Essie Fall 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

We gotta finish up the fall collections! Just right in time, as the weather is FINALLY cooling down around here, and I’m READY. I’ve BEEN READY. Fall is truly my favorite season, especially weather-wise and I’m just ready to layer up and wear pants, alright. I’m just TIRED OF SWEATING. (Not tired of CAPS though, sorry about that.)

And along with the weather and the clothing, fall is also my favorite season for NAIL POLISH (again sorry). It’s just those deep vampy shades that gets my heart going and I’m just always excited for those grungy shades that we see scattered across fall releases each year. And don’t you worry, we have some of those in the collection we’re looking at today.

This is the Essie Fall 2022 release, and it’s a traditional 6 bottle set. It’s just full of saturated and rich cream shades, including some gorgeous vampy shades. I love a specialty finish, but creams will always have the #1 spot in my heart, especially when they’re just so pigmented and smoooooth. I grabbed this off of Beyond Polish – where they’re at a more discounted price, especially when you grab the whole bundle!

Spoiler alert: I already mentioned it slightly above, but there are absolutely STUNNING formulas in this collection, and I just can’t wait to dive on in and show them to you. LET’S GET SWATCHING (oops).


Diving right in, we start off with ‘Force of Nature’ – a fitting name for this rich, saturated deep forest green cream. And we start off so well as this one has a STUNNING formula. This was practically opaque in just 1 coat – I used a 2nd as is my routine and to even out some last patches and fully smooth out the color. It’s perfect for fall, I love deep shades, okay yes onto the next one.

Force of Nature – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Risk-Takers Only’, and are you a risk taker to wear this gorgeous bright orange? It’s also rich and saturated, a nice warm-toned orange that still has a touch of that almost burnt orange to it that I love for fall. But something a little different.

This was a touch of a more squishy formula, which means it has a touch of jelly feeling than just a straight up cream. It’s still smooth on the 1st coat, and a 2nd brightens up the color even more and then smooths out any last visible nail line. That jelly also gives it such a shine and it’s lovely.

Risk-Takers Only – Live Swatch


Now we continue with 1 of the 2 more brown, neutral shades of the bunch. This one is lighter and more cool-toned. It’s almost taupe, with maybe a little gray tones to it, a nice neutral overall. It can pull more warm-toned depending on your undertones, but on me it’s more cool.

This was another easy 2 coat formula. It’s super smooth and so easy to paint on. No complaints here!

Hike It Up – Live Swatch


Now this next one is truly FALL IN A BOTTLE. This is ‘Bold & Boulder’ and it’s a stunning deep burgundy wine red cream shade. What more could you want for vampy?

And of course we have a gorgeous formula for this one as well! Practically opaque in just 1 coat – I used 2 coats as is my routine, and it’s super smooth and so pigmented! Lovely!

Bold & Boulder – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Off the Grid’ and it’s the 2nd of the 2 more brown shades. This one is definitely a unique shade of brown, being warmer and almost olive toned. It’s neutral yet still so interesting!

This was another that was practically opaque in just 1 coat, with a 2nd covering any last patches and ridges peeking through. Super smooth and easy to paint on.

Off the Grid – Live Swatch


And now to the final shade! This is ‘Transcend the Trend’, and it was definitely my favorite of the set. It’s a dusty blue cream shade, with some green to it, bringing to it an almost teal look. Of course, it’s another gorgeous cream formula. You know the drill, practically opaque in just 1 coat with a 2nd filling out the color and making it fully smooth.

Transcend the Trend – Live Swatch


And that’s the set! All of the formulas in this collection are stunning! All were opaque in just 1-2 coats, and they were all so smooth and easy to paint on. So if any colors catch your eye, they’ll have fantastic formulas to match! Are you interested in any of these?


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