Glam Polish ‘Where the Sky Meets the Sea’ Collection (5 Shades) – Swatches & Review


I’ve been so blessed to be swatching for Glam Polish lately, and listen, we can say straight up here that they release a LOT of shades. They keep me busy in the best way, showing you all of the sparkle and shimmer. There is about one collection a month, so I can understand it can feel very overwhelming. Since I’m receiving shades from most collections, I’m doing my duty here to swatch them up, tell you how they perform, and show those live formulas. Be your lovely little guide through this sea of Glam Polish, you know the drill.

All of Glam Polish’s collections have fun themes, and styles, and they especially have many inspired by popular movies! And along those lines, the set we’re looking at today is the ‘Where the Sky Meets the Sea’ collection, and it’s based on the Disney movie, Moana. We have lots of tropical and shimmery and summery shades inspired by all of those gorgeous hues and shades of that movie. There are 10 total shades releasing, and I have 5 of them to swatch up for you!

These are available on the Glam Polish website both individually as well as in a bundle set. (As always, even though these were so kindly gifted to me, all my thoughts are my own and honest). Their collections and shades stick around for a while, so don’t feel like you need to rush out and buy them immediately if any catch your eye! Just a nice little heads up (I don’t like to swatch super limited edition shades, I don’t want to create a frenzy to buy immediately!)

Now let’s get right into these swatches!


First up we have ‘I Like to Dance with the Water’, and it’s a bright fuchsia pink base with tons of golden shimmer, scattered holographic shimmer and different sized matte purple glitter pieces. And formula wise, it’s gorgeous as well! This was an easy 2 coats, it was smooth and easy to paint on, and no complaints! The pieces pick up well and distribute without any extra work or fishing. Those pieces can be a touch uneven on the nails – nothing that will stick up and get caught, but a coat of top coat will smooth it all out.

I Like to Dance With the Water – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Face to Face with Greatness’. This is a cool-toned, almost bronzey golden base with tons of holographic glitter, a gold-green shifty shimmer and larger pink glitter pieces. It’s got a lot going on but it all works together.

And overall this was pretty well opaque in just 2 coats. I did notice on nails that I did thinner coats on I used a 3rd coat to cover any last nail line peeking through, so something to keep in mind especially if you have longer nails. It dries with the tiniest bit of bumpiness to it from all of the glitter, but a coat of top coat will smooth it all out.

Face to Face with Greatness – Live Swatch


Now this next one immediately caught my eye when I pulled it out of the envelope, just look at that SHADE. This is ‘Fill Your Sails and Shake Your Trees’, and it’s a deeper emerald green base with that same scattered holographic and golden shimmer, as well as larger multi-sized purple glitter pieces all throughout.

Another easy 2 coat formula here! It was so smooth and nice to paint on, even with those larger glitter pieces, and I had no issues picking them up and distributing them on the nails.

Fill Your Sails and Shake Your Trees – Live Swatch


Continuing right along, we have ‘Realm of Monsters’. This is another favorite, and it’s a stunning deep turquoise blue base with a bright green shimmer to it as well as scattered holographic sparkle. It just looks so much like a shimmering ocean and it’s so fitting for this movie!

Another easy 2 coat formula, no complaints! Super smooth and lovely to paint on.

Realm of Monsters – Live Swatch


And the last shade I have to show you is ‘The Girl Who Loves the Sea’. This is a stunning light blue crelly base with iridescent as well as golden flakes all throughout. It’s just so cool, and it reminds me of a Renaissance painting, you know. It’s got that look.

This was pretty well opaque in just 2 coats as well. I could see needing a 3rd to cover any visible nail line if you’re doing thinner coats, especially with longer nails. It was smooth even with all of those flakes, and I didn’t notice any sticking up at all. Lovely!

The Girl Who Loves the Sea – Live Swatch


And those are the 5 shades from this set I have to show you! As always with Glam Polish, I had no issues with formulas and they were all pretty well opaque in just 2 coats. They were smooth and easy to paint on! I enjoyed it, and I thought they fit the theme as well. They feel summery and shimmery and just like I’m sitting along a gorgeous ocean. Are you interested in any of these?


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