Glam Polish ‘Little Women’ Trio – Swatches & Review


Glam Polish has been so kind to send over their recent collections for me to try out and show to you all, and I’ve been so enjoying it! Of course, you know the drill, just because they’re sent over doesn’t mean I’ll automatically love them and it’s still all my own honest thoughts and you would see any bad formulas right in the live swatches. But as I ALSO always say, PR is great for me to be able to show you more brands and polishes than I would have in my own budget. It’s a win all around.

Alright, so let’s talk about this newest little trio. This is inspired by the Little Women story, with names and themes to match. It, of course, features 3 polishes, and they’re all filled with sparkle and glitter and shine. You can find them now on the Glam Polish website. Short collection, short words to intro it. Letting the polishes speak for themselves here!

Let’s get right into them!

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Glam Polish ‘Grand Duchess’ 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review


Look at her keeping up with blog posts once again! 2022 really is a new me (she says 8 days into the first month). But I do want to do better at keeping my blog caught up with what I’m posting on Instagram, so expect more consistent posts yet again!

Let’s get right into this group of gorgeous polishes from Glam Polish. This is the ‘Grand Duchess’ collection, and it’s a release of 6 polishes inspired by the animated movie Anastasia – you know the one with Rasputin and about the Romanovs. I recently re-watched this movie as an adult last year, and I’m filing it under “movies made for children that could be horror movies”. (Also in that category: The Brave Little Toaster, which I watched right before it). That’s right, I thought it was terrifying – Rasputin is just a zombie the whole time, what child would not be terrified.

But you know what isn’t terrifying – these Glam Polish polishes inspired by the horrifying movie. ANYWAYS, as I was saying 6 polishes here inspired by the animated movie. They’re all linear holographic bases with larger gold flakes all throughout. These are available now for a limited time on the Glam Polish website. You can buy the whole collection for $75 or each individual polish for $12.50.

As always, my spiel that even though these were gifted to me, I always still review honestly and the same way I would with any polish I purchased myself. I just love being able to show you all even more brands and polishes that I normally wouldn’t be able to because of budgeting! You would easily be able to see in the live swatches if I was trying to hype up a terrible formula. Your trust in me will always be the thing I value most!

Okay, let’s journey into these polishes!

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Glam Polish ‘Charmed’ Collection Shades – Swatches & Review


We have a new-to-me brand on the blog today! Glam Polish was so kind to reach out and see if I wanted to try out some of their polishes and I said yes! PR is great as it allows me to try out brands that might not have originally been on my radar – mainly due to budgeting. I can’t buy every single polish myself (and I already buy so many), so I fully appreciate being sent some shades to test out and give my thoughts on.

And as always, I give my same PR spiel to these brands before accepting – just because I was gifted these, I had no obligations to post, and I never promise positive reviews. I review them just the same as I would if I had bought them myself and to the same standards. It’s always my honest thoughts, and I would never give that up for you all!

Alright spiel over – let’s talk about these shades! These are from their collection inspired by the show Charmed. There are 10 shades total, and I have 5 of them here to show. You can purchase them off the Glam Polish website for $12.50 each.

Now I’ll admit, I’ve never watched Charmed (please forgive me) so I won’t know the full references of the names or how well they “fit”. But I can always just saw how they perform and how they look to me. Let’s get into the polishes!


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