OPI ‘Fall Wonders’ Fall 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

Ah yes FINALLY, I’m getting the OPI Fall post up! I’m usually so on it for these collections especially each season and I just feel behind, but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. I know, it’s technically not even fall yet, how could it possibly be late? Well in nail world it’s already been fall for a WHILE. So it’s about TIME we look at OPI’s fall release.

As always, this is a traditional 12 bottle release from OPI for their seasonal collection. This one is the ‘Fall Wonders’ set for Fall 2022, obviously. We have 8 creams and 4 shimmery shades, featuring “down to earth shades inspired by the world’s natural marvels”. So it’s very earthy and neutral and muted and perfect for fall around.

Y’all know the drill, I bought this set from polishpick.com – it’s still my favorite place for the best OPI prices, that allows me to buy even more other shades to review for you all. (If you buy from there you can mention I sent you on over, I don’t earn any commission it just helps to know where traffic is coming from).

We have a lot of shades to look at so let’s dive in already!


We’re starting out with the color family that OPI is both known for and has shown they absolutely have down. And that’s red.


Our first red of the 2 is a more cool, blue-toned red shade, a classic cherry red if you will. Formula-wise, this was a touch more squishy than just a plain cream. There was a touch of jelly to it so there was a touch of nail line still peeking through after the 1st coat, but a 2nd easily covered and made it fully opaque. Super easy to paint on!

Red-veal Your Truth – Live Swatch


The 2nd of the 2 reds is much more warm and yellow-toned. This is ‘Rust & Relaxation’ and it’s a bright tomato red to counter the cherry above. Now this one had the true OPI red formula – practically opaque in just 1 coat. I used a 2nd to even out any last patches from the ridges in my nails, but it was so smooth and incredible to paint on.

Rust & Relaxation – Live Swatch


Now of course I immediately had my eye on this next shade as soon as I saw photos of it. Any sort of weird-toned yellow like this, I NEED IT. This is a stunning brown-toned yellow shade (like a honey mustard). Maybe there’s some olive to it, maybe it’s a touch muted, all in all it’s gorgeous.

Another easy 2 coat cream formula here! Absolutely no complaints and smooth to paint on.

Ochre the Moon – Live Swatch


Next up we look at 1 of 4 shimmer shades in the bunch. This is ‘Suzi Takes a Sound Bath’, and it’s a frosty, shimmery bright warm-toned blue shade. Formula-wise, this one again felt a touch squishy, with just a little jelly to that shimmer formula making it a little uneven on that 1st coat. A 2nd coat pretty well covered and made it fully opaque. Depending on your application and nails – especially with longer nails, you might end up needing a 3rd to cover any last nail line peeking through.

Since it is a more frosty, shimmery finish, there are visible brushstrokes. Most do disappear and obviously they’ll be more noticeable in this bright lighting and zoomed in lighting, but if you paint straight on the nails you should be set for day to day wear.

Suzi Takes a Sound Bath – Live Swatch


Next up, we’re getting VAMPY. This is ‘Midnight Mantra’ and it’s a stunning deep navy blue cream shade, we’re talking VERY DEEP. And this one has a gorgeous formula to match! Super pigmented and almost opaque in just 1 coat. I used a 2nd coat to cover any last patches and fully deepen up the color and it’s so smooth and lovely.

I did notice it getting a touch messy as I cleaned it up and removed it – but I didn’t notice any staining of my skin or nails for the short period I wore it. I would still recommend a base coat under a deep shade like this just in case!

Midnight Mantra – Live Swatch


Continuing right along, this is ‘Claydreaming’. This is a deeper mauve shade, with some berry tones, some muted warm pink tones, there’s a lot happening with this shade and I love it.

And again, it’s the traditional OPI cream formula. 2 easy coats and it’s opaque and lovely. Super smooth and so nice to paint on, no complaints!

Claydreaming – Live Swatch


There’s a little something for everyone here, so next up we get BRIGHT for fall as well. This is ‘Medi-take It All In’, and it’s a bright warm-toned medium purple cream. And getting repetitive here, but another stunning formula! Practically opaque in just 1 coat – I used a 2nd to just cover any last patches and fully brighten up the color. Again very smooth and easy to paint on.

Medi-take It All In – Live Swatch


Next up we go to another deep vampy tone – I love these type of shades in the fall and winter times, especially on shorter nails. This is ‘Brown to Earth’ and as you can imagine, it’s a very deep brown, almost black shade. But in the sunlight you’ll see those brown tones come out.

And this was another stunning OPI cream formula! Almost opaque in 1 coat, I just used a 2nd to smooth out any last patches and even it all out. Super smooth and lovely again.

Brown to Earth – Live Swatch


Now we get to another of the shimmers, and this one is much more subtle. This is ‘Cave the Way’ and it’s a black base with soft scattered blue sparkle all throughout, giving it an almost pearly finish. Very delicate but it just gives it a nice little sparkle.

The first coat was a touch more sheer than the other cream formulas, just to allow that shimmer to peek through. But that 2nd coat easily fully covers the nail and makes it opaque.

Cave the Way – Live Swatch


The 3rd shimmer of the bunch is ‘Clean Slate’. This one is a lovely metallic, well, slate gray shade. Maybe even the tiniest blue sparkles all throughout there as well giving even more shine. Just like the shade above this one felt more sheer and squishy, with more of a jelly feel to it. But I was pretty well able to get it opaque in just 2 coats. It’ll depend on your own nails and application – if you have longer nails you might need a 3rd to fully cover any visible nail line. No matter what, it’s smooth and easy to paint on.

The brushstrokes on this one pretty well disappear as it dries and won’t be noticeable on the nails in daily life.

Clean Slate – Live Swatch


And we get to the last cream shade of the collection. This is ‘Peace of Mined’, and it’s a lighter, purple toned cool gray shade. Depending on your skintone and undertones, this one will pull more warm or cool – on my pink undertones it pulls very cool.

Again this one felt a touch more squishy than other cream formulas in the bunch, with a little touch of jelly to it. Because of that the first coat is a little sheer and uneven. But once again, broken record at this point, a 2nd coat easily covered and made it fully opaqued, with a smooth formula.

Peace of Mined – Live Swatch


And we made it to the final shade! Whew! I haven’t swatched up a 12 piece collection in a while so it feels like a lot of polishes! But we saved a gorgeous one for last. This is ‘I Mica Be Dreaming’ and it’s a metallic foiled white gold shade with flecks of copper all throughout.

This was more of a dense glitter in a base, but I was still able to build it up to fully opaque in just 2 coats. Again depending on your application and preferences you might want a 3rd for any last patches, but again, smooth to paint on. It’s a smooth finish as well, with no texture!

I Mica Be Dreaming – Live Swatch


And that’s the collection, we made it all the way through! We have some gorgeous cream formulas here, in some staple stall colors for anyone to add to their collection, along with some fun shimmers! Overall no complaints here, with everything being opaque in 2 coats. Are you interested in any of these shades?


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2 thoughts on “OPI ‘Fall Wonders’ Fall 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. Let me tell you how gorgeous Midnight Mantra is……I have it on my nails and I can’t stop looking at it. I ordered Ochre. Medi, Mantra and Brown to Earth- they were out of Clay- but what a blue this is…I wish I could see it next to the San Francisco Sausalito blue for comparison…. just gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I absolutely LOVE a deep blue like that one as well, and it’s just SO gorgeous! I’m glad you love it!
      As for comparisons, quick googling of the San Francisco shade and they seem so close! I don’t have it to see in person, but they definitely look very similar.


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