Letting Go of My First Makeup

Do you remember your first makeup?

I still remember the first little eyeshadow palette I got from one of my friends. It was her mom’s, and it had a purple shade right in the middle that I would just smudge into an area to add a “pop of color” into the mess of eyeshadows that I had already applied. It probably didn’t even show up, but you know, that was me experimenting.

I’ve recently been trying to use up a smattering of foundations I have, and I finished up my latest bottle of Revlon Colorstay. This was my who-knows-how-manyth bottle of this stuff, because I absolutely love it for its high coverage.


And it was the first real foundation I had as a teenager getting makeup. I remember, even back then, researching about the best high coverage foundation, one that would cover up the acne I had, as well as all of the other teenage insecurities.

I remember just caking this onto my face, thinking the best way to cover acne was to just add more layers. It was so heavy, and looked so obvious, but hey it was part of my first attempts at makeup – and something I think everyone has to go through really.

And then the other day while decluttering, I found this super old Contour and Blush kit from BH Cosmetics – truly my first love in brands of makeup, basically all of my brushes that I still use today are from BH Cosmetics. Look how dirty it is – it’s been through so many moves and being tossed from drawer to drawer.


It’s super old, and you can see where I used the crap out of that stark white shade, and too dark brown contour. I wish I could back and see what I looked like “contouring”. I’m sure it looked a little clownly.


I remember using that yellow and nude shade to clean up things as well as those blushes all the time. Caking more and more powder on top of already cakey foundation. But now they’re super old, and barely show up in swatches anymore, so it’s time to let it go. I have better contour sets that suit my skin tone as well.

I’m sure BH Cosmetics has changed this palette since then, and it was funny, right after I found it I saw the newest version at my local TJ Maxx the same day. It’s like life was trying to highlight it that day.

So even though I’m letting these things go, it’s always funny to think back on where my makeup journey started – with the muddy, crazy contours, bright unblended eyeshadows, and cakey foundations. They’re nostalgic, and they make me smile. It makes me think of how far I’ve come in my makeup journey, as well as how much more I have to go.

What were some of your first makeup items?

And do you remember some of your “regrettable” first makeup choices? I cringe, then laugh just thinking about mine.

But if anything, they make us who we are today.


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My Nail Story!

Hello 2017! I can’t wait for this year honestly. I’ll be graduating college, traveling Europe with my 2 best friends, and then moving to Chicago to find a real adult job. It’s going to be crazy, but I can’t wait! Bring on 2017!

So I figured since it’s the start of a new year, it’s only fitting to make my first post of 2017 my nail story! This is the story of how I’ve gotten to the crazy nail polish hoarder I am today. I wasn’t always like this, I swear.

Now as a young child, I always like playing with nail polish. I honestly have no idea where that came from, as my mom never wore it. She’s a nurse, so the constant hand-washing all day every day just wears polish off her hands like no other. So my nail polish was just probably me finding one bottle and just going nuts.

I remember 2 colors I used to have for sure. I have no idea what brand they’re from, and I’m sure they’re long gone by now. But one was a sheer milky pink color, while the other was a bright pink fuchsia. They were in the weirdest shaped bottles, but whatever. I also had a singular OPI, back before I even knew how hyped OPI was. It was just a pretty silver color to me. So my nail polish collection back then was pretty standard – random 6 bottles of polish that I would randomly grab and use every so often.

I remember always wanting to paint my cousin’s nails too – hey there Ellen. So it was obvious that I had a polish hoarder hidden away deep down inside me from birth.

I don’t remember that much after that – until college. My freshmen year, I met my friend Molly. Now Molly had the nail polish stash that everyone wanted. She had a container full of all the colors you could ever want, and I would often go to her room to paint my nails. Maybe I should blame Molly for this?

I also got a job at Starbucks at the end of the year, and would work there for my entire sophomore year and summer after. Now during this time, I couldn’t wear nail polish on my hands because there’s a chance of it chipping in the drinks. So I couldn’t really wear nail polish that often. My friend Sam would tell me she could tell when I wasn’t working for a couple days because I would paint my nails.

But then, before Thanksgiving of my junior year I got my current job in the Marketing department, where I could paint my nails freely as I wanted.

And then I went nuts.

I had my final shift at Starbucks, and went home for Christmas break, and I WENT HAM. Oh my god I bought so many nail polishes.

I think there was something in me that just clicked and I was like, I need to buy everything and put it on my nails. I went to my Rite-aid and just found every discount nail polish I could. I think that was when I started watching nail polish videos? Who knows. But I packed up all my nail polish and headed back to school.

I tried to start a makeup blog a couple of times, and each time it just dropped off. I would honestly try to do it in “secret”, which cracks me up when I think about it now. I would quick take photos of products when my roommates weren’t home, and hurry and put everything back when I saw them coming home. Weird.

I would post nail swatches on Snupps every so often, even before I started my blog. I saw nail blogs and I loved the idea. I just didn’t know how to start, or rather, how to keep up a blog.

From my Snupps:


Pre-clean up era.


From January 16, 2016 to January 3, 2017.


Oh my gosh look at those lil’ stubs. The rough cuticles, the uneven nails, and awkward hand positions. I love looking and seeing how far I’ve come.┬áIt was weird that the day I decided to do this, before I started, I just put on the same polish. Maybe it’s my January polish.

Fast forward to the summer before my senior year. I moved into a new apartment with my best friend Sam and I’m just livin’ life. I don’t exactly remember what spurred me to do it, I think because I got the L’Oreal gold dust polishes and all of a sudden I realized I could do a nail polish blog. So I made that first post.

And 6 months, and 300+ polishes later, here I am. I can’t wait to see where this goes, and I’ve loved every second of it.

I’ve learned that no matter what, you just gotta start. It might be scary, but you never learn anything until you just start. Can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for me.

What’s your nail polish story?

Coming soon!

I ordered some shades from the new China Glaze Rebel Fall collection! I’m so dang exited for fall and all of these colors are just getting me all fuzzy inside. 

I hope this will be the first review that I will have actual nail swatches as well! Look out for that in the upcoming weeks!

Also I fixed my blog! I realized that after people were clicking the link from my Instagram, they would view that one post and then click home and you wouldn’t be able to get to anymore posts from there. Luckily I figured that out and fixed it! All good things. 

I have to say I’ve only had this blog for a little bit and I’m already loving interacting with everyone on it. It’s just my passion and I love talking to others with the same passion. 

Until my next post,

Gingerly Polished. 
*not my own photo, courtesy of nailpolishdirect.co.uk