Glam Polish ‘Even More Enchanted’ Collection (5 Shades) – Swatches & Review


I’ve been so lucky to have been receiving products from Glam Polish for a while now and it’s been a truly great way to try out their unique and interesting shades and formulas! (Of course you know my drill, that doesn’t sway my reviews at all, you would see in my live swatch videos if things were terrible). They’re a fun indie brand giving lots of polishes and finishes that you won’t find from the mainstream brands too often.

And now listen, I’ll also be the first to say they release A LOT. It’s about a collection or two a month at this point which can be a lot to keep up with – if I wasn’t receiving PR I wouldn’t be able to keep up at all (not that you need to keep up at all either). So I’m hoping my posts and swatches – of even half a release – can help you out and make it easier to decide when browsing their large selection of polishes. Someone’s gotta help you keep them all straight here, and maybe even make a few recommendations here and there. If you’ve been interested in trying out their shades I’m hoping you can eventually browse through all of my Glam posts and make a more informed decision!

So let’s start with this current collection on my desk. This newest release is the ‘Even More Enchanted’ release, and it’s inspired by the latest Disney sequel, Disenchanted. It’s the sequel to Enchanted, which originally came out in 2007 (15 year ago!!) with Amy Adams and James Marsden. I did love that movie and found it truly delightful, so I was definitely intrigued hearing about a new sequel. I haven’t watched it yet, but it’s on my list – have you seen it?

Anyways, they released 10 new shades for this release, which is typical for Glam’s larger collections. I do only have 5 of the 10 to show you, but I’m sure these swatches will still be helpful so I wanted to get to posting them up! These, along with the 5 other shades, are now available on the Glam Polish website – where you can buy the whole bundle or individual shades.

Let’s dive on into the swatches.


This first shade is called ‘Your Every Wish Can Flower’ and it’s a gorgeous crelly glitter mix which I’m truly coming to love – especially with white bases. This one has an off-white, almost putty gray crelly base (crelly = cream + jelly. It’s a cream that has some squish to it, some sheerness more than a cream, but more pigment than a true jelly). It’s filled with tons of different sized and colored bright neon glitter pieces – some greens, oranges, pinks, blues and purples.

Since it’s that crelly base, it’s a touch more sheer so I built this up with 3 thin coats. This more sheer formula does allow those glitters to layer and build up, giving it a more dimensional look overall – I really enjoy it. As you can see some of those larger glitters in the top layer will have a tiny bit of bump where they’re sticking out of the base, so a good coat of top coat will really smooth everything out fully.

Your Every Wish Can Flower – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘A Fairy Tale Life’, and it feels like the next step down, a more pigmented crelly feel, almost back to a cream. It’s a gorgeous lilac purple base with iridescent shimmer and larger purple shards all throughout.

Again still a crelly, so it is still a touch more sheer so I built it up with 3 thin coats. If you’re using thicker coats you might be set with just 2, but I still had some patches and uneven bits peeking through after my 2nd. It’s still very smooth and easy to paint on – and Glam’s formula always dries quickly so those 3 coats go by fast. It’s such a soft look, would be perfect for the spring time as well!

A Fairy Tale Life – Live Swatch


Continuing along we now have ‘Baddest of Them All’. This is bright pink-toned cherry red jelly base just packed with holographic shimmer and larger black shards.

Though this was more of a jelly base it was very pigmented and I was able to get it opaque with just 2 coats! Super smooth and so easy to paint on, the shards pick up and distribute well, and no complaints here!

Baddest of Them All – Live Swatch


The other more shimmery polish to pair up with the previous is ‘Happily Never After’. This is a warm-toned deeper purple base with scattered shimmer and a bright green-red flash to it. In my swatch photos I was able to pick up that green shift, while it’s showing fully red in my swatch videos. It changes depending on the lighting and angle and it’s just so fun and shifty.

Again another easy 2 coats to full opacity. It’s pigmented yet smooth and so easy to paint on, gorgeous!

Happily Never After – Live Swatch


Now for the last shade I have to show you today is more of a topper! This is ‘Even More Enchanted’, the namesake of the release and it’s a clear base with delicate holographic shimmer, larger iridescent flakes and then larger metallic glitter pieces. I showed it as 1 coat on it’s own as well as 1 coat over a black base. Over a darker base those iridescent and metallics really pick up and it helps transform any color underneath.

This picked up very well, and depending on how much you wipe off your brush or not will determine how much you apply. As you can see with my ring finger -especially over black – I had a much thicker coat, so the glitters were more dense than the other nails where I wiped off the brush more. So you can definitely control the amount of shimmer and glitter you add to your nails.

Even More Enchanted – Live Swatch


And those are the 5 shades I have to show you! As always I’m not disappointed with Glam’s formula, and we have a large variety of finishes and colors and formulas here! If you’re looking to add something more unique to your collection always a great option! They dry quickly and I had no issues with any of the shades.

Are any catching your eye?


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PR Disclosure: Though the shades in this post were sent to me, I was under no obligation to post from the brand. I never guarantee positive reviews, and all thoughts and opinions are my own. I review these shades thoroughly and in the same manner as I would with any polishes purchased with my own money.


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