Wet N Wild ‘Ultimate Brow Retractable’ Brow Pencil

I planned on having this up much earlier, but I had a friend down visiting for the weekend, and you know how that just takes up the time. I love having visitors, I just need to learn to plan more posts ahead of time before they come. But we’re getting right back into it.

Anyways, this is continuing my review of all the new Wet N Wild products I’ve picked up! I think I’m going to go on more of a “low buy”, at least until I get some of the mountains of products I’ve picked up reviewed. I have so many new eyeshadow palettes I’ve been playing with, as well as so many new Wet N Wild products. I gotta get through some of my backlog before I buy more makeup. I, of course, will still have nail polish collection reviews coming as well, including the new Sinful Colors core shades and the OPI Lisbon shades. Lots of well overdue reviews coming!

Continuing on with new Wet N Wild products, today I’m talking about their new brow product! Brows are a very important part of my makeup routine (most of my friends know my brows are the most important part of my makeup application, and I take great care of these thick babies). So any time a new affordable brow product comes along, I’m very curious and need to test it out.

This is the ‘Ultimate Brow Retractable’ pencil from Wet N Wild.

This retails for $3.99, and I picked it up (along with all of the other products I’ll be talking about) directly from Wet N Wild’s website, wetnwildbeauty.com. There are only 3 shades of this as well, and they’re all pretty cool toned. I have the deepest shade in ‘Medium Brown’.

I have pictures of the product below, a review on the formula, and then a series of photos showing how I use it in my brows and a before and after using the product. So let’s get right into it!

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