What’s Up Nails ‘Gust of Wind’ Collection + Polish & Beauty Expo Exclusive – Swatches & Review


You know when your boyfriend is gone for an entire week and you’re like “I’m going to be so productive, I’m going to catch up on blog posts and get so many up!” and then you sit watching satisfying cleaning videos for hours every night instead? Just me, oh okay. But look, CRAIG, I got ONE UP, thats productivity, baby. I’m so proud of me, time to reward myself with more videos.

But actually, let’s look at some polishes today, shall we? That’s what we’re all here for. So today we’re looking at another release from Whats Up Nails! I had previously reviewed their Geodes collection, so I was so excited to be able to review this next release for y’all! Whats Up Nails – or Whats Up Beauty is a whole site selling a variety of brands of indie polishes – as well as featuring tons of nail art supplies, as well as their own line of polishes!

This is the ‘Gust of Wind’ collection and it features 6 polishes. These are available now on their website for purchase! It features 4 shimmers, 1 magnetic shade and 1 reflective glitter. At the very end of the post I also featured their Polish & Beauty Expo exclusive shade (that’s no longer just exclusive to the Expo).

We’ve got some GORGEOUS shades so let’s dive right in!


First up we’re looking at the 4 shimmers of the bunch.

Starting that off we have ‘Mauver & Shaker’. This is a rosy, mauve-y pink base with larger golden shimmer all throughout, that shifts from golden to a bright red. This had a lovely formula as well. An easy 2 coats and super smooth to paint on. And I just love that little peek of shimmer.

Mauver & Shaker – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Lush Orangery’ and as you can imagine, it’s very much a lush orange shade. This is a BRIGHT citrus orange base with more of that beautiful golden shimmer throughout – that shifts from a gold to a bright pink.

Another gorgeous formula here! Super easy 2 coats and super smooth to paint on. And it’s just perfect for summer, just look at that glow! I love oranges like this.

Lush Orangery – Live Swatch


Continuing right along with our shimmers, we have ‘Bear Trap’. Listen, it’s called Bear Trap and it looks like honey, eh, eh, you get it? It’s witty, it’s clever, I love it.

ANYWAYS. This is a golden yellow shade with delicate scattered golden shimmer to it. And like the previous two shades, this had a lovely formula. Just an easy 2 coats, even for a yellow, so I was impressed! It covered well, as well as giving a more squishy look on the nails.

Bear Trap – Live Swatch


Up next, of course this one is a favorite, because I always love a lime green. This is ‘Tuscan Harvest’ and it’s a gorgeous, warm-toned almost olive green base with iridescent flaked shimmer all throughout. A broken record here – this had another lovely, easy, 2 coat formula here. Super smooth to paint on, and again another squishy looking polish on the nails.

Tuscan Harvest – Live Swatch


Alright, now we’re leaving the shimmers for those special finishes.

And just, WHAT A SPECIAL FINISH. I’m just taking a moment to let the polish speak for itself, just OH MY. Listen, okay, maybe it’s just me with my first experience with magnetics but I’m SOLD, I need them ALL. This is ‘Night Contrails’, and as you might have gathered, it’s a magnetic polish.

If y’all aren’t familiar with these, they contain magnetic pigments that can be manipulated into various patterns by holding a magnet close to the nails as they dry. Again, like I said my first magnetic polish and I figured it out and got this beautiful finish, so it’s pretty easy.

So let’s talk about the color of this one first, and then we’ll dive into more about magnetics. This is a deep navy base with bright purple and teal pigments all throughout. I got this particular effect by just holding the magnetic diagonal across the nail. I chose to paint my nail balancing my finger on top of the nail, or you can just hold it above! Just hold it above until you no longer notice the pigments moving, and then you’re set! I did it on both coats to make sure the effect was very noticeable. And just by holding the magnet in different positions, you can get different effects and finishes.

Night Contrails – Live Swatch

Magnetics are super cool, and I’ll definitely be investing in more in the future! Have y’all tried these before?


And last in this regular collection release, we have the reflective glitter shade – a wildly popular trend right now as well. This is ‘Plumingo Party’ and it’s a deep fuchsia-toned purple base with tons of red glitters as well as those larger reflective glitters.

Of course explaining these for those new to them as well! Reflective glitter polishes contain special larger glitters that reflect in bright flash lighting. They’re just so sparkly and stunning. NOW, important for these – you can clearly see the larger glitters picking up in my regular photos below. But those wild reflective, bright photos and videos you’ve seen before of these shades? That really only shows up on the iPhone video itself. It’s hard to get that effect in real life, but of course it looks cool on phone videos. I always want to show the polish how it’ll look in normal life, so it’s just making sure you fully understand the full expectations for these!

Reflective glitter polishes can sometimes have thicker formulas just because of the thickness of those dense glitters – however, this one was easily workable and easy to paint on. I do recommend a little more polish on the brush for a 2nd coat, just to make sure it doesn’t skip and it covers all those textured spaces, but overall it’s still easy to work with for a gorgeous finish.

I also never use top coat to again show how a polish will dry on it’s own – so you may be able to pick up that it dries with a slightly gritty finish – again with those dense glitter pieces. But a good coat or two of top coat will smooth it out and really bring out that sparkle.

WHEW lots of information for those last two shades, but that’s what these posts are all about! Info dumping and rambling so maybe you’ll know everything about a polish you’re purchasing!

Plumingo Party – Live Swatch


And we have one more polish to talk about in this little group! This is ‘Glowing Cave’ and it was an exclusive from the Polish & Beauty Expo – yes just like it sounds, there was an expo featuring all sorts of indie polish and makeup makers in the suburbs of Chicago (and I just saw it’ll be there next year as well, I just might have to go!). But yes, this was an exclusive there at first, but then Whats Up Nails opened it up to sell on their site and it’s available!

Just like ‘Plumingo Party’ above, this is a reflective glitter polish so all that same information applies. This is a deep shimmery blue base with bright teal shimmer and those reflective glitters. Again a touch thicker but still easy to paint onto the nails, and just 2 coats. And again – a thicker coat for that 2nd so it doesn’t skip and fills in those little spaces. It dries with that more gritty finish but top coat can smooth it all out!

Glowing Cave – Live Swatch


That’s the set! I love the different finishes and formulas that Whats UP Nails always includes in their sets. There’s a little something for everyone here and some gorgeous formulas – all just 2 coats! And I’m now fully in love with magnetic polishes so thank you for bringing us together, Whats Up Nails. We are in love now.

Do any of these shades catch your eye? Have you tried magnetics or reflective glitters at all?


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