Review: Wet N Wild – Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks

Wet N Wild is stepping up their game for Spring 2017, and just pooping out new types of makeup. Luckily, these all come at their still super affordable prices, and I couldn’t wait to snatch basically everything new up.

I was going to try to put all of these new Wet N Wild products in one post, but it was getting too long, because you know me, I have to give you every aspect about a product. Well, you’re going to get lots of reviews right in a row coming up! Stay tuned for the other reviews coming soon!

But for now, the first product I’m reviewing is the liquid lipsticks.

They have been raved about so much already so I’m sure you’ve heard about them. They’re called the MegaLast ‘Liquid Catsuits’ Matte lipsticks. I have 2 shades, but there are 13 total. These retail for $5. I picked mine up in my local Walgreens, but you can also order them off of Wet n wild’s site.


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