Essie Fall 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

We gotta finish up the fall collections! Just right in time, as the weather is FINALLY cooling down around here, and I’m READY. I’ve BEEN READY. Fall is truly my favorite season, especially weather-wise and I’m just ready to layer up and wear pants, alright. I’m just TIRED OF SWEATING. (Not tired of CAPS though, sorry about that.)

And along with the weather and the clothing, fall is also my favorite season for NAIL POLISH (again sorry). It’s just those deep vampy shades that gets my heart going and I’m just always excited for those grungy shades that we see scattered across fall releases each year. And don’t you worry, we have some of those in the collection we’re looking at today.

This is the Essie Fall 2022 release, and it’s a traditional 6 bottle set. It’s just full of saturated and rich cream shades, including some gorgeous vampy shades. I love a specialty finish, but creams will always have the #1 spot in my heart, especially when they’re just so pigmented and smoooooth. I grabbed this off of Beyond Polish – where they’re at a more discounted price, especially when you grab the whole bundle!

Spoiler alert: I already mentioned it slightly above, but there are absolutely STUNNING formulas in this collection, and I just can’t wait to dive on in and show them to you. LET’S GET SWATCHING (oops).


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OPI ‘Fall Wonders’ Fall 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

Ah yes FINALLY, I’m getting the OPI Fall post up! I’m usually so on it for these collections especially each season and I just feel behind, but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. I know, it’s technically not even fall yet, how could it possibly be late? Well in nail world it’s already been fall for a WHILE. So it’s about TIME we look at OPI’s fall release.

As always, this is a traditional 12 bottle release from OPI for their seasonal collection. This one is the ‘Fall Wonders’ set for Fall 2022, obviously. We have 8 creams and 4 shimmery shades, featuring “down to earth shades inspired by the world’s natural marvels”. So it’s very earthy and neutral and muted and perfect for fall around.

Y’all know the drill, I bought this set from – it’s still my favorite place for the best OPI prices, that allows me to buy even more other shades to review for you all. (If you buy from there you can mention I sent you on over, I don’t earn any commission it just helps to know where traffic is coming from).

We have a lot of shades to look at so let’s dive in already!


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Orly ‘Surrealist’ Fall 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

IT’S FALL, TIME, Y’ALL. Well at least in the nail world. We move fast here, so it’s truly autumn time, with brands dropping their seasonal collections. And honestly I wouldn’t be mad if the weather decided to catch up as well – I’m so ready for 60 degree weather and sweaters. Sweaters, not sweating. Please, Chicago weather.

Anyways, as mentioned it’s fall in nail time, so it’s time to dive right into the fall collections. We’re looking at Orly’s release first up, since the Color Pass box showed up on my doorstep. (I’ve mentioned Color Pass a million times, but it’s where you pay up front and throughout the year you get the 4 collections delivered to you with additional goodies in each box. And you can also just buy one box at a time, so even better to recommend. A great option if you’re already planning on buying full collections or want to try out the brand!).

This collection is the ‘Surrealist’ collection, and it continues the Art theme Orly has had going on for the entire year (their spring was Impressions and the summer was the POP!). This is a set of 6 shades of rich and saturated cream shades and 2 gorgeous shifty shimmers. Really gorgeous for a fall collection! Enough talking, let’s look at these swatches already!


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