Glam Polish ‘Even More Enchanted’ Collection (5 Shades) – Swatches & Review


I’ve been so lucky to have been receiving products from Glam Polish for a while now and it’s been a truly great way to try out their unique and interesting shades and formulas! (Of course you know my drill, that doesn’t sway my reviews at all, you would see in my live swatch videos if things were terrible). They’re a fun indie brand giving lots of polishes and finishes that you won’t find from the mainstream brands too often.

And now listen, I’ll also be the first to say they release A LOT. It’s about a collection or two a month at this point which can be a lot to keep up with – if I wasn’t receiving PR I wouldn’t be able to keep up at all (not that you need to keep up at all either). So I’m hoping my posts and swatches – of even half a release – can help you out and make it easier to decide when browsing their large selection of polishes. Someone’s gotta help you keep them all straight here, and maybe even make a few recommendations here and there. If you’ve been interested in trying out their shades I’m hoping you can eventually browse through all of my Glam posts and make a more informed decision!

So let’s start with this current collection on my desk. This newest release is the ‘Even More Enchanted’ release, and it’s inspired by the latest Disney sequel, Disenchanted. It’s the sequel to Enchanted, which originally came out in 2007 (15 year ago!!) with Amy Adams and James Marsden. I did love that movie and found it truly delightful, so I was definitely intrigued hearing about a new sequel. I haven’t watched it yet, but it’s on my list – have you seen it?

Anyways, they released 10 new shades for this release, which is typical for Glam’s larger collections. I do only have 5 of the 10 to show you, but I’m sure these swatches will still be helpful so I wanted to get to posting them up! These, along with the 5 other shades, are now available on the Glam Polish website – where you can buy the whole bundle or individual shades.

Let’s dive on into the swatches.


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Zoya ‘Enchanted’ Winter 2016 FULL Collection

I’m going to preface this post by saying, I don’t have all of the polishes for this collection. YET.* (I do now) So here’s the story.

I ordered this collection, along with a few other polishes in Zoya’s Black Friday sale. It shipped, it was delivered, I pulled the package out of the box, and… one of the polishes was smashed inside the package. Polish everywhere. I promptly cleaned it up, getting blue everywhere, and got right onto emailing customer service. Luckily they were so lovely, and immediately sent out another bottle of Waverly. I should have that by Friday, so I’ll be sure to update the post, and label it with Full collection when I truly have all 6.

*UPDATE! I have them all now. Right away I emailed Zoya’s customer service. They were very lovely, and shipped out a replacement polish, and I got it within the week! I was very satisfied. So I have the full collection.

In this collection there are 6 polishes, 2 duochromes, and 4 of Zoya’s ‘Pixiedust’ formula – aka textured polishes. I’ll start with the duochromes.

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