Wet N Wild ‘Hello Halo’ Liquid Highlighters

Wet N Wild dropped a crap ton of new products lately, and I scooped them all up and have been trying them for a while. I’m finally going to be dropping the crap ton of reviews all at once, because I know there are lots of other people that are curious. And yes, of course I bought up the new Goth-O-Graphic collection as soon as it released. I’ll be getting that soon, and testing it out to have a review up in the next couple of weeks.

For now, I’m starting with all of the other products they released for 2018. This includes liquid higlighters, which this post is about, eyeshadows, brows, and a new cushion foundation. That’s right, I have all of these new things and have been trying them all, so as reviews for those come out, I’ll be linking them all down below.

As I said, we’re starting with the liquid highlighters. These were the things of the new releases that made me so excited. But I held back and only bought two of the shades to try out first. I picked up all of my products from wetnwildbeauty.com. Let’s get into the review.

These are called their ‘Hello Halo’ MegaGlo Liquid Highlighters.

These liquid highlighters retail for $5.99 each. (I love that among all the other drugstore brands steadily raising prices, that Wet N Wild has kept it real and cheap, while just improving quality). You get a lot of product, 0.5 Fl oz, and with any liquid highlighter, you only have to use a little bit of product, so this will last you forever.

They come in really nice packaging. These are glass bottles so they have a nice weight to them. They’re clear so you can see the color of the product inside easily. Wet N Wild has been stepping up their packaging game lately, and really upping the quality of their products, and I’ve been loving it.


For the applicator its a large doe foot, which I do love that they didn’t do a brush or dropper or anything more messy. It does it make it really easy to precisely place the product on your face.


You can see it grabs a nice pool of product that you can use for both cheeks. Now, with any liquid highlighter, you don’t need to use much, so one of these little bottles is going to last you forever, even with daily use.


I picked up the two lightest shades. There are 7 overall, but a lot of them looked more gold toned and darker, so I stuck with these two first.

The first one is ‘Halographic’.

Warning: Rant, skip if you don’t care at all: Firstly, this goddamn trend with holographic items. I’m one of those people that has a beef with every makeup brand ever saying things are “holographic”. Because I’m a nail blogger, I deal a lot with holographic things, so I know that for something to be holographic, it shows the rainbow of colors and is more metallic. So these are not holographic. I have not see holographic makeup at all. They mean duochrome or iridescent. There’s lots of videos and other blog posts with photos and such that truly explain this difference, so if you google it, you’ll find a much better explanation than I just gave. I didn’t want to take up too much space with this complaint, but good lord, I couldn’t handle it anymore. Okay, I’m done complaining about that, sorry about that rant, it’s just annoyed me.

ANYWAYS. The shade ‘Halographic’ is a super light pink shade with a purple flash, and ‘Halo, Goodbye’ is a light pinky champagne shade.


Here they are swatched straight from the applicator on my arm. This is fully built up, without blending at all, so you can see what the colors are. ‘Halographic’ is one the left and ‘Halo, Goodbye’ is on the right. ‘Halo, Goodbye’ has more micro-shimmer throughout than ‘Halographic’.


And then, here they are blended out onto the skin. As you can see with ‘Halographic’, it really turns more pinky-lilac when it’s blended out, and has a strong purple flash on the skin.


I have to say it guys, I really wanted to like these more than I do. I think you can see from the swatches above, when these are blended out, they are soooo much more subtle than I hoped for. You lose all of that shine and blinding qualities, and it becomes a very, almost unnoticeable sheen on the cheeks.

But sure, it’s subtle. If that was it, I could work with it, and use it for more natural days. However, I don’t love the rest of the formula either. This is honestly just a disappointment for me, guys.

My first time trying these, I tried them after I applied powder. As expected, they picked up my powder and really left a patchy look to them, but I figured that was user error. I even tried it dotting straight from the applicator and blending out with finger, beauty blender, and stippling it on with a brush from my hand. Still it did not sit well on top of powder and just picked it up, and I ended up having to apply more foundation to help blend it back together. It was a mess. And for doing all of that, there was no sheen and shine left behind. At least give me a glow if you’re going to do me wrong like this. You can see it down below. (For all of these photos below, I’m using ‘Halo, Goodbye’).


So next I tried it under powder, as my last step after foundation and concealer. Still with the applications, I found it would pick up my foundation and move it around, and mess with my foundation underneath. I had some more success tapping it on gently with my fingers, but it still wasn’t as pretty as it was in the bottles. And if I got it on and it looking good, once I put powder on top of it, it was just gone. It was just so subtle.

You can see in the picture below. Here I had applied it both under my foundation, and before powder. This is after powder and it’s just gone. Yo girl has oily skin, so I always powder, and so this doesn’t fly. And with certain shades, ‘Halo, Goodbye’, they have shimmer in them, so as you can see above my eyebrow there, very subtly, there is just glitter on my skin and no shine. I can’t see any highlight, even with strong lighting and flash.


I have put these directly onto my skin, to try to wear underneath lighter foundations for more dewy and natural days. These just don’t show up – they’re covered up by any powder or lighter foundation, and the sheen is lost. And I found when I put foundation and products over it, they just did not wear well throughout the day. They would seem to break up my foundation up so fast on top of it, and it would just break down. My foundation seemed to be patchy and fade away quickly at the points where I had this. It had almost an oily texture, and having an oily complexion, this didn’t sit well at all.

The only way I can see liking this is if I’m doing a no makeup day and dot this onto bare skin to have a more dewy look, and leave it without powdering or anything, which I’ve shown below. It definitely does highlight texture on your skin – honestly, I have a lot of texture so a lot of products do this to me, and I really don’t mind it. Just something to note.

As you can see you’re going to look very dewy – so this might not be a look for everyone. And no-makeup is just not my style (maybe it will be if my skin clears up more, being honest). Ugh, if only it looked like this on top of other products. Overall, it just looks like a sheen, like dewy skin, not like a true bright highlight on the skin, ya know?

I was looking for so much more from these, and they were just a flop. For being a liquid highlighter, they have no impact, and they just move any product under/above it and break it up too much for me to like them. So it’s a pass from me.

I also just wanted to say, this is just one bad product that didn’t work out for me. This is just one flop from Wet N Wild for me. And it might work out for you. It didn’t vibe with my style and application. I’m just telling you my opinion based on my use of it.

I still have tons of products that I love from Wet N Wild and with any brand, you’re going to have products that just don’t work out! I am always 100% honest with my reviews, and sometimes there’s going to be a negative one! Just a little disclaimer I wanted to put in there – Wet N Wild is still one of my very favorite drugstore brands, and they have so many more products I absolutely love. And I’m going to continue buying basically anything new they put out. I still love you so much, Wet N Wild.

So that’s it! There are so many more Wet N Wild reviews coming up next, including the new Goth-O-Graphic collection, so stay tuned! As I add them, I’ll be sure to link them all in the bottom of each post, including this one, so you can go straight and read all of the new releases.

What new Wet N Wild product are you most excited for?


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