Wet N Wild ‘Ultimate Brow Retractable’ Brow Pencil

I planned on having this up much earlier, but I had a friend down visiting for the weekend, and you know how that just takes up the time. I love having visitors, I just need to learn to plan more posts ahead of time before they come. But we’re getting right back into it.

Anyways, this is continuing my review of all the new Wet N Wild products I’ve picked up! I think I’m going to go on more of a “low buy”, at least until I get some of the mountains of products I’ve picked up reviewed. I have so many new eyeshadow palettes I’ve been playing with, as well as so many new Wet N Wild products. I gotta get through some of my backlog before I buy more makeup. I, of course, will still have nail polish collection reviews coming as well, including the new Sinful Colors core shades and the OPI Lisbon shades. Lots of well overdue reviews coming!

Continuing on with new Wet N Wild products, today I’m talking about their new brow product! Brows are a very important part of my makeup routine (most of my friends know my brows are the most important part of my makeup application, and I take great care of these thick babies). So any time a new affordable brow product comes along, I’m very curious and need to test it out.

This is the ‘Ultimate Brow Retractable’ pencil from Wet N Wild.

This retails for $3.99, and I picked it up (along with all of the other products I’ll be talking about) directly from Wet N Wild’s website, wetnwildbeauty.com. There are only 3 shades of this as well, and they’re all pretty cool toned. I have the deepest shade in ‘Medium Brown’.

I have pictures of the product below, a review on the formula, and then a series of photos showing how I use it in my brows and a before and after using the product. So let’s get right into it!

It’s a standard eyebrow pencil that has a spoolie on one end, and the product on the other. It comes with caps for both which is always nice to keep the products clean.


The spoolie is a thicker one, yet a little more short. I do like this for really getting in there and combing my brows out, as well as combing out and distributing the product throughout the eyebrow. I am able to use the end of it for more precise combing through the tail. If you have less brow hair than me, it might be a little big for your using.


The product itself has a triangle shape. I have found even with use the shape has held up well. But as with any product shaped this way, it’s harder to make more precise hair-like strokes. This is going to be more for filling in broad areas of color.



I have the shade ‘Medium Brown’ which is the darkest of the 3 shades. As you can see it’s a pretty cool-toned shade. There’s a slight amount of warmer tones, but otherwise it’s a pretty ashy shade. You can down below when it’s applied in my brows and blended out, it does have some warm tones, but nothing ridiculously red.

The swatches below show one swipe with the tip of the pencil, the product built up a couple swipes, and then how it looks turning it on its side and swiping to get a wider area of color.


So for the review of the formula: Overall, I did surprisingly really end up liking this brow product! It did take me a little bit of figuring out the best way of using it. You’re not going to get a super precise, small brow strokes with this product. You could twist up the product more and angle it to just use the very tip, but it’s going to wear away, and not be sharp for many uses.

The best way I like using this is depositing the product all throughout the brows and filling in gaps, and then going in with concealer to clean up. I especially love this because it’s more waxy, and I find it smooths and tames my brows down. And they stay all day! I’ll look at the end of my 8 hour work week, and my brows are still in control, and looking good. The wax holds it down, and the product does not fade away throughout the day. It’s got great hold.

I found this product sticks to eyebrow hairs pretty well, but can be a little lighter directly on skin (which you can see in my 2nd to last demonstration photo below). If you’re trying to create a whole brow from scratch, or really fill in hairs, I don’t think it’s going to work as well.

So you just have to know your own brow needs to know if you’ll like this product. If you have a good amount of brow hair already, and are just looking to fill in and define your brows more, this is a great product. It’s more waxy and holds down hairs for all day hold. However, if you want something more precise, or to create the illusions of hairs, it won’t be for you.

Let’s get into the demonstration of it and how I use it on my brows.

First is my natural brow with no product. As you can see, I have pretty thick brows normally, so I use brow products to fill and even out the front part, and sharpen up the tail.



Next, this is just putting the product through roughly, before I go in for more detail. As you can see, when you just put it down, it grabs onto the hairs really well, but needs to be brushed out because it can be intense and uneven.


So this is the rough look I end up with for my brow. Because it’s more of a triangle shape, I found it can be a little more difficult to create a sharp precise tail. So the way I like to do it is to build in this rough shape, and get everything filled in, and then clean up the edges with concealer. You can also see more at the end of the tail, that this is going to adhere better to the hairs, then directly onto the skin.


And this is the finished brow look, after I’ve gone in with concealer! Going in with concealer to clean up can seem like another unnecessary step for some people, but I’ve gotten so used to do it, and love the after effect, that it’s an essential part of my routine. If it’s something you absolutely cannot be bothered with, you’re going to want a skinner, more precise pencil, like the NYX Micro Brow or the L’Oreal eyebrow pencil.

As you can see, this product does really fill in the spaces between my brow hairs pretty nicely. I also find because it’s a more waxy consistency, it does really well at combing my brow hairs into place and making them look a little more managed.


So there’s the demonstration and review! As with any brow product, you need to know what you’re looking for, and what brow needs you have, and then base your choice on that. This one is going to give you good fill ins of color, and a hold on existing brow hairs. It won’t be super precise and skinny to create new hairs.

But overall, this was a good brow product for me! It’s also lasted me quite a while, through many uses, and at such an affordable price, I absolutely love that. I might try combining this with a skinnier pencil to do the tail of my brow sometime, but overall it’s a win for me!

More Wet N Wild reviews are coming up soon, so stay tuned!

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