What’s Up Nails ‘Gust of Wind’ Collection + Polish & Beauty Expo Exclusive – Swatches & Review


You know when your boyfriend is gone for an entire week and you’re like “I’m going to be so productive, I’m going to catch up on blog posts and get so many up!” and then you sit watching satisfying cleaning videos for hours every night instead? Just me, oh okay. But look, CRAIG, I got ONE UP, thats productivity, baby. I’m so proud of me, time to reward myself with more videos.

But actually, let’s look at some polishes today, shall we? That’s what we’re all here for. So today we’re looking at another release from Whats Up Nails! I had previously reviewed their Geodes collection, so I was so excited to be able to review this next release for y’all! Whats Up Nails – or Whats Up Beauty is a whole site selling a variety of brands of indie polishes – as well as featuring tons of nail art supplies, as well as their own line of polishes!

This is the ‘Gust of Wind’ collection and it features 6 polishes. These are available now on their website for purchase! It features 4 shimmers, 1 magnetic shade and 1 reflective glitter. At the very end of the post I also featured their Polish & Beauty Expo exclusive shade (that’s no longer just exclusive to the Expo).

We’ve got some GORGEOUS shades so let’s dive right in!

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What’s Up Nails ‘Geodes’ Collection – Swatches & Review


Look at her getting the matching blog post up right after the Insta posts! Who is she! I want to say expect this always, but that’s still a work in progress, but THAT’S THE GOAL. (For the people subscribed from my parents work who noticed I was behind on posts, this is for you. Tell them I say hi!)

Anyways, we have this gorgeous little set over here, and you’ll notice that little Press Sample label in the corner up top there!! Whats Up Nails so kindly sent on over their newest release for me to swatch and review for y’all! As always, I give my little spiel for PR posts (basically the same spiel I send to the companies before they send it over as well): even with a company sending products over for free I still test them in the exact same way as any other polish. I never guarantee positive reviews, so these are still all my honest thoughts! If a polish was bad, I would tell you – and I mean you would see it in the live swatches. PR is just nice as it allows me to show y’all even more polishes that I wouldn’t be able to fit into my polish budget. ALRIGHT, spiel done, let’s talk about the polishes.

This is the ‘Geodes’ collection and it features 6 shades: 2 creams, 2 duochromes and 2 “gem encrusted” shades. This set is available NOW on the Whats Up Beauty website – along with a matching eyeshadow palette! I love that idea, who doesn’t love to coordinate from eyes to nails. The shades are available individually, or in a somewhat discounted bundle.

So let’s get right into the swatches already!

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Whats Up Nails ‘Shorter Days’ 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review


Whenever a new brand reaches out to me offering to send polishes, I’m always so excited to try out something that I might have missed or wouldn’t have been able to try on my own (Contrary to what you might think, I don’t have the budget to try EVERY brand). And I always enjoy showing you all different brands and polishes as well. So when Whats Up Nails reached out to me about trying their new release, I was so intrigued!

Whats Up Nails is an online stores that distributes a variety of other brands of polishes. They’re also super well known for their nail art supplies, especially their stamping plates. But recently they started releasing their own line of polishes as well! This is the 2nd release they’ve had, with the Desert Monsoon collection coming out earlier this summer. I hadn’t bought from them yet, so I was definitely here to try it out!

This new release is called the Shorter Days collection and features 6 shades in a variety of finishes and colors! The color palette looks so nice next to each other as well! You can find a bundle of the shades on their website, as well as the individual colors.

Let’s get right into the swatches shall we! (And I always give my spiel, that even though these were gifted to me, that never stops me from honestly reviewing the polishes and formulas! I never have obligations for positive reviews, and I review them all the same. You would be able to see bad formulas right in the live swatches as well! Alright now to the polishes!)


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