Glam Polish ‘We’re Back, Witches’ Collection (5 Shades) – Swatches & Review


I’ve been so blessed to be swatching for Glam Polish for almost a year now, and in that time I’ve collected quite an amount of shades in that time. So I should really catch up on my mound of polishes and reviews for them, huh. So I can continue to help guide you through all of their lovely and gorgeous releases. Come, on, let’s go together.

This current release we’re looking at today is the ‘We’re Back, Witches’ collection and it’s inspired by the upcoming sequel to the beloved movie, Hocus Pocus. Now I’m a true fan of Hocus Pocus, I watch that movie every single year in the Halloween season, it has a special place in my heart, and I’ll hear nothing bad about it. So when I heard tales of an upcoming sequel, I’ll admit I was suspicious. What will they do to the sacred property of this movie? We’ve been living in a world of unnecessary and mediocre sequels so, of course, I’m NERVOUS.

But you know what won’t let you down when it comes to Hocus Pocus 2? A nice little nail polish collection inspired by it. Did you love that segue? Did you know segue was spelled that way? My mind was also blown learning that. Lots of things happening in this post. ANYWAYS, this is a 10 bottle release, which Glam loves to do and as always I have 5 of 10 shades to swatch up for y’all.

These are spooky and witchy, and perfectly themed for the upcoming Halloween season so I was truly EXCITED. As always, these shades are available on the Glam Polish website both individually and in a nice little bundle.

Let’s dive on into the swatches!


This first shade is ‘Dead Man’s Toe’ and it’s a medium gray crelly base with tons of holographic shimmer, larger black flakes and a gorgeous bright red shift to it. It’s super witchy and spooky, and just so fitting.

As with other Glam Polish shades, I had no issues with the formula! A two coat formula here and it was so easy and smooth to paint on. The flakes pick up easily and distribute well, and I loved the shade overall.

Dead Man’s Toe – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Get Away From My Cauldron’. This is a deeper warm-toned purple crelly base with iridescent flakes and larger scattered black flakes. Again, so witchy and just perfect for the theme of Hocus Pocus.

With the crelly base, it had a more sheer 1st coat and formula overall. I built it up with 3 thin coats. Depending on your application and thickness of coats you might be set with just 2 – but I still had some sheerness peeking through at the end of my nails that I wanted to cover and the 3rd deepened up the base color even more.

Get Away From My Cauldron – Live Swatch


Continuing along, we have my favorite of the collection, and I mean of course it is, just look at it. This is ‘Damn That Thackery Binx!’ (a favorite name because who doesn’t love the cat). It’s a deeper teal base with scattered holographic glitter all throughout, tons of iridescent flakes and a bright green shift.

Even with more of a crelly base, it was more pigmented because of the deeper color, so it was an easy 2 coats. The 2nd coat smooths out any last patches and makes it opaque and just GORGEOUS. It’s just stunning and I’m always a sucker for a teal, almost green.

Damn That Thackery Binx! – Live Swatch


These last 2 shades have the same jelly finish packed through with iridescent flakes. This first one is ‘You Hag!’, and it’s a bright orange jelly base packed with those iridescent flakes as well as scattered black flakes. It’s really a witchy, Halloween-palooza in a bottle. Just pumpkins all around.

The base is more sheer with that jelly formula but it builds up pretty well in just 2 coats. Again, depending on your application and preferences, and if you’re using thinner coats, you could need 3 to fully layer up and cover any last nail line. It dries quickly and didn’t feel goopy at all even with 3 coats.

You Hag! – Live Swatch


And ‘My Potion. My Beautiful Potion.’ is the green counterpart of that previous shade. Instead of orange, it’s a bright, lime green jelly base with those same scattered iridescent and black flakes all throughout. It feels like slime and just spooky and again, I just love all of the Halloween, can you tell.

Since it’s the same formula as the other, I have the same comments for it! With a jelly base, it was a touch more sheer but I was able to build it up with just 2 coats. Depending on your preferences and thickness of coats you could want a 3rd to cover any last visible nail line and really layer up that sparkle.

My Potion. My Beautiful Potion. – Live Swatch


Those are the shades I have to show you! I really loved this selection and I thought they just absolutely nailed the theme for it! It feels witchy and Halloween-like so it’s so fitting for an upcoming movie bringing back a trio of beloved witchy characters. The formulas were easy to work with, and they were all opaque in 2-3 coats. And listen, if these aren’t fully catching your eyes, there are 5 other shades to choose from.


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