the Metallic Mousse Metallic Lip Color in ‘Smoke and Mirrors’. These are $6 a piece, and they have so many interesting shades for the drugstore. Depending on the formula, I will be picking up even more of these.

Like the first line of matte liquid lipsticks that came out last year, the metallics also come in their own separate tins that are really nice. They have a braided rope pattern embossed on them, and somewhat match the shade inside. If I had more of these, I don’t think I would store them in their tins, because it would be bulky, but I do love the touch.


Inside they’re a flat clear tube that shows the product inside, making it easy to find the color you want.


This is just one swipe of ‘Smoke and Mirrors’. As you can see it’s a purple-toned dark metallic taupe and I’m already in love. It’s super pigmented, and I’m already quite impressed upon swatching.


The next product is a newest release. These are called the ‘Wet Ever’ lip lacquers, and promise a glossy finish as well as a longwearing formula, so I was so intrigued. I picked up a lighter and darker shade to test out the formulas. These are $6 a piece, and also come in individual tins showing the color on the outside.


The tubs are the same flat, clear plastic, but also with the dripping decoration. I really like the attention to detail. It really makes them look more expensive.


I got the shades ‘Selfish’ –  a more pink-toned peach color and ‘Temptress’ – a dark cherry-purple color.


Upon first swatch, these remind me a lot of the NYX ‘Intense Butter Glosses’ or the Essence liquid lipsticks – so I’m very interested to test these out and see how they compare. There were quite a few shades in the line so I’m excited to see how they wear.


This next product I had seen this before, so I snagged this. This is the ‘Color Correct Cushion Wonder’. I believe 3 or 4 shades – including a purple to brighten and a peach to correct dark circles. I picked up the green for correcting redness, since that is my biggest issue. I believe this was also $6 and offers you a decent amount of product in the tube.


It’s got the little cushion applicator on the end – which is more hard than I was expecting it to be. It also has a function to turn it and shut it close so it doesn’t squeeze out more product so I like that as well.


As you can see it’s definitely super green, and super pigmented. It doesn’t mess around. I’ll have to see if this blends out nicely or if I’ll look like the Wicked Witch of the West. Color correcting still somewhat intimidates me – so will update on how this goes.


The last of the Hard Candy products I got is their Prismatic Highlighter. I had seen buzz around this and am always up for a good drugstore highlighter. I’m pretty sure it was once again, $6.


Tarababyz did haul this on her YouTube, and said she didn’t like it – but I still had to get it for myself. But hey it was only $6, so it wouldn’t be too much of a loss. It was too intriguing for me to not.


It is a drier, chunkier texture, so that is a little disappointing. But I haven’t applied it to the cheeks yet, so we’ll see. As you can see from the swatch it’s not going to be a bam highlight – and it’s also got a lot of glitter. A full review will be out on this for sure with a clear verdict.


Aside from the hard candy, I finally found the Wet N Wild Photo Focus foundation, and was so excited. I was surprised at how many shades they had. As someone who’s used to being the lightest shade in every foundation, I picked up the 5th shade in – and it’s still pretty pale on me. Pale girls, huzzah! This was $4.68.

Unfortunately the range doesn’t run very deep – so maybe they’ll add more eventually. I picked up mine in the shade ‘Rose Ivory’ because it was light with a nice cool undertone.


I also needed a new concealer and saw Tati from GlamLifeGuru rave about the newest CoverGirl one so I snagged that. The shade range at my Walmart was a little picked over, so I grabbed what looked to be the lightest – looking at Ulta’s website, I realize I got the 3rd darkest – in ‘Light/Medium’. Whomp. It does still match me fairly well, and if I like this, I’ll have to look into lighter shades for brightening and higlighting.


It’s another cushion applicator as well. This was the most expensive product I picked up at $8, and it’s a smaller tube than the Hard Candy color correcting liquid.


As you can see it’s pretty warm toned, which I don’t prefer, but I’ll make it work.


There was also a random end cap of clearance items – with lots of lipsticks from Rimmel and products from Flower, keep an eye out – that had this Sinful Colors nail polish on it. It was 1. A shade I didn’t have already, an accomplishment on its own, 2. Reminded me of the finish of the Christmas collection polishes that I LOVED, and 3. Only $.50.

So I had to get it. This is in the shade ‘Ice Blue’.


I’m so excited to try out these new products! I’m on Spring Break this upcoming week visiting Chicago with my roommate – we’re scoping neighborhoods to move to after we graduate in a couple months, which sounds so crazy to say!

Have you picked up any new drugstore products lately? And are you on Spring Break? What’re your plans?

Be sure to tune in over the next couple of weeks for reviews!


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2 thoughts on “Walmart Haul! – New Hard Candy items + More

  1. Whoa that green corrector is crazy! Correctors should provide a hint of colour, otherwise you’d have to whack a load of concealer over top. I hope it sheers out!
    Nice score on the $0.50 polish! I can never say no to discounted polishes…


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