Orly ‘Surrealist’ Fall 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

IT’S FALL, TIME, Y’ALL. Well at least in the nail world. We move fast here, so it’s truly autumn time, with brands dropping their seasonal collections. And honestly I wouldn’t be mad if the weather decided to catch up as well – I’m so ready for 60 degree weather and sweaters. Sweaters, not sweating. Please, Chicago weather.

Anyways, as mentioned it’s fall in nail time, so it’s time to dive right into the fall collections. We’re looking at Orly’s release first up, since the Color Pass box showed up on my doorstep. (I’ve mentioned Color Pass a million times, but it’s where you pay up front and throughout the year you get the 4 collections delivered to you with additional goodies in each box. And you can also just buy one box at a time, so even better to recommend. A great option if you’re already planning on buying full collections or want to try out the brand!).

This collection is the ‘Surrealist’ collection, and it continues the Art theme Orly has had going on for the entire year (their spring was Impressions and the summer was the POP!). This is a set of 6 shades of rich and saturated cream shades and 2 gorgeous shifty shimmers. Really gorgeous for a fall collection! Enough talking, let’s look at these swatches already!


Up first we have ‘Persistent Memory’. This is a deep brick red cream shade, and I just have to say this is a true fall staple shade. Give me everything in this color, but especially on my nails.

And this had an absolutely gorgeous formula, being opaque in almost 1 coat! I used a 2nd to cover up any last patches, and bada bing, you’ve got the essence of autumn on the nails. Super smooth and so easy to paint on, a great start to the release!

Persistent Memory – Live Swatch


Next up we have one of the two shimmers, and these shimmers truly do not disappoint. This is ‘Stop the Clock’. This is a deep cranberry red shimmery base that shifts to this bright coppery orange. You can see that deeper red in the bottle, with the copper in my direct lighting. Again, another great formula here, another that was almost opaque in just 1 coat. Any last patches were covered and smoothed out with that 2nd coat.

Since it is a shimmer you have a touch of brushstrokes, but overall they smooth out nicely and aren’t noticeable on the nails.

Stop the Clock – Live Swatch


Ah yes, the divisive shade of the bunch, here we go. If you’ve been here for any amount of time, y’all will know I love an ugly color, so of course, I absolutely love this one. This is ‘Elysian Fields’, and it’s a yellow-toned olive green cream shade, some might even call it baby poop green. But I just love a shade like this, give it to me every autumn.

Y’all already know, another great formula here. A good 1st coat, and a 2nd fully smooths and evens it out and makes it opaque. Lovely to paint on, especially with Orly’s wide brush.

Elysian Fields – Live Swatch


Next we come to the 2nd of two shimmers, and this one has been a crowd favorite for obvious reasons. This is ‘Metamorphosis’, and it’s a stunning teal base with a bright orange-red shimmer that shifts to a bright gold, which you can see in these photos. You can see a peek of that orange shift in the bottles of these photos as well.

Again, another easy 2 coat formula here! The first coat goes on smoothly, with the 2nd coat deepening up the color and making it all fully opaque. With this being a shimmer, you can see any brushstrokes smooth out so nicely and it’s just shimmery and glowy on the nails.

Metamorphosis – Live Swatch


Now we continue on to the last two, neutral creams of the set.

First up we have ‘Ceci N’est Pas Blanc’. I feel so fancy even typing that. (And fun fact, it translates to “this is not white”, like that painting “this is not a pipe”, and it’s an art themed collection, Orly you’re so clever).

This is an off-white, almost putty cream shade. It’s got some yellow tones to it, maybe a little gray, it’s an interesting color! Definitely softer than a pure white – but it’ll depend on your undertones. It pulled out a little lobster hands on my cool undertones, but I still enjoyed it.

I had a touch of streakiness on the 1st coat – which I do always expect with white shades like this. But a 2nd coat covered and smoothed it all out and made it pretty well opaque. Depending on your application and preferences, you might want to add a 3rd to cover any last ridges or patches peeking through.

Ceci N’est Pas Blanc – Live Swatch


Last up we have ‘Dreamers Awake’. This is a medium gray cream shade. It’s right in the middle, not too warm, not too cool, and I just love any sort of gray nails.

And we end with another lovely formula! The 1st coat goes on so nicely, and I added a 2nd just to cover up my ridges and layer up the color more. Super smooth as always and a great neutral shade.

Dreamers Awake – Live Swatch


And that’s the collection! I think this is a gorgeous offering for the cooler weather coming up! I absolutely loved the theme, and I think Orly nailed it with the color palette. I’ve been loving their Art theme all throughout the year, and now I’m excited to see what the winter collection will be!

Each of these shades had a gorgeous formula so you really can’t wrong with grabbing any of these! Are any catching your eye?


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4 thoughts on “Orly ‘Surrealist’ Fall 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. I love the look of this collection. Metamorphosis, Dreamers Awake and Stop the Clock are my favourites. I have really liked alot of the recent releases from Orly. I bought the whole of the Pop Collection.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh–and if Orly doesn’t do an Abstract art extravaganza for the holidays, I’ll be most displeased. I wanna see toppers inspired by Kandinsky and Pollack, and the jewel-toned polishes that draw upon the more colorful paintings of Miro and Picasso, Helen Frankenthaler and Clyfford Still. My favorite art movement of all time deserves to shine in the nail polish spotlight.

    Liked by 1 person

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